‘The View’ reacts to Whoopi Goldberg’s Variety cover

Joy Behar, Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin and Meghan McCain praise Goldberg, an EGOT winner, for being featured in the “Hollywood Royalty” issue ahead of the Oscars, 30 years after she won an Oscar.
5:04 | 04/22/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ‘The View’ reacts to Whoopi Goldberg’s Variety cover
The Oscars airs this Sunday night on ABC. You gonna watch senator. Why have a plan that far ahead but I would like to say something I did see. And I think everyone might have that the cover a variety will be. You looked fierce and congratulations on I can't believe this is the thirtieth anniversary of your Oscar win. Knowing if your mom wasn't there the night you either. We're now seeing him she didn't want to be disappointed in case it it came with her watching. It seems she just didn't want I mustn't feel. Yeah. Yeah backed pitches and wanted to elect I mean. Loop. Fabulous. Bucks when I read what I read the article I read the article in variety and his director. He was very reluctant in a way it was sort of reluctant to put you in the movie I read. Because he wasn't sure that yes a comedian can't act that was very bizarre statements since you have already acted in the color purple. What they didn't think that you couldn't boldest soft that was. That some playing ceiling was a difficult fight I think and in many people think he should have really won an Oscar for that performance so what what does he think again. Well I think he was thinking he didn't want so. Me pulling people out of the movie act advocates not the first time I've I've heard this I was gonna do. A shining HBO. Deb way. And Zane said non don't know where it you know that they director and the writers said no we want Aaron. You know this anonymous you pull people out of local people out of debt was like what am an attack. You know I've that's what we did and saying so what was different people. They easily so mark got ideas. Yes things yeah. Well what else. I know because your lives your beacon is sometimes people character they can only see Whoopi Goldberg and that would it is yes yes and they assume people might feel the same way but did directness. So that's birdie. Oda Mae brown the team won't eat like in body and took back character in a new place back flu hadn't even seen like. It it was the best complemented director could give an actor like he looked up and what he was Oda Mae and Oda Mae was what the and it was a mean day. Well let me. Jim at lax regulations. Yes fantastic saying yeah. I guess I'm sorry I was really contract. I was reading the article would be and you say that you are writing a movie a superhero movie which you know yes I share that we love superheroes. But the super hero is going to be an older black woman which I think is. Incredible just like I don't slight what make you think about that concept because it's high time for that. Beat because act eyesight doing this when it you know before the actual change happens from your cell before I'd gone through. I'm menopause and then when I went through an act that you not if I was still make it meant if I was change and and and I became a superhero at the same time. This would be very hard to handle so I wrote it out we know we're making the net at comic and now where with. Dark horse and maybe we're gonna make an end to TV show or maybe movie who announced. But attack ads and for me it allows me to do think I love which is you know comic book heroes and fighting the bad guys and may never age does feel they're never start out as old people and as women I wanted them to be able to have something. I wanted us as women to have something. Two aspired to say you know what listen I'm illegal wanted to change but I'm learning as act now and I'm picking people's behind because they do no wrong thing. As head to head south I just aren't likely. And congress that route Doctor Strange seeing Robert cartel or cartel I think you on what they need to hot because he wrote. They kept separate will be at you guys need to connect. Yeah possible honestly. And there needs to be a Subaru. Bureau and that's a black woman whose past is not way up here on Sheldon Brown on the floor where my cash you know if you love the pictures and I did. Our own glam squad did that. Beautiful stuff for assessing just do whatever you need to do and that's what they did to me and I also want to congratulate him yeah Lavar Burton who will will finally be getting his chance to guest cohost on jeopardy. After huge online campaign from France what's. You know he's been times you front and long time and it's also Wednesday. So happy birthday everybody so ladies these and that folks and these aren't normal. Panamanian people. They did that to me hanging in her eyelashes and to all kinds a stuff. And we want to remind take care and take a little sense enjoy the view and Wear their mask and wash their hands but they put eyelashes on May. They put hair on my head they did stuff to me and that's what happened in the picture that's what they did.

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{"duration":"5:04","description":"Joy Behar, Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin and Meghan McCain praise Goldberg, an EGOT winner, for being featured in the “Hollywood Royalty” issue ahead of the Oscars, 30 years after she won an Oscar.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"77246178","title":"‘The View’ reacts to Whoopi Goldberg’s Variety cover","url":"/theview/video/view-reacts-whoopi-goldbergs-variety-cover-77246178"}