Whoopi Goldberg shares her favorite things

In honor of her birthday, “The View” co-host shares her favorite things to gift in 2020.
5:50 | 11/13/20

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Transcript for Whoopi Goldberg shares her favorite things
It's my birthday that's why looks so good today. And I'm always on the look out for you need gifts for people out loud but. People I want to show affection should. So I'm about to show you some of my favorite things but before I do. I have to welcome the 65 virtual view audience members for help that we celebrate my birthday hello you all and I hear. That for the past fourteen years there has we want VIP audience member. Who has never missed my birthday show she's a view super fan and I have yet this woman she also is Jay lost mom but. It's at a Baptist there's about Lupe Lopez. And every. I don't think I have to say not even a pandemic could stop me from celebrate your special day we know that right. I love that here we got. I usually do my holiday sweater it's. Went in this new coal -- world it's all about masks right so this year check out my new line of holiday scarves and masks. The scarves are 79 dollars the masks are seventeen. They're available at Nordstrom's dot com and Burke dot com. Different designs like. You know Sanchez and snowman and all kinds of great staffs things essays math what things at triple 20/20 overlap it's fantastic what this year may look different. But he has to mean you can't let go. It out of sand so I think you dignity is a lot now the next favorite thing up mind. Makes the wearing of masks much easier because I baked you don't think about this kind. I know because I leave my best all old place my daughter levs means. And beaded masked changed for adults and what they do is they allow you to clipped to your mask and you don't lose. And then about thirty bucks and they were available at shop mixology dot com we also got. Kids today he's only six dollars and they're available at BB designs dot cop. I love that was sent back amazing stuff is over forty designed sports unit once rainbows tie dyed and now they've got holiday perhaps. The best part. Is that the children have a breakaway clasp on mask what extra safety. And through the end of November the going to give you got to 10% discount on any thing when you used the code. WH OOP high at checked out now one of the best fine. It's from me. Is he unite as a unique item that was on exit. And I love and you've been seeing me wearing a lot of flannel shirts and why found them there aren't pets. They're vintage flannel from bigoted spots shop vintage box that only 25 bucks each and when you bike to you get one for. What's better than Matt and they range in size from small to extra extra lots 'cause that's not well liked. Wrap up and I also found these amazing tie dyes while I was surfing the Etsy the last time I was look at. They have from get the cut tie dyes the prices start at fifteen dollars at Ithaca tie dyes dot com. They have tied ninety shirts sweat suits caught against baby ones he's. Yoga pants Kashmir is aprons and even a shallow Kirk that's right he shot a protest. I love them. Check out these amazing hair products this is healthy hair care system's product line. Prices started eighteen dollars they are available and healthy hair care systems dot com. They have products they address the most common hair care issues which began at the scout. You know sometimes discount giants and you don't know anything your actions just practice practice practice and you don't know why well. Using these products they were helping. Because they are nutrient infused ingredients that go in and improve the look and feel of your hair I use them all the time and especially on my scout. And they feel magnificent. And now. This next products do. His onetime partner web talk because I didn't revenues spices this is the ghost and spice. And day. They cost 24 dollars add spice to dot com. And I got to tell you this is an authentic spy spoof from Cameroon West Africa. Ten years of scientific research shows that over time this spice can help boost metabolism and balance cholesterol. And people in camera room. Use this spice and everything I usually open capsules and sprinkle it directly on my flu. Or put it in something I'm drink yeah. I I love it and so I wanted to turn you all want to access. And I think you know how much I love the man to Laurie and the child in particular south. This is the child and he will hopes he really knows he's a movable plus you really. There's 69 dollars at shop Disney dot com. It has realistic most hints which really child's life oh yeah and she talks he talks is who moved. Rules nick moves he does everything to snap his little things there are four different play mullets webcam. And I gotta tell you this sounds from the show seemed to be coming out of his mouth as well that was pretty much everything I've got. And I usually don't give things awaits an audience you know what we don't really have lap. Now studio audience as they. Well wait a minute now we did. Plain view 65 virtual view fans who are joining me today you gonna get gifts for my. And for more information on anything that I talked about you can go to our web site.

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{"duration":"5:50","description":"In honor of her birthday, “The View” co-host shares her favorite things to gift in 2020.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"74195500","title":"Whoopi Goldberg shares her favorite things","url":"/theview/video/whoopi-goldberg-shares-favorite-things-74195500"}