Whoopi Goldberg's favorite books for summer 2019

"The View" co-host shares her must-read books this week in "The Ladies Get Lit" series.
3:07 | 07/08/19

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Transcript for Whoopi Goldberg's favorite books for summer 2019
Says the best comedy it ahead outside kicked back and get lost in the good books of this week each of us are given our summer reading list. In a series. That they called ladies get lit. How loves it actually yeah yeah. And today I think that's what you're getting my picks up my first book is called the garden gate by Daniel or cat sounds deep when it's amazing. The book is about the rise of eugenics. In the 1920s which was the misguided scientific movement to try and improve human population lack controlling breeding and in some cases. Ending the bloodlines of those considered. Racially inferior. Like southerners and you repeat eastern Europeans. Eventually it led to racist immigration policies here in America that he chased. All we lost popularity in our country after it was adopted and manipulated by the Nazis who used it to justify the Holocaust. Then in didn't sound so good to people. It's an extraordinary book out I can't recommend it hot and gratified award to get rid of yes we bit. This second book that Levitt's call city of girls quietly as with Gayle but it's just it's an amazing book told from the perspective of an older woman named Vivian Morris. Welcome back on her youth in 1940 when she is kicked out of college at age nineteen somewhat jaw and has it was sad. I have. Parents say they have city to live what are on the owner of a flamboyant theater full of really instinct actress. All the stuff that's going on to they would all the content conversations about sexual consent. It's risen up up brown the meat to movement seen this this author doesn't want us to forget that there is also such a thing is female desire. Vivian wants to have sex and she isn't shy about hunting for it also explain just let me win and yes that's. Is that women are stilts hot. To walk the narrow path to be considered responsible respectable and good and death perhaps Aaron is called a friend by secret Lewis. I love this but it's about a woman. Who unexpectedly loses her best friend and mentor to suicidal she finds itself burdened with the dog he left behind. The dog is going through the same thing in her battle with weep is intensify. 'cause she's left. Take care this dog was also angry if they find unexpected solace with each other and they learn how to deal. With a lost the love and friendship it's one of my favorite books are just. It just moved me and I I I've been around animals that. Have been in that position when they just they didn't I don't want to walk they don't want you can only do anything wrong because they or their. Connection spy it's an extraordinary book. And that an eyewitness I don't look alike yes it did that yeah since went out and these books and you'll also get I assume. Yes good. I hope you enjoy as much as I did because our audience you getting a hard copy. And an audio downloadable all back.

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{"duration":"3:07","description":"\"The View\" co-host shares her must-read books this week in \"The Ladies Get Lit\" series.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"64198668","title":"Whoopi Goldberg's favorite books for summer 2019","url":"/theview/video/whoopi-goldbergs-favorite-books-summer-2019-64198668"}