Whoopi Goldberg’s favorite things

“The View” co-host says she’s “been given so much” in life that she decided to share her favorite gifts and give them to the studio audience on her birthday!
7:58 | 11/14/19

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Transcript for Whoopi Goldberg’s favorite things
It is my birthday, and I'm always on the lookout for unique presents that people may not have thought of, or don't know I know you love a good read. "The fire is upon us," by Nick buccola wrote this. There was a debate at the university between James Baldwin and William F. Buckley Jr., a fierce critic of the civil rights movement and a an influential conservative. Once you read this book, it will give you the sense of the battle over civil rights and desegregation, that still we're finding and feeling today. It is a great read, and so I thought you all might be interested in what the history of America also holds for all of so you're all going to get it. You're getting a copy of the book, and an audible download. That's great. It's so good. So you know I love a custom print. Oh. Look at y'all. Looking good. This is called pretty in polka dots. They start at $15. Prettyinpolkadots.com. They print your photos and place them in a custom wood frame. They can also create photo wood ornaments as you can see here. Wow. You can create wood signs, statement shelves in three different colors of wood, and they are offering a 15% discount on select items with the code, whoopi. I love that. W-h-o-o-p-I. If you spell it any other way, I don't know where you're going to end up. But you know what? You're all going to go home with a $25 gift card, and speaking of photos, I love this. Mini link smartphone printer. It's $99.95. This on the go smartphone printer allows you to edit and print photographs while listening rks using bluetooth. You can print your favorite photos from a video. You can have a party print mode that allows you to connect with up to five people and create a photo collage, honey, and the film comes with designs and unique borders so you can make it really cute if you want to. Given that the holidays are approaching, you're all going to go home with one. That's so good. But wait. Now, for those of you who love to cook, that is not my thing, but this is a great gift idea. Knife aid is a knife-sharpening service by mail that I saw on "Shark tank." Oh. Packages start at $49 at knifeaid.com. Your knives will be sharpened according to their individual material, regardless if there is damage to the blade. Okay? If there's blade damage, it doesn't matter. Here's how it works. If you put the knife in a pre-paid postage knife aid envelope. You send it to the knife Smiths. They will sharpen your knife because they're knife Smiths and they will get it sharp and sent it right back to you. Everybody needs sharp knives. You're all getting the gift card for knife aid. I like that. That's my friend. So once you have your knives, your new knives, you're going to want this next product called farm based foodie. Her kids start at $99. Go to farmbasedfoodie.com. If you don't have a backyard, this is a great way to garden. You want to make stuff for your baby. Just had a new baby, and you want to grow things, this is the way to go. These portable preassembled gardens, all you do is add water. They come with everything you planting instructions, soil, seeds, recipes and the kit includes a new type of reusable soil. It is helping reverse the climate cries one garden at a time. That's great. And for me, because I love good salt -- I do. I will dip my thumb in that salt and just right there. They have created for me a balsamic garden onion-infused salt that is not to be believed. Would you like a little taste? I would like to taste it. A little tiny taste for you. All the good news for all of y'all, you're all going home with a mini gardening kit and salt. That's so good. So now -- That has garlic. Uh-huh. Got everything. That's delicious. I know it is. Now once you got all your gardening stuff, you got to make it. Okay. Okay? So now emeril's everyday pressure air fryer between 200,240 bucks. Emeril.com. This is 12 appliances in one. It's an air fryer, a slow cooker, a pressure cooker, a fast cooker, a steamer, a candlestick maker. It does everything. They have a six-quart or an eight-quart model and up to 70% faster than conventional cooking, and since Thanksgiving is right around the corner -- Yes. We're giving it to you. We're giving you the six-quart cooker. Wait. Now hold on. She gives other people gifts on her birthday. Because -- you know why? Why? Because I have been given so much, and people continue to give me, and I feel like I need to share. See? We were taught to share. You got a little bit, you share it with other people. I got a lot. I'm sharing as much as I can. So now once the holidays are over, you may want to head to this place called fit farm. Listen to me. Nights start at 250 bucks at fit.farm. Yeah. It's an all inclusive adult wellness retreat on the 60 acres outside of Nashville, Tennessee. Hold on. They are offering cooking classes, personalized meal plans, 13 workout Zones. They offer pampering. Uh-huh. They offer, pampering, a spa, fishing, campfires, and everything you can imagine to make yourself feel better, and after you have done all of this, you're going to need this, and do you know what all of this is? You're all about to be more rested because you're all getting a weekend warrior stay value at $1,800.

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{"duration":"7:58","description":"“The View” co-host says she’s “been given so much” in life that she decided to share her favorite gifts and give them to the studio audience on her birthday!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"67016577","title":"Whoopi Goldberg’s favorite things","url":"/theview/video/whoopi-goldbergs-favorite-things-67016577"}