WWII kiss statue defaced with '#MeToo'

"The View" co-hosts discuss the controversy surrounding the World War II statue of a sailor kissing a woman, originally inspired by the iconic photograph in Times Square.
3:44 | 02/20/19

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Transcript for WWII kiss statue defaced with '#MeToo'
So, one of the most iconic World War II photos captures a returning sailor celebrating the Japanese surrender on V.J. Day by kissing a nurse. Everybody has seen that picture, right? Okay, now, there's a statue memizing the moment in Sarasota, Florida and someone W too on it. This was 73 years ago. Bernie Sanders was still in grade school, all right? We had just defeated the Nazis and the Japanese and everyone was in a euphoric state. So was this a Harvey Weinstein moment? I mean, come on. They wrote me too on the statue. I love that photo. I actually wanted to get that framed in my apartment. It reminds me of America and winning a just a moment between a guy and a girl. Actually, her son spoke out about itecause I always wondered what was her impression. He said my mom always had an appreciation for a feminist viewpoint and understood the premise that you don't have a right to beh a stranger on the street but she didn't assign any bad motives to George, who was the guy in that photo, at that situation and at that time. She spoke to the library of congress. She passed away actually in 2016 when she was 92. She said suddenly I was grabbed by a sailor and it wasn't that much of a kiss. I actually thought that they knew each other and that he was coming home to her. Apparently he had a girlfriend. And she wasn't the girlfriend. Just a little piece of history. And then she said, the guy just came over and kissed me and that no words were exchanged. They didn't see each other again until 1980 when "Life" magazine contacted them to celebrate and at that time she did not want to recreate the kiss. Why not? Well, she was older. It just seemed to that it was jubilant and all of that but she didn't necessarily consent to it. You know what, honestly, this is just too far, taking it way over the line. It's just so stupid. This is not like a confederate general. It's not like he owned slaves. It's a statue for god's sake. What if a guy on the street just walked up to you and plants a kiss on you? Depends on the guy. What did you say? Depends on the guy. True. Remember what was going on that day. I've seen a lot of liberation movies that the French put out there and the Americans. They're practically having sex in the street in France, you know. I mean, people were happy. They were so happy. By the way, I have another factoid. The girlfriend was there at the time and became his long-time wife and was there with him when he passed away recently. I guess he liked the visual of the nurse. Yes. And she wasn't a nurse. She was a dental -- Hygienist. Hygienist. All right. I mean, I'm with you on this, Ana, that can we just stop -- I understand that maybe she didn't consent, whatever, but everything I love is being destroyed by P.C. Politics and -- not everything. I like this photo too and now I'm going to be like I guess -- they're both passed away. They're no longer here and he just died at the age of 95. There was a scandal yesterday about cowboy movies, John Wayne, and some of the things he said. I think historical context is important. It doesn't mean you can't atone and apologize and all these things but if we see life through the lens of this specific moment, I think everything we love and admire in one way will start dissipating and fraying and I think it's a tough moment to live in and I hope I'm not slaughtered online for saying that. History is history, like you're going to do a little

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{"duration":"3:44","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the controversy surrounding the World War II statue of a sailor kissing a woman, originally inspired by the iconic photograph in Times Square.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"61193050","title":"WWII kiss statue defaced with '#MeToo'","url":"/theview/video/wwii-kiss-statue-defaced-metoo-61193050"}