Friends Shocked By Results When They Google New Roommate

Part 2: Margeux Vallee and Jamie Chareon call the police after they search on Google for Vicheka Ly.
6:30 | 11/22/14

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Transcript for Friends Shocked By Results When They Google New Roommate
Reporter: Scenes from a life on the lam. Vicheka ly -- known as vee -- flashing dance moves and poses from Las Vegas to L.A. On instagram to a host of one-time pals from Portland whom she'd allegedly ripped off for tens of thousands in cash, trips and luxury goods. Happy Halloween, suckers! I stayed home on Halloween because I was too upset because of her. Because I couldn't face going out because I hate her so much. Reporaylor nunes says she lost everything to vee from her $13,000 in life savings to her $200 hair straightener. But Taylor fought back -- setting up a Facebook page dedicated to finding vee and getting detective Patrick altiere to look for vee in Portland, Vegas, even L.A. Sonja Cecil felt certain vee's last dance was drawing near. We're going to find her. Where can she run and hide? Come on, you got this. You're the reason she's going to get caught. So when she's in jail, you can go visit her and just laugh in her face. Reporter: Vee spinning a web of lies large and small. She said that her dad would give her thousands of dollars when she was sad. She told me that her mom had just died of breast cancer. Reporter: So, who was the real vee ly? This person had the answers -- vee's estranged older sister, Marie ly -- who can recall the horrors she saw before her family fled war-ravaged Cambodia. Maybe she's not endured life like I am, where witness death in front of you. Reporter: And vee, she never saw these things? No. Reporter: Vee's parents struggled to succeed doing farmwork and wanted their daughters to live the American dream. For vee, her sister says, it was more like "American hustle." I don't think she wants to work. Maybe she expects people to hand her stuff because she was spoiled. Reporter: Sweet-faced as a youngster, vee never graduated high school, Marie says. Last year, Marie took in vee, offering room and board in exchange for some nanny work. But then one night they were horrified to find their hidden lock box with $10,000 missing. And my husband screams, "Money's gone." My heart just dropped. "Vee, did you take my money?" So she denys it. I said, "Who else is have access to my room but you?" Reporter: Did she stay in your house after that? No, she never come back. Reporter: If you can't trust your sister? You can't trust anybody. Reporter: Now vee is on the run, wanted in two Oregon counties for forgery and identity theft. Vee deletes her social media accounts. Location unknown. On the evening of November 12th, Taylor feels certain that vee will hit some big-city clubs for her birthday the following night. She's going to find as many rich people to hang around as possible and celebrate her birthday there. Reporter: Yet at that same moment, a thousand miles to the south in Los Angeles, new friends have grown suspicious of the club-hopping, money-mooching, teller-of-tall-tales young woman who's been crashing on their couch. When they Google her name, margeaux Vallee and Jamie chareon are flabbergasted by what they find. There's Facebook pages that are dedicated to finding her, Twitter accounts. Immediately I look at Jamie and said, "This girl is psycho." Like, there's something wrong with her completely. So, we call the cops. Reporter: Less than 3 hours later, detective altiere is sitting down with "20/20" when suddenly his phone blows up. The LAPD has nabbed vee. And after, he tells Taylor the news -- Oh! Reporter: Months of pent-up emotions are at last unleashed. We did it. I thought this wasn't going to happen. I did it. I got vee ly arrested! I can't believe it! Reporter: We scramble upstairs as events unfold rapidly. Yeah, that's actually, she's actually the victim in one of our warrants. Vee, you messed with the wrong girl. Reporter: It's a pretty spectacular night, isn't it? It's great. Reporter: Then, a phone call from Portland to L.A. You have no idea how grateful I am that you called the police tonight. If it wasn't for you, we wouldn't have found her and this wouldn't have happened. Reporter: Oh, and remember Taylor's $200 hair straightener? Do you have a red straightener? A red straightener? Yes! Oh my god, that's my straightener! Yup, we have it! Reporter: The next day, Marie ly is sharing her stories of the estranged sister she hasn't heard from in nearly a year. But do you know what day in your sister's life this is? It's her birthday. Reporter: Do you know where she is right now? I have no idea. Reporter: She's in L.A. County jail. For real? Reporter: She was arrested last night in Los Angeles. Oh, my god. She has to pay for what she did. She needs to admit it that "I need help." There's no excuse. Reporter: Just two days ago, with "20/20" footing the bill and the detective's okay, a back arrives at Taylor's house. Leilani and Sonja sort through it for their stuff. And sure enough, the item that means so much to Taylor. Look what we got, ladies! There are the shoes that vee bought with my credit card and was wearing around in my house. Reporter: But however vee might have preyed on their openness and vulnerability, these young women weren't afraid to make some new friends. We'll toast to vee for our new friendship. Group hug. Well, vee has a hearing in Los Angeles this coming Monday, and faces five felony convictions. Have you ever been betrayed by a friend? Let us know on Twitter and

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{"duration":"6:30","description":"Part 2: Margeux Vallee and Jamie Chareon call the police after they search on Google for Vicheka Ly.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"27097987","title":"Friends Shocked By Results When They Google New Roommate","url":"/2020/video/2020-friends-shocked-results-google-roommate-27097987"}