Woman Offers Cash, Sex in Murder-For-Hire Plot to Kill Fiance

Part 1: Police record video of Jessica Strom hatching a plan to have a former classmate kill her fiance.
8:12 | 10/11/14

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Transcript for Woman Offers Cash, Sex in Murder-For-Hire Plot to Kill Fiance
Tonight, a different way of looking at crime. We know that men are more common perpetrators. But three unlikely culprits. The first, planning the murder of her fiancee. Debra Roberts with a prison interview. She's saying it wasn't the plan, but do you believe her? You really wanna do this? Really? Yeah. You sure? Yeah. Reporter: Jessica Strom is planning to give her beloved fiance, John, a special present -- a bullet in the head. You can just do it, walk directly in and walk and blow his brains out. You just close the door, open the door. No time to respond. That's it. Reporter: Don't be fooled by the flirtatious laughter. This meeting is dead serious. So, I said, " It. He can have a taste of his own medicine for once." Reporter: She's talking about the man who has supposedly stolen her heart, John schellpfeffer. A former district attorney and now successful lawyer in the quaint town of wasuau, Wisconsin. A doting father of three children, John was divorced and looking for a second chance at love when he walked into this bar. She was a young, vibrant, beautiful, all made up behind the bar and we just clicked. Reporter: Nearly 20 years younger, the beautiful bartender was going through her own divorce while raising two children and studying, of all things, criminology. We started talking and chatting and she said, "I never give my number out, but I'm going to give it to you." Reporter: Love was in the air and within weeks the may-december romance was flourishing. Did you see her as someone you wanted to marry? Oh, yeah. And I can remember her saying, um, "Well, you better not be leading me down the wrong path because when I fall, I fall hard and I'm falling for you." Reporter: And that feeling was mutual. When you find that one person who for some unexplained reason, that's your person. Reporter: The betrayal's still so raw, scars from a relationship that ran hot and cold. When it was good, it was really good. And when it was bad, it was bad. Reporter: The good times included romantic nights, even a trip to Disney world for the blended family. The bad times -- the kind stuff you see on reruns of "Cops." She doesn't have an off switch. Like, she won't stop. There was some jealousy and some control issues. On whose part? On, on his part. Reporter: But John says the problems started with Jessica's volatile temper. How abusive was she? If you can think it, she's probably done it to me. Stomping on my foot with a high heeled spiked shoe, punches to the face. Reporter: He says her weapon of choice was a restraining order. She filed several after heated arguments. Jessica owns SP toome of those vicious fights. I did stab the sofa in the house. I grabbed a knife and I said to him, I said, "If you do not give me my car keys and let me leave, I'm gonna slice this couch." And I did a slice and then he screamed, he threw my keys at me and I said, "Thank you." Reporter: And yet, despite all the drama, the relationship endured. Jessica even moved in with her kids. John, you're a lawyer. You've worked in areas of domestic abuse. Why didn't you just quit this relationship? Because I loved her. We have such a strong bond of love, as -- as crazy as that sounds, that we would continue to stay together. You know, it was pure. Reporter: Pure, maybe. Bizarre, definitely. After yet another restraining order hearing, a smitten John actually popped the question to Jessica in front of the judge. He proposed to me on his knee at a court hearing. Reporter: In a court hearing? Yeah, a restraining order I had filed. And -- You had, you -- you had filed a restraining order against him? Yes. Did it never occur to you that this isn't Normal? I went with my feelings, you know. And he was always there for me. Reporter: The start and stop love affair went on for six years until this past winter when Jessica decided she'd rather plan John's funeral than a wedding. Her chosen hitman -- a former classmate from, get this, a criminal justice class she'd taken. After initially turning Jessica down flat, the man we'll call Alex goes to police. Enter wausau detective, Jennifer Holz, who took us back to where that first conversation went down. They sat here and she sprang it on him -- "Would you kill somebody?" Right. "Would you ever consider killing someone?" And he said, "No." Was he completely blown away by the proposition? I think he was, yeah. 'Cause of course, um, he had gone through criminal justice courses with her. Reporter: But police needed proof that it was a serious murder-for-hire plan. We had him call her, and he said, "Hey, I wanted to talk to you about last night." Well, I just wanted to talk about what we talked about yesterday. Oh, no. That's okay. I figured you wouldn't want to. This was something she didn't want to discuss on the phone. That was a red flag to us that it was -- this is real. A serious threat. Right. Reporter: On the call, the two make a plan to meet later that night at this diner in downtown wausau to discuss the plot face to face. So, this is where they came for the sting. Correct. Reporter: And where did they sit? And we have them set up in a booth right here. Reporter: That's detective Holz on the video angling the secret recording device just so. Minutes before Jessica arrives. So, how's it going? Cold. I know. Really cold. Reporter: After some small talk about Wisconsin's winter weather, it's down to the murderous business at hand. Okay. Well, I'm listening. I don't know if you're willing to pay the amount of money that I want to do this. Probably not, because I probably don't have that amount. Probably not. If you say like $50,000, I don't even have that. Could you do 25? No. Wow. If you could do it for a thousand. For -- for how much? A thousand. A thousand? And some sex. She offered up $1,000 and she leaned into him flirtatiously and then also offered sex. Could she really have been serious? I think in her mind that she thought that a thousand dollars and, and sex was gonna be good enough for him. Reporter: Happily detailing how to get the job done. During the day -- Yup. We could book an appointment with him. He will expect you or whoever you are. Uh-huh. Or whatever name you say you are. Oh, that's a good idea, yeah. And then you're in. Just like that. So, I will draw you the picture. Reporter: She's giddy, singing while drawing a map. The door to go in here is here. This is his home office right here, directly connected to the garage. And while he's sitting there, then you can just do it. We told him give her an out. In fact, he asked her that several times, "Are you serious? Are you sure about this?" And he even asked her, you know, "If you are in a bad relationship, why don't you just leave?" I keep thinking, you could just walk away from this, though. I won't be satisfied. I won't be satisfied. I won't quit. That is true love. Reporter: One twisted brand of true love.

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{"duration":"8:12","description":"Part 1: Police record video of Jessica Strom hatching a plan to have a former classmate kill her fiance.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"26119359","title":"Woman Offers Cash, Sex in Murder-For-Hire Plot to Kill Fiance","url":"/2020/video/2020-woman-offers-cash-sex-murder-hire-plot-26119359"}