Aaron Robinson flees, kills self after police chase: Part 8

Robinson fled Fort Hood, got into a car and was able to get a gun. Police in Killeen, Texas, have body camera and dash cam video of the incident, but it has not yet been released.
7:48 | 06/12/21

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Transcript for Aaron Robinson flees, kills self after police chase: Part 8
Aaron Robinson sat in an army conference room for several hours under guard. He was told he had violad covid-19 quarantine. He was allowed to talk on his cell phone, and he actually spoke with his girlfriend, Cecily Aguilar. But remember, at this point she's already talking to authorities and Robinson has no idea. They essentially say, hey, we need your help. We need to call him, we need to tape this conversation. And during that call, Robinson doesn't deny anything. In fact, according to authorities, during these calls, Robinson actually texts Aguilar news articles about those remains recovered by the Leon river. Private first class Vanessa Guillen. Her remains were found. Police are investigating. You would think everyone involved in the investigation all the way up the chain of command would have been concerned, or should have been concerned, about the media tipping him off. At around 10:00 pm, Robinson is heard talking on the phone apparently to his mother, saying don't believe what you hear about me. Moments later, he rushes out of the room. How does this guy who's being monitored escape? When I do ask that question to them, there's silence. It's like crickets. You could hear a pin drop. If the orders were that he be watched around the clock, how is it possible that he fled from the room with only one way in and one way out? It's a major mistake on the part of the army. The guard gives chase, and he gets a vehicle and he flees and he leaves ft. Hood. And out in the city of Killeen, where he's lost in the night. And Aguilar, at that point, is trying to pinpoint his location so investigators can move in and arrest him. Why did it take about two hours to track Robinson down? Clearly everyone was caught flatfooted. It was -- it was poor communication, poor reaction across the board. And there is this incredible scene in the middle of this street, where they're trying to go after Aaron Robinson. They converge on him. He feels the pressure's on. He's being surrounded by law enforcement. He pulls out a gun. He shoots himself and dies by suicide. Here's the thing, there's dash cam video, body camera footage there in Killeen that captures the whole thing, and the city of Killeen's police department, they've made a decision not to release this video. I'm Steve campion with ABC news. The police chief has declined multiple offers from us to sit down and talk about this matter on camera. So we went in person to ask him ourselves. You've refused to release the body camera footage from your officers associated with Aaron Robinson the night that he died by suicide. Can you tell us why? Because it's still ongoing. But that's not the reason why it was cited in the public records request. Well, I have to say, I didn't release a public records request. You denied a public records request to ABC news. No, our public information office with the city of Killen did. We want to see this video. We want to see what he said. Did he say something before he shot himself? Texas law doesn't specifically say they can't release the video, and we've seen other law enforcement agencies throughout the state release body camera footage, dash cam footage in high-profile cases, really in the name of police accountability and police transparency. He killed himself? We want answers. We want justice. The head of the Cid, general martin, told us last year -- I am absolutely confident in the actions that our agents took throughout this investigation. Do you agree with that assessment? No. Short answer. With Robinson now dead, army officials say at a press conference the next day that while the criminal investigation into Vanessa's murder continues, they have no evidence that Robinson ever sexually harassed her. We have found no credible evidence that specialist Robinson walked in on specialist Guillen in a locker room while she was showering. We don't know a lot about Robinson. But we do know that he is from calumet city, Illinois. He played football at Thornton fractional north high school. He had been deployed to Iraq for about 7 months, joined the army in 2018. With very little information about Aaron Robinson, you have to go to behavior here. He is strategic. He's stealthful. He's engaged in behavior to keep from being identified or arrested. He's engaged in this body disposal behavior because he does not want Vanessa's remains to be found. At least in my opinion, that's very high-risk behavior. Dismemberment is a whole new dimension in criminal behavior. And he went there. And so it really talks about somebody anti-social, has no empathy, doesn't really care about people. What drove him to that? I can only think he had real anger toward Vanessa, for whatever reason. Cecily Aguilar did tell us that specialist Robinson told her that he killed Vanessa because she saw a picture on his cell phone of her, and he feared that she would go to the chain of command and get him in trouble for having an affair. Adultery is illegal in the military. You can definitely get in trouble. You can definitely get charged with that. We don't know what the motive was with regard to specialist Robinson killing Vanessa. We may never know. He may have taken that motive with him to his grave. What did you learn about the mental issues affecting specialist Robinson? We were told that he had ideations of doing violence to his own comrades in arms. His own people in his unit. If you work in an armory, you would think that would disqualify you. And what about Cecily agiular? Her case has its own twists and turns. We want -- Justice! A federal judge denied bond for Cecily Aguilar today. Cecily Anne Aguilar of Killeen is charged with conspiracy to hide and destroy She pleads not guilty. Aguilar's lawyers have filed a motion to throw out the entire case. Tey have also filed a motion to suppress the statements officers say she made. They claim Aguilar was in custody and should have been read her Miranda rights sooner. They don't concede any of her statements are accurate, but prosecutors say Aguilar spoke with law enforcement voluntarily and was not in custody. I try my best not to get filled with negative thoughts, like, as in them actually letting her go one day without paying for what she did. She deserves to stay her life in prison, to just sit down in a cell and think about what she did. That's what she deserves. Looks what happen when you report sexual harassment at ft. Hood. You get bullied, you get hazed, you get harassed. You turn up dead. There was a permissive environment from the command level on down towards sexual assault and sexual harassment. It was somehow tolerated. It was.

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{"duration":"7:48","description":"Robinson fled Fort Hood, got into a car and was able to get a gun. Police in Killeen, Texas, have body camera and dash cam video of the incident, but it has not yet been released.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"78235816","title":"Aaron Robinson flees, kills self after police chase: Part 8","url":"/2020/video/aaron-robinson-flees-kills-police-chase-part-78235816"}