Abandoned as babies, adults find clues in search for birth parents: Part 2

Using Ben Tveidt's DNA, genetic genealogist CeCe Moore finds someone they weren't even looking for: his father.
5:04 | 07/14/18

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Transcript for Abandoned as babies, adults find clues in search for birth parents: Part 2
Talk to your doctor today. See if Lyrica can help. Reporter: On a trip bn time, back to 1987, year of coincidences when this u2 T searching topped the charts. ?????? and an aoned baby is the stlin the numbne movie "Three men and a baby," I'm not pic it up. Put I where you found it. Repr: Where roommates discover an abandoned infantt on their doorstep. It was also the year that Andrea was abandoned in Rea at this hospital inoeur d'alen idaho.now she andnealogist cece Moore are retracing the steps of the mom wh her, hoping tnd clues that might unlock the mystery. You're back terll arted. So a lot's ged since 87. This is O of our posttum rooms which actual similar to what it was back in 87. I wonder how much time she spent with you. Aast she was G enough to come in and have you in hospital. The feelings that she could have had, I C even ine. Not that she's a hero, but it okf courageo come in. It was a criminal offenseo leave a baby somewhere. Now fortunatelfe haven laws have been cre where women can take a baby to a safe place like a fire department, hospital D they won't be pruted. Orter: A barren hospital roomfferingo answers for an then ddenly,nunexpected Emry herast. This nurse, the same nurse who 31 years ago cared fndrea as an abandoned infant, kimbeckman rbers trying to fill the void left by the vanished mom. I remember holding you a lot. I worked evenings nd rocking you and wanting you to feel loved. I did thank you. I just remember cute you were and how desperate that mom must have been I pe you finyour birth mom. Reporter: Sadly, clues are hard to come B the maternity Rd. With the exception of one. Andr's mother left behind an admission form. And on it? Next to ea's baby footprints- R mother's fingerprint. Was that significant for you? Ell, it wacertainly a clued it was the onlue we had. And, so, we did want to follow up on that. Orter: Hopes pinned on this single fingerprint. Andreand cece enlist the nearby police department for help. I'm Scott hogg. I'm the chief here in post falls. Nice to meet you. Very nice to meet you too.so, let's E what youot as far as the fingerprints go. E name thawas used W last name of beach? Uh-huh. Are youfortable that she would have just walked away on her own that theas no foul play any of that type of activity that may have occurred? I don't know if there is any foul play. I don't know. I don't want to give you any lse hope bse this is a long shot, and I'll get in touch with you as soon I hea something back. I feel like this is a puzzle that we're tryin put together. But all the pieces are face downon the tab. Reportee , Ben tveigtalso abandoned at birth, is determinedfind his biologicom So right now we're heading to cece Moore's house. Hello. . Ome on . I'm Ben. T'sery nice meet you. Lise Reporr: Cece hataken Ben's DNA and entered it into four national bases, hoping for a match to his biological mother. With possible hits on distant out former. But then, she catches a break -- ct hit on someone they N't even looking for. I ld our match list a couple of days ago, saw this. R.B. Is your father. Eporter: Ben does an actual double take. I had tam. Ow did the planets align perfectly for that to happen? It's a Na Richard blanshfield, who's a pretty incredible guy. He's a vam vet ande's not just any Vietnam vet, he's a highlyecorated vtnam vet. Repr: What are the od Ben, aeran of twtours in Iraq, is now learning biological father is a war hero. Arm was nrly blown off at tulder. He was 47 years old at the time of your birth. Is hetill alive He is still alive. 'S the goonews, your dad ves 20 minut from here he just happens to live down freey. Did you believe this? I though I got strk by lightninen she told me. To find a relative that close, it blew my mind. Reporter: Up next --

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{"id":56581111,"title":"Abandoned as babies, adults find clues in search for birth parents: Part 2","duration":"5:04","description":"Using Ben Tveidt's DNA, genetic genealogist CeCe Moore finds someone they weren't even looking for: his father.","url":"/2020/video/abandoned-babies-adults-find-clues-search-birth-parents-56581111","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}