Abby Catt struggles with life after jail time for robbery: Part 10

Catt said she went down the "wrong path," getting involved with drugs and more. She ended up returning to jail for over a year due to a parole violation.
7:07 | 06/29/19

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Transcript for Abby Catt struggles with life after jail time for robbery: Part 10
It's been years since I've last seen Abby. And the last time we saw her, we thought things were looking up. Well, it didn't turn out that way. The last time we saw Abby, she was walking into a loving home with everything mapped out for her to start all over again. Take me back to 2015. What was it like living with Suzie? It was amazing in some areas. In other areas it was so different. What was different about it? Some of -- kind of some of the rules and -- You just came from jail. Could any rules be any worse than the jail? Right, right. I didn't want any rules. Our number one requirement was that she attend church on Sunday morning. We said, "School night, you really need to be in by 10:00, 'cause you're gonna have to get some homework done. On the weekends, you need to be home by midnight." Those were our rules. And she just started not coming home at all at night, or coming home at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning. My problem was -- is that the only -- the only people that I knew were the people I had met in that -- in the jail. And I'm bored. I need someone to hang out with and slowly that kind of takes you down the wrong path. Where did this wrong path lead you? Maybe there was a little drugs involved here and there. Just the Rippin' and running'. After Abby was not coming home for several days on end, we told her we would change the locks if she didn't come home. And she didn't. So we changed the locks. I would say in the end I just left. It was really hard. I really considered Abby to be the daughter of my heart. We let her see a family that cared for each other, that didn't rob banks. But it just seems like the more I reflect on it, I feel like she just wasn't ready for it. People think leaving prison, hallelujah, you're out. You're free. It's a new life. But people don't understand that's a whole different set of challenges trying to reintegrate back into society. Abby ends up in Laredo, Texas. She gets a job driving a pilot car for wide loads. Laredo is a border town 150 miles south of San Antonio, thousands upon thousands of trucks go by there every day. And that's where you met Ricardo Gonzales. Right? Yeah. Little eye roll there. Why? Because I'm just gonna say he's just not a good person. When you look at Ricardo's rap sheet, which is really quite long, one after the other arrests. He's got convictions for theft, aggravated robbery, even terrorist threat against the family. We all hung out and partied and -- Can I ask what that means? 'Cause I'm -- I don't know what that means anymore. Party, you know, there's -- maybe, well, obviously alcohol and maybe some cocaine and, you know, some weed. Stuff like that. Whatever. Don't have another choice. Kinda how I felt. I don't have another choice. We'll see where this goes. Where did it go? Jail. It's 1:30 A.M. In August, 2016 and Abby goes with Ricardo Gonzalez to a stripes gas station in Laredo. I was high, passed out. I had parked at the stripes while he was gonna put gas in the car. And I ended up falling asleep right away. What happens? Next thing, I was woken up by the police knocking on my window. They pulled me out of the car and onto the ground. And handcuff me. They say, "Do you realize that he's over here robbing people in the store and --" I said, "No, I didn't realize I'm sorry." She ends up in the car with a guy who allegedly holds somebody at gunpoint. Well, that's clearly a parole violation. Clearly, she's back in trouble again. Come on. Wow, deja Vu all over again. Ricardo pleads not guilty to aggravated robbery and his trial is scheduled this fall. Abby is never indicted for the holdup at the gas station. However, she has violated her parole. She had not been regularly reporting to her parole officer for the previous crime. And she gets held in this jail for over a year. When you're sitting in that jail in Laredo, did you think about sheriff nells and, you know, you had promised him that you'd stay on track? Did that go through your mind? Of course. And not just him, but everybody that was involved. Yeah. And myself, too. Disappointed in myself, just as much as everybody else was disappointed in me. But it's always better to be in jail than it is to be dead. Did you ever think growing up that that's the kinda thing that you would say to yourself in your head, "It's better to be in jail than being dead"? Oh, no. I would always say, "I would never go to jail." What happened was reality. It's not an easy fix. Going back to a behavior that is inappropriate is really just part of the long healing process. The person who set all of this in motion, Scott kat, declined to do another interview with us. But Abby says that she has visited him in prison, and still forgives him. I think sometimes I -- I blame myself more than him. But -- But he invited you to go on a bank heist. I know he loves me. I know he loves me as his daughter. So it's hard sometimes to really get what -- what happened. How often do you think about your brother? Every day. Every day, yeah. Both of them, every day. I'm definitely waitin' on them to get out. If you could send a message to Hayden, what would you say? I love you. Anything else? No. Just I love you. Waitin' on him to come home for sure. Waiting on Hayden to come home. I just want him to be okay when he gets out, 'cause I know how hard it was for me. I just worry about him. 'Cause he's really gotta be strong when he gets out. He has no idea. He has to be so strong. Life out here is just different from in there. Right after our interview with Abby, we got a chance to bring her together again with sheriff Troy nells. Who tried so hard to help her after her first arrest. I want to have an opportunity New from L'Oreal.

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{"duration":"7:07","description":"Catt said she went down the \"wrong path,\" getting involved with drugs and more. She ended up returning to jail for over a year due to a parole violation. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"64030302","title":"Abby Catt struggles with life after jail time for robbery: Part 10","url":"/2020/video/abby-catt-struggles-life-jail-time-robbery-part-64030302"}