Adorable Bundles of Joy Born in 2013

Act 3: Royal baby Prince George kept the world waiting, while other famous babies made their debut.
3:00 | 12/20/13

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Transcript for Adorable Bundles of Joy Born in 2013
Announcer: "The year" continues. Once again, robin roberts. Reporter: When it comes to 2013, I have two words for you, baby fever. From william and kate's royal bump that kept us guessing and waiting and waiting to kim and kanye's baby. The celebrity stork working overtime this year. Here is my gma colleague. Reporter: It's often said that good things come to those who wait. So when it came to the bouncing baby heir to the british throne, we all waited. Will yim and kate. Oh! How we waited, for the most anticipated delivery of 2013. We were all holding our breath waiting for that kid to get here. All I know is there's a baby and it's gonna be a king maybe, and I need to see it. When it is coming. I don't know. We have to wait. Make sure the horns sound when the baby comes out. Could be today, maybe not today. Reporter: In the meantime, other babies kept us oohing and ahhing, like channing tatum's baby girl, everly. But you know everyone's gonna call him tatum tot. Reporter: Jessica simpson's second child, ace knute. I like ace knute. Because newts are very weird slimy animals. Reporter: Even mei lun and mei huan. The first twin baby pandas to survive in the u.S. ♪ My hump, my hump, my hump, my hump ♪ . This is like a whole new take on lady lumps. Exactly. My lovely baby bump. Reporter: The black eyed peas front-woman fergie and her husband, josh duhamel, welcomed the arrival of axl jack. I hear it, and I want a big bowl of apple jacks. Reporter: And little lincoln bell shephard was born, whose parents, kristen and dax, had a wild way of expressing their love. Kristen bell actually would compare the baby to a baby sloth, which was both endearing a little confusing. Sloths are ugly and climb trees, and they're slow. Unless her baby clings onto her leg like a sloth? Reporter: Then there was a moment we didn't see coming -- simon cowell becoming a father? It came out that actually he is expecting his first child with laura silverman, which, a little awkward, is also one of his best friend's wives. I mean you think your dad's hard on you. Your crying is very pitchy. You came out here, and I knew you would soil your trousers, i knew it. Utterly horrendous. In a year where "waiting" was the name of the game, some found themselves asking, why wait? Have you been trying? We ---like a --like, yeah. What? I don't know. Like rabbits! Wow. Humping like rabbits. Yeah, you know, tmi, kelly clarkson. But you know what? It worked. Reporter: It worked, all right! Kelly announced her pregnancy via twexactly 30 days after her october elopement. Reporter: There were also those celebrities who found new joy at an older age. ♪ Can you feel the love ♪ 65-yr old sir elton john was feeling the love with the birth of his second son, elijah. As was 67-year old first-time dad, steve martin. You don't wanna have an overactive child when you have an overactive bladder. That's probably a bad thing. Reporter: At 55, alec baldwin has a new baby. And halle berry, who gave birth to baby maceo at 47. Yeah, halle berry looks so good she convinced her uterus she was 29. Hey, it's a hollywood baby boom! But the little star who created the biggest bang? A big priority is happening right now. Congratulations. A big one. A big one. Reporter: You guessed it -- the "north" star. When I first heard they were naming the baby "northwest," i think I actually tried to figure out where exactly northwest was from where I was sitting. Really? I mean we were all prepared for a ridiculous name, however they went a different direction with it. North west? Really? You're a direction? Meet my kid, south east. "Yeah, what's happenin'?" Reporter: And from the east in london finally we got the news the world had been waiting for -- "it is -- let's -- see. Let's see. You see his willy? It's a boy. Yes, it's a boy." Reporter: The noble newborn was here. One day later, she's out there holding the baby, shaking hands, smiling, taking pictures. Everyone's been waiting for me. Ah, I'm so happy I'm here. What is my name? George? Oh, grand old george. I mean, it really is like a fairy tale.

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{"id":21285214,"title":"Adorable Bundles of Joy Born in 2013","duration":"3:00","description":"Act 3: Royal baby Prince George kept the world waiting, while other famous babies made their debut.","url":"/2020/video/adorable-bundles-joy-born-2013-21285214","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}