Alarming outbreak of drug overdoses overwhelms Tennessee town: Part 4

Paramedics discovered that what caused the overdoses were counterfeit pills containing the powerful synthetic opioid fentanyl.
5:57 | 09/29/18

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Transcript for Alarming outbreak of drug overdoses overwhelms Tennessee town: Part 4
Can yoimagine 24ou without artburn? Tnashville. For your cntried say of that unterfeillfrom Kissimmee, Florida, 700 miles rth to a sll town close to Nashville, Tennessee. So fast, sthitting cifts the town of Murfreesboro, and this one has Ible story. Llege town was shattered by a series of emergency calls. Go ahead, Calle My fianced on so Repter: Paramedic dy Hobbs ss the call flood Rom all over town. It just hit the fan. Was just after , overdose. Reporter: One victim found in this br Ng lo And he wasn't breathing? No, he was not breathing at Thewere just oppin'? Reporte another woman found collapsed inside this biker bar. Yeah, pmuch came in here, en her in E om and pulled her out. Reporter: Told offials say there re 20 overdosels in a 24-hour period, stretching th Wreunning low on narcan. So mandoses had en used, 're like ithis keeps We're in trouble, yeah. Reporter: What paramedics was causing the along outbrea these percocet painkpills, bearing the stamp a333. But just likose pills at killed prie and tosh Ackerman, it's disvered they're complete fakes aining theowerful sytic opioidtanyl. Iwas marked as percocet, looked juslike a percent. Me markings. Reporte while pedics able to savehe victim was too te for two of the this housing compl, 33-year old Tiffanie Scott. We get there, and we go T E back bedroom, and she was in her bed and she had DI Repr: Just LI ptiffanie's family says she was given pain drugs after a medical procedurand was LE hopelessly added. But when the government just started cracking down on these legal opioid prescriptions, Tiffanie, and a lot of S, just tued to the blacma buy their ight there the streets. She thought shedoing her every GHT or everyday habit, take and she R K up. Reporter:iffanie's mily, keenlyested in findingut who her thoseal unrc her brother Derrick says one of tiffan's friends reveato M that theupplier someone nameunky." I started questioning, I wa like, wh punky's lt name? Eriving at? Reporter: It turns out "Punky" is tickname of a local manamed Jonathan barrett.hed. And duriis intervi W police, Barrett admits to callously continuing to sell from a friend that there ovdoses. Sheas like, "Those pi ain't th mnk and case where they had to go to hospital." Okay,o ore pills after that? Yeah. Okay, then when do you find out someboddies?aty. Reporte Barrett and other teesers are charge with selling the counterfeit percocetls. Through them pe O trk the pills back to Pers who made them.eve it or T, none Eric Falkowski -- that man remember months earlier Falkowski was arrested after girlfrie Crady died of a fnyl overdo and operation in his are. Catherine's ly thought faski was gog to be quickllocked away. Buto their hror, that's not what happened. The next thing I knew, he was ouoni go, oh M, hetake off. Florida in his tracks and ends up in lle, Tennessee. Here in music , he hooks up with a drug deg associate who nts him et up a new pillmaking open. This time on theap. Ohat he need th win his previous St was thicommercial grademixer. It costs several thousands of doll and the person that was having him make that. Eporter: Sko Falkowski's partner came up with anher idea -ne. To mix the pill ingredients gather in an empty milk Ju was this mixing of these chems in a , ich resulted somewh like the re bears. Me of the lls had zero any in 'E some of T pills had St a rightix. And there were people that took who died. Eporter: And -- yoessed it -- it was those very same poorly mixed counterfeit pills that caused that terrible outbreakmurfreesbo. We're angry because of, knowing what they did. He ce to tenee and done the same thing to his, you kw, rlfriend. Just I me, why? Ho sleep at night? Reporte after those deadly pillwere traceback to him Falkowski was arrested yet again. He and H asswe convicted of illegal drug distribution and are looking at 20 yearslife. Feels horrible about what he's done.reason I'm D this intew is to wn people -- N'h fentanyl it's jngto use. It will take you out whether you're aock star, or you're a street je. Reporter: There remns E burning estion for the familiesfalkowski's victims -- just how did he and llmakers G their hands thantal fentanyl powder in the first place? They need to find the source or where people are tt the, um, the fentanyl. Mean, theyotta cutoff at the source. Because it's falling in the wrong S. Reporter:oming up "20/20" follows the source of

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{"duration":"5:57","description":"Paramedics discovered that what caused the overdoses were counterfeit pills containing the powerful synthetic opioid fentanyl.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"58160876","title":"Alarming outbreak of drug overdoses overwhelms Tennessee town: Part 4","url":"/2020/video/alarming-outbreak-drug-overdoses-overwhelms-tennessee-town-part-58160876"}