The Arizona Bundle

Patrick King had a tough boss, but an extreme request made him suspicious -- for good reason.
8:51 | 05/17/13

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Transcript for The Arizona Bundle
How far would you go to please a demanding boss pick up their lunch they're dry cleaning do their kids' homework even build a science project -- the bosses kid. But what the required really getting your hands dirty Jamal has a story. Welcome to Arizona shower door a sprawling box of a company in Phoenix lined with palm trees -- 45 year old Patrick Kane had tried to earn a living in support his family. That is until they got a call from his boss to meet him here in this bank parking lot for a special -- That's Patrick strong and inside is Patrick and his box and threatened Adler and this is their day off conversation. -- dig a hole in the desert sound odd even suspicious. Not to Patrick in fact. It was just the kind of thing he was expecting after five years and I'm working for -- a self made millionaire and owner of Arizona shower door. Whose corporate Credo was as clear as the glass he can. This is my company you work for me if you don't like that -- was the door. It was a serious -- there. Patrick started out as a crane driver but quickly became friends right hand man they look at a -- -- Ruthless. So ruthless that Patrick says he was working 85 to ninety hour weeks but only being paid for forty. I -- my -- be more. I didn't take any time off he made me come back to work for five hours later. And -- Patrick Kennedy objections. He said Fred had a special way of reminding him who was boss. He maybe carry a paycheck stub it said Fred be -- earnings to three times a week and that's part paycheck any of those who signed your paycheck -- -- waltzes. -- -- -- He -- are we clear -- crystal clear and he wanted you to do. Whatever he said whatever no matter what was what time of their personal private business anything and everything. Including he says spying on his boss's wife he had -- -- -- -- -- his wife and -- enthusiasm their contracted 24 hours a day seven days a week. -- complain about lot of stuff there are no one do it -- -- -- -- and families of regular postal. But -- connection with Fred's wife would reach far beyond her cell -- -- Libyan Nadler like Patrick was living in a prison never alone. Under the son of the controlling husband who she says -- the home just like his office. Everything was fine Islam as -- went along with with whether he did. He would just tell me if I didn't like connect could leave. Not all of their eighteen years of marriage had been like that of course. When he told me that he wanted to marry me he told me that we were gonna have a wonderful life. And it was trips a nice hole and even adopted and raised two children together. But Fred she says always was clear about one thing. -- and -- spend money he. On -- -- make -- in he's mine he thought that everything was case. In one -- not with me not with anybody else as long as he was alive -- Which -- divorce would be a little tricky. That's when according to Patrick threads behavior took a twisted -- He started dropping these little subtle and -- can say stuff like. Getting a lot of money for you. Coming from Abbas who allegedly thought worker pay was optional the promise of a big bonuses seemed to Patrick a major red flag. Sure enough in three days later. My phone rings -- ideas that spike on it. And he goes we need. Brings us back to this 1 -- As soon as I stopped here he sort of -- over. -- he comes over and says it gets hit a hit record of this quarter. They -- sit right here that was reporter -- -- right here on the alleged. Person talking. More on me -- before and. We can finally said you know. She filed for divorce she's due in the company there's going to be -- 180 employees and families or you're gonna be the -- you're gonna save the company. I was just like. You know I don't believe it can. -- -- -- Bull. All their work. -- -- -- -- -- The people's. -- -- money left in the development and thousand dollars because you -- just for showing up on -- carry any throes of that. So that this man who never gave -- anything. Maybe twenty bucks. Gives you a thousand dollars columnists. And friend he says promised more than ten K every year that Patrick's -- -- the company and can this trap shut them down Patrick could not do instead disloyal order didn't have enough immediately going to police and handing over -- -- -- was arrested that evening -- watching as he was handcuffed. And taken away. -- -- -- -- detective said your husband was gonna kill you. I told the police that's not -- no I didn't -- it when did it sink into that question is very hard because I still. I mean. Just competing. Sometimes you don't realize that when -- -- -- -- -- neighbors who went. The outcome would be Patrick foiled -- -- Patrick saved your life right he did he's my Angel and I keep telling him that. And that Angel dutifully returned to work the following Monday to report to his new boss actually two new -- friends' sons. You save a woman's life bad guys in jail. He gave you raise an parting handshake when he got back to work -- His reward for saving the woman's life Patrick was put on paid leave then he says out of the blue six months later he was sacked. His parting bonus a phone call from the prosecutor who was about to take -- Nadler to trial. -- he goes we have him. Hiring somebody to come and kill you put according to -- stand. -- -- -- According to prosecutors. Who is up to no good or even from behind bars and this is Fred a few months ago. Global home. It opens a school caught on tape again. And -- Santa Claus lookalike -- had an early Christmas gift for his ex wife and former employee. Of war. Are we valuable group. Remove remove words live from -- -- -- where what you wanted to do well after -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A lot of scrutiny. These two people. Perhaps occur significant beat him. It's caused me great -- -- wrong. But -- had more. -- -- and -- required some special handling Google's. Little. Blue -- -- this. Meet Trixie and shots and who -- apparently wanted to hit man to take care of as well. There in my -- in my life Google thing -- -- was left to move. For a new venture. -- there are two huge pool. Committed crimes. And I'm sure they're forming water. To -- improvement -- and computer. The -- while. That there might not see you Fritz Ian shots -- for a while he's charged with conspiracy to commit murder and conspiracy to commit abandonment of -- body. His trial is pending and he has pled not guilty. Even though the ordeal has turned his life upside down Patrick says he has no regrets. Your work in. Thank -- struggling to make. Life good for your family. Here's a guy is offering you. At least ten Grand Prix ever -- anyway because of this news. I don't care if you got a million dollars -- it would have been missing.

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{"id":19206612,"title":"The Arizona Bundle","duration":"8:51","description":"Patrick King had a tough boss, but an extreme request made him suspicious -- for good reason.","url":"/2020/video/arizona-bundle-19206612","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}