Baillie Gibson becomes one of the best discus, shot put athletes in the country: Part 1

Gibson signed on to attend University of Arizona in 2010, with a full scholarship and trained under her coach Craig Carter.
7:15 | 11/11/17

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Transcript for Baillie Gibson becomes one of the best discus, shot put athletes in the country: Part 1
Reporter: This is every track and field star's dream. I'm baillie Gibson, and I'm a track and field champion. Reporter: But baillie Gibson's story is not one of olympic glory, but rather a twisted tale of a promising athlete, her mercurial coach, and the dark side of college athletics, and it's resulted in criminal charges, lawsuits and countersuits. You have to realize the threats he made to me. Your only goal, is what can I do to make sure that I live one more day? Reporter: 25-year-old baillie Gibson hails from Casper, Wyoming. Known as much for its oil rigs as it is for its cowboys, but as a child baillie would just as soon skip the rodeo, and rough-house with her two older brothers. A lot of sports and being outside and camping, fishing, you know, all the outdoorsy stuff, volleyball, basketball, track, and softball. Sports in the family blood? Definitely in the family blood. I don't know any better, like, so. I love you. I love you. Reporter: Her parents, Billie Joe and Bernie Gibson say they always knew their daughter was a gifted athlete, sturdy, supple & strong as a shortstop, but they were as surprised as anyone to see her excel at a tough track event. The shot put. She would do track to stay in shape to get ready for softball, and then the coach said, hey why don't you try throwing, and she threw and they went, oh you're not a runner, you're a thrower. It just escalated from there. The adrenaline you felt before you got in the ring. It was just like a high of like kind of -- it's you. Baillie Gibson, a huge favorite, she throws so far it goes past the screen. I couldn't keep up with her. In high school you began to excel? All four years I was state champ, and then in shot-put I was three years state champ. Reporter: A record setter in both the discus and shot-put. Baillie Gibson is going to win the shot put. She's going deep. 44 feet. Reporter: ESPN's John Barr has been covering baillie Gibson story since last year. By the time she was a senior, baillie Gibson could throw a discus further than all but one other woman in the entire country. Gibson firing away, the best in Wyoming, ranked 2nd in the nation. What did you start to think this would be for you? I had this big huge dream of going to the olympics and how cool it would be. I wanted to work that much harder to make it to the olympics. She had the power. She just worked hard every day. She threw. You're talking about a girl that when practice is over, it wasn't over for her. She'd stay, and she'd throw, and she'd throw, and she'd throw. It was her life and she loved it. She loved the game, and college recruiters loved her, one in particular from a division 1 powerhouse in multiple sports, the university of Arizona. Craig Carter came to the home of baillie Gibson's parents, sat down, spoke with her, spoke with her parents, and basically explained to them why the university of Arizona was a good fit for her. Baillie's high school coach was one of my athletes, and she calls me and says, hey, I got this thrower started watching her, and she was probably one of the best athletes I've ever been around. Craig Carter? How did he come across to you? What'd you think of him? I thought he was a great guy, he has good family morals. He pretty much said he was going to be like a father figure, like he's going to take care of whatever you need, and help you through anything. He says, I'll treat her like she was my daughter. I won't let anything happen to her. It's just something that a father is thinking, well maybe this is good. In fact, coach Carter is a married, father of four himself. He brings baillie to tuscon, and U of Arizona for a visit. And you stepped on that campus. That's pretty much where I knew, right when I like got to Arizona, I was like oh, I can train all year round. I have a great group of girls that I train with, and guys, and I was just like I, this is the place I want to go. So it's kind of like, you know right when you get to a certain place like where you want to go to school. One of the girls on the team she meets is Canadian Julie lebonte who was also recruited by coach Carter. What did you think of coach Carter when you met him? I thought he was a really, really nice guy. He was trying to be very friendly, and since I'm from a French background, he was trying to make little French jokes with Celine Dion and stuff like that. I thought it was pretty funny. Reporter: Julie and baillie hit it off, and coach Carter is a hit with both of them. Baillie signs on to become an Arizona wildcat, and there is cash attached, a full scholarship. Coach Carter would later boast how he lobbied his boss to get her on the team. To be able to get her was huge. I kept telling him, man, this girl's going to be good. When she first arrives at U of a in fall 2010, baillie's laser focused on athletics, spending all her time practicing and weight training. She even picks up a new event, the hammer. They're all better than you. So you're like ok I got to step my game up. I got to practice harder because I wanted to be good. I wanted to be great. What about the relationship with coach Carter? How was that building as you were getting to know him? It was really good my first year and a half. He was very supportive. He was always there. I can teach you girls how to golf. There you go. Yeah. Through the low point. Reporter: But it's during that second year that baillie and some teammates say they noticed a dramatic change in their coach, things like short fuses and fits of anger. He had a lot of mood swings, and then he would bounce back from one emotion to another emotion. He just got angrier, like, he would get upset if we would talk, like about the weekend or something in practice. So he was having these mood swings and they were pretty intense . Carter was withdrawn, he would just go through these dark periods, and then they said he would go through these periods where he was joking around with them, and fully engaged, and you never knew which Craig Carter was going to show up. Reporter: Julie says the female throwers become so fed up with coach Carter's erratic behavior, they complained to his boss, head coach Fred Harvey, and at a team meeting called out Carter's actions directly to his face. You tell us you're a father figure, but we don't need a father figure. You know, we have a father. We need a coach. How did he react during this meeting? He was really upset and then he started crying, and he was very unstable and emotional. He just blamed that he was having a really bad family life. Him and his wife were fighting, and so it was like pity him. Teammates say an apology follows, with promises to be better. Reporter: Baillie is about to find out, coach Carter is a man of many broken promises and dark

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{"id":51074616,"title":"Baillie Gibson becomes one of the best discus, shot put athletes in the country: Part 1","duration":"7:15","description":"Gibson signed on to attend University of Arizona in 2010, with a full scholarship and trained under her coach Craig Carter.","url":"/2020/video/baillie-gibson-best-discus-shot-put-athletes-country-51074616","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}