'Two big home runs': Eight boys rescued from Thai cave in first two days: Part 3

Divers said they made critical changes to their strategy, like repositioning support divers, for the second day of the rescue.
6:04 | 07/28/18

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Transcript for 'Two big home runs': Eight boys rescued from Thai cave in first two days: Part 3
Eporter: Is Sund. And the rescue mission is under outside the cave families wi bed breath. Side, British R Jan son is taking a mohis -- with that first se tow,e has justurfaced, competing a major hurdlhe first dive of the rescueeration. E hat yeah the mask worked. The drug worked. Get tm all out this way. Reporter: Blinson quick realizes there is a flaw in the plan.he and two support to physically D to next dive point through a muddy, Bou spiked chber, about 1 1/2 football fields long are yothinking to yolf, had I get myself into when you're physically carrying this through th cave?" His is touch. We shouldn't have to be doing this.nd diving hit. Epallison is N dives back into the abyss. Along the way he faces a mix of diving throughpletely chambers and swimming P canals wh Rushin water. It was ally hardein thecanal sections. Because once we underwate and was neutral and I was neutra it's quite Rd to swim in a C push a child along you. Reporter: Mallinson is halfway home one of T long canals when ntial mming down the canal in neck deep water. And he srted cominouof tion. Reporter: The boy starts to come to. You Reale you've G tre-adminisr the sedaon U've got to put them out. It was very tricky. I had syes floatinaround on turface tryinto grab ahol T Rter: So yoliy grbing thiuff in the water and tryio K in? And try and get a needle the syringe, get his leg ud dot Ed and getou syringes bin your drtu reporter:e would be forced to administer three mots along the Y. Had you ever administered a shot to anyone? NER. In your life before? Never. The responsibility is huge. R: Meanwhile in chamber three, there's a team of Thai Navy S.E.A.L.S, along with medium the U.S. Military ously ai Mallinson and his specialargo. There W a line that would come up outta the water in chamber three. Unthat line would start to move, we absolutely had no idea. I K it was more nervcking WHE T said, hey. The line's movin'. And at that po Y five to ten minutes later somebody was coming' up. Orter: Aftered ke an eter, mallinso emerges from the darkness with that first child in tow. Verybody kda just sighed and were like, "Wow, it act." Ely sure? The kid's yup. Kid -- kid is doin' fine. Rephe young boy is immediely tendedo by medics. Translar: The doctor would Meas, the kis breathin T. Reporter: He's then loaded a stretch for the G half-milextion. It took more than 100 people to bring to the ent the ve. UT it won't be ea. They have to navigate the stretcher roly T terrain,ver boulde and roliffs. At one point they cothe boy to aeries of zip-lines to make it easier to move him along. Is thithe actual litter that you used? Or one of th Absolutely, yes. Reporter: Staff sergeant Sean hopper, a pararescueman .S. Air foshowed us how one of those p-line systems worked. I wld do the hooking up I would yell dowto my next oup and sa "Hey, are you ready to rve? Affirmativready to reive." Somebody wld man this rope. Frou. Correct. Wa nice slotraverse Reporter: After 16 days, the is finally out. He's immediately rushed away into aaiting ambulance. That E world habeen wait S. B that the rst boys from that cave are in that ambulance. Reporter: Describe that moment we first boy out the cave. And you knew that you co do this. I ee the front line yes, bigelief, yes you're like, "Os this a happen aecond time is T time?" I really hope that I don't get the bad news and then it's like, "Nope, child ths up. He's bin'. He's well. 7:50. Today was very successful, more thected. Salthough we had a brief sense of hness and ehoria after first day, that was tinged with the dread of knowing that we had to do operationwice more. Reporter: As the sun rises the next day over the Doi Nang non mountain, divers go to W their escape pl Iegnd of work how, he the roof of the cave in my chest against the R. Could actually hold the child F to one side and by rotating rot the cylinder had on his C with H remove any diving cylinders. Reporter: And by nightfall, four more darkness of cave for a starlit nigh, we saw T eighth ambances bringing the mosecious car in all of Thailand. But this is not mission accomplished. Four boyand the coach that nss, there'a huge gapor complaccy. Everybody had top focused what their task was, you know, to ensurat -- thatrrors weren't made. Reporte and the wther is about to take a dric turn for the worse. The pressure was really on now. Now actually the expectation was a single child would be catastrophic. Reporter: The next day would bring a complication with on th one saw cg. T didn't fit himweon him, really strapped down tight.t to seal.

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{"duration":"6:04","description":"Divers said they made critical changes to their strategy, like repositioning support divers, for the second day of the rescue.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"56879466","title":"'Two big home runs': Eight boys rescued from Thai cave in first two days: Part 3","url":"/2020/video/big-home-runs-boys-rescued-thai-cave-days-56879466"}