Boys apologize to parents for going into cave, say coach kept them calm: Part 5

The boys interacted with the international media after spending 10 days in the hospital, while the rescuers were hailed as heroes.
7:54 | 07/28/18

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Transcript for Boys apologize to parents for going into cave, say coach kept them calm: Part 5
Reporter: British diver Chris Jewell has lost his wa E carrying a boy in one , he's drohe disoenfif meandering deeper back into the cave -- in chamber four. My concn,t this point, S the boy was transporting. He'd now inging him O quite a while and I was concerned that of low. Ephis way ou Australian rescue diver, doctor Richard rris, or "Harry" to his friends, comes across Jewell and boy. And Har W take the boy from me hiking sure that he didn'tavy problems the wa H problems. The boy. They've been passed along the way in the cav B diverjason mallson who had emerge from the salty wats earlier. Incredly -- the entieam is out. It's the end of the 18-day D that captivath the dirs scramblrough the first grand chamber of the cave to the applause of hundreds of rescue workers. Literally thwhrough? To do, yoknow, help people with the skills we've got. That'shat we did we werhappy about that. It's nice to be Appl we're after. Rter: But sll, on the way T the cave, the three Thai Navy S.E.A.L. The Thai who spent over a week with the B and W there is a fin cris -- the pumps stopped and then the pipecracked. Water begins to flood the cave ce again. Rescuers inside. Our direct up your sff, U gotta geoure." Noevody back there had an R Reporter: The four Thai dive make itut in the N ti. Aftert's a over, jainson allowsself just a hint of a smile. It does have to feel pretty od. Yeah it felt good. Yeah, we would be completely essful. We're just so glad it was. Reporter: Into quaine, the bs are un their global superstaatus. There was really no sense, I he boys th there would be thiknow ,medifrenzy. Ll 12 players and their coach haade it out It's a miracle. It's now mission complishedvery member of that team ind nowfree.eporter: Ery step O T cover is monit closely by ors a the world. Reporter:r. Paul Auerbach, not part of their care team, but Ted by the sis an expert in ergency medicine. When the boys got to the ey were malnourished. They we weak. Reporter:rom theirbeds, the Bo a coach spatch messages of gratitude. They flex their recong musclesnd share their food fantasies.old adult cs the colonel's favor one of the onlys with a the boy coed with the two British diversscovered them. Now, amne I am, very. Thank Yo much. Eporter: Docay revealing the most heartng pa oscon. Thept the news of the day of recuperation inhospal, became they didn't want to further upset them. Reporter: A photograph of thvy seal waput up in their ward. They stood for a minute silencrespect. Nally, after a little over a weekthe boysnd their coach say goodbye to their caregivers. Reporvercome by tears and then it's time to face world. Trading their hospital G for thsports jerys. W off their socc moves, still intact, and meet the inteio My name is Chanin vibulrungruang. Reporter: The questions are prescreened by tgornment. It says toid ts that might re-traize the boys. The Thai government H these ys. Their mental health. Ys actually spoke more freely than I th authorities thought theyld. Ey were happy to be out. Happy to bed. Rorter: Ty apologized to their parents ever going into the cave in the first PLAC ie tot see the itude theyvi something probably more than T weeks aer leang home onhat fatef adventure, it's time for homecomings. At the small Baptist church where he spent most of his chd, adult gets 17-year-old night is douseth war, a norern Thai tdition to call S mind bacafsuch a long time away. Physicalls and the coach came through this otionally, it'll take a while to completely sort this sely observed F a of flashing btot. Are celebti they're heroes, and it's not a norm envient. Making headlines as well. Earlier this week, British and re honoredheir goverents. On be of all auralians, we thank you and we salute. The whole world and, particul, hailed Y a heroes is tt how you feel? Not really. We don't really go out covetthat sort thing. The were other people on the -- on that rescue that were heroes. I think the fou ny S.E.A.L.S to the I think they're betterlassificatn heroes. F very, very happy pressed. A you a her No, no, no. Reporter: Narosak osatanakorn, respectful disagrees. Everyone is a hero. Everybody hero. Hoeople total were involved in this I think, every E had almost 2,000 people. We were simply part of a big ternationateam. We played a part, but couldn't have doneforts of erybody is like a jigsaw puzzle cture. Every ece of it is important. Looking back on it, C bee that you actually accomplish this mission? It's a surreal type T we looback on it and thinwow. This is -- this is the stuff of movies."ll of us we doubtful. But we sll kept Ith, and we still kept hope. Because of H fortitude human perseverancemb with prossionalism, has showed us that, younow, Almos anything is -- is evable. Reporter:ext -- theoys

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{"duration":"7:54","description":"The boys interacted with the international media after spending 10 days in the hospital, while the rescuers were hailed as heroes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"56879108","title":"Boys apologize to parents for going into cave, say coach kept them calm: Part 5","url":"/2020/video/boys-apologize-parents-cave-coach-calm-part-56879108"}