Breaking Polygamy: Pulled Back to the Fold

Part 5: Suzette Steed gets some news and must decide between her past and her daughters' future.
5:44 | 11/23/12

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Transcript for Breaking Polygamy: Pulled Back to the Fold
It's been ten months since willie left colorado city. As he settles into his new home with the jensons, they help him claim the childhood he never had. The thrill of his first ride on a roller coaster, the triumph of balancing on a waterboard. The brave new world of facebook. What have you learned about yourself since leaving the flds? I've learned that I have the guts to stand up for myself, and I learned that I can walk away from life, and I can leave everything behind. This is for the birthday boy. Reporter: It's willie's 19th birthday. So you have to read that. Okay, happy birthday soon -- son. Son. Reporter: With the help of his host family, he's made some progress in his reading. I say to ron and pam, "thank you so much for being the parents that I didn't have as a kid." And I don't mean that rude and in any mean way. But there's no way my parents in that religion could have given me what they've got. And now the only thing I wanna do is turn around and help my family get that. Because we left as a family. After all, that's what family a all about. Reporter: He makes a wish and has a dream. One day do you want wife and children? Yeah. One wife, or multiple wives? Well, stick with one. Even in the next life I believe. Reporter: As for his mother, she still longs for the security of the home she once knew. So many things fuel us as humans. And with suzette, I think for her, her fuel is something she left behind. Reporter: The hardest part for her, the fading hope that her husband will ever return. What if he comes back and what if he asks you to come back? I would say yes. I love him a lot. So he's the reason why you would go back? Yes, he is. But two weeks ago, crushing news. When suzette was told by friends, still inside flds that her husband had made a decision. He chose the religion over suzette and her children. He will never return to them. I don't think I'll ever lose that love. I just pray that he's well and okay. In that religion, you always understand that the husband puts his religion over you. Religion will always be more important than his wives or his children. Reporter: Despite the heartache, suzette sacrifices her love for her husband for the sake of her daughters. I have seen these girls blossom into something I didn't even know that they were. They were just -- they were hiding their selves down there, their true selves. ♪ It's love love love ♪ Reporter: Suzette's now found a job and is hoping to be able to someday buy a house. You proud of your mom? I'm very proud of my mother for what she did. I'm very proud to know that i have that as a mother. She's a very strong woman in my eyes. I'm very upset at my father for leaving us behind. And that hurts, but life is life. And in the end, mom will be the hero, so that's what matters. Reporter: Now she's fully supporting her daughters in a world of infinite possibility. Nelli started first grade this year. I want to get my ears pierced really bad. You get to wear dangly earrings. Reporter: And all the girls are flourishing at school. "C," at "a," "a," "b," "b." So in the eyes of all your friends and family members, you're damned. But you're laughing. Do you feel like you're damned? I love being damned if this is being damned. Reporter: But we wondered about the thousands of other people, banished and isolated by warren jeffs' regime of fear. So when does the power of warren jeffs end? If somebody could show us a crystal ball. He is their idol and no other man can be a prophet until he is gone. Reporter: But utah's attorney general has come under fire for not doing enough. Unless you have a willing victim to come forward, and to trust you -- and to be willing to testify against their abuser, and against their prophet, we cannot successfully prosecute. Reporter: As we left colorado city, we asked marrilyn and suzanne to visit that road they took to freedom. And this road led you to what? Our future, where we are right now. Reporter: It's been said that the only journey is the one within. We really did it. Reporter: The past may never be past for them. What do you think? You wanna finish this road? I wanna start it. Reporter: But this family feels sure they will find their FUTURE TOGETHER. underline

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{"id":17797165,"title":"Breaking Polygamy: Pulled Back to the Fold","duration":"5:44","description":"Part 5: Suzette Steed gets some news and must decide between her past and her daughters' future.","url":"/2020/video/breaking-polygamy-pulled-back-fold-17797165","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}