Bride Goes Missing Months Before Wedding

Act 1: When Chad McGuire's fiancee Tiffiny Bray goes missing, a message suggests she was kidnapped.
6:23 | 01/04/14

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Transcript for Bride Goes Missing Months Before Wedding
Tonight if one of your new year's resolutions is to be truer to yourself, you're way ahead of the people you're bo to meet here, fooling their colleagues, their lovers, their families, with a big lie. First the woman about to get married kidnapped. Even authorities tracking her desperate text message, tonight debra roberts with a twist. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something not quite true. Reporter: If you were cruising through tiny fletcher oklahoma a few summers ago you may have noticed amongst the rolling prairies and homes on the range this startling sight, a billboard about a missing blonde. Right now, detectives are trying to find 39-year-old tiffiny bray from fletcher. Reporter: Tiffiny bray -- her smiling face peering down in that haunting picture had vanished, and her frantic family was all over the news. Something's wrong. She's a piece to this family, a piece that we have to have back. Reporter: Pleading for information, for anything to help. We do feel that she is in danger. She needs to be found. Reporter: This big mystery on the great plains was served with an extra helping of heartbreak -- tiffiny disappeared just months before her wedding day. Her fiance chad maguire feared he'd have to turn wedding plans into funeral arrangements. I was worried about her. I was worried that she'd run off the road and had a wreck. I tried calling her several times and it just goes straight to voicemail. Reporter: Chad, a plainspoken, power company worker, fell hard for the petite blonde who fit right in to his cap and overalls world. We'd go driving around on the back roads. We'd go play in the mud in the jeeps. Have a good time. Reporter: With his sooner-state sweetheart, chad could have easily been living that song by fellow oklahoman carrie underwood. Now, he's wrapped around her finger. She's the center of his whole world. Reporter: She seemed to be perfect. She cooked. Cleaned. Kept up with the laundry. Reporter: Not one for hemming and hawing, this rustic romeo offered his sweetie a heart necklace for valentines day, and a few months later, hopped in his pickup truck with a diamond ring. She was hinting around and she said she knew. So I just gave it to her while i was drivin' down the road. Here you go! Reporter: Okay, so it wasn't on bent knee, but tiffiny said yes, and the two mosey down to cozumel, mexico to celebrate. We went snorkeling. Drove around the island, went shopping, looking at sights. Reporter: Back home in oklahoma, wedding plans are in high gear, chad's parents even have a little fun with a gift -- hinting who'll wear the overalls in the family. Reporter: It all seems hunky-dory until one morning a few weeks later, when tiffiny puts on a pair of camo shorts, some flip flops and hops into chad's pick up truck to run some errands. The last text I heard from her was around noon. She asked what I wanted for lunch. Reporter: He never gets that lunch order, because tiffiny never returns. I was scared -- it -- about that evening. Went looking for her, and then i filed a missing person report the next morning. This is not like her. She always calls her mother everyday or every other day, regardless of what is going on in her life. Reporter: Not a word from his new fiance for 96 excruciating hours, then a text message sent from her phone that has chad fit to be tied. Four days later, I got that text saying that she's kidnapped. Reporter: It reads "need help." Somewhere in lawton in dark room. White man. Please help me. Not sure I use this again. When a text message comes in of that nature that takes it to the forefront of the seriousness of what may be going on. Richard goss, a no nonsense special agent in charge of the oklahoma state bureau of investigation, doesn't take kindly to the thought of a woman being abducted. Everything had to go on hold while we addressed this kidnapping. Biggest fear, bar none, somebody finding tiffiny bray dead while we're looking for her. Reporter: Friends and family are also frantically searching for the 5'2", 95-pound woman. She wouldn't be hard just to snatch up and throw in a van, or something like that. Reporter: Tommy lewis, an old family acquaintance who values friendship as much as his christian faith, is happy to help. How involved were you? We spent our time and money searching trying to assist investigators, give them any information we could. Reporter: As the weeks went on did you start to lose faith? The longer something like that goes on, the more in your head you're thinking this is not gonna end good. We're out looking for a dead person. Reporter: And chad has even more to worry about. His fiance has vanished under suspicious circumstances and as the last person to see her alive, suspicion is directed at him. They spent quite a bit of time parked down the hill from my house watching me. They thought I've done something to her. Reporter: Investigators even strap him in for a polygraph. I had one ask me where the body was. I was nervous about it. He asked me how honest a person I was, I told them about 70 %. Reporter: Tiffiny's family worries about the other 30%. Her brother in-law and sister were pretty animate, they just knew that chad had killed her. Reporter: The story tears through town like a twister. And fortunately, the whirlwind coverage leads to the first major break in the case. It was brought to the attention of a former employer. Looking through a computer that she had access to they had discovered some e-mail exchange between tiffiny and a man in palestine, texas. That man is steve thomas, a secret acquaintance tiffiny had met online. Steve lives five hours away in palestine, texas, a body shop worker with an unusual hobby -- making medieval armor. Investigators are soon hot on his trail. The next stop, obviously, is, find the man in texas. Reporter: They soon track steve's cell phone not to palestine, but 360 miles south to coastal corpus christi. The cellular provider was, was right on the money, as far as the location of the phone. Reporter: That location -- this no-tell motel. Still to come, special agent goss barges in and is flabbergasted by the suntanned face he finds. Tiffiny was there in the room by herself. Reporter: What happened to tiffiny bray? She'll tell a tale as big as texas -- for the first time --

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{"duration":"6:23","description":"Act 1: When Chad McGuire's fiancee Tiffiny Bray goes missing, a message suggests she was kidnapped.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"21418791","title":"Bride Goes Missing Months Before Wedding","url":"/2020/video/bride-missing-months-wedding-21418791"}