The Catt family makes big mistakes in second robbery: Part 4

The Catt family pulled off a second bank robbery within two months of their first. However, they made some crucial errors that led police directly to the three of them.
7:32 | 06/29/19

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Transcript for The Catt family makes big mistakes in second robbery: Part 4
After the comerica bank robbery, the robbers walk off with $70,000. And in no time at all, it was all gone. So imagine you're a father who has just pulled off a bank heist using your two children. You might say to yourself, "Wow, what did I just do there? You'd think maybe that's what Scott would have thought. Oh, but no. He had no inclination to keep his kids out of it. He thought they were a great team. So they start looking around, and what do they see? They lock in on the first community credit union. Why this particular bank? Well there are a number of reasons. One of them is the bushes right in front of the bank that block the view from the street . So after you rob the first bank, your job was to go scope out the second bank. Uh-huh. What was that like? I was very nervous to do that because I felt like everybody knew what I did. Everybody could feel why I was in there. Could feel my vibe. That was super scary and nerve wracking. When any of us walk in a bank, to cash a check, whatever, we're caught on camera. Surveillance cameras actually capture Abby on her stealth reconnaissance mission of this bank. Let me tell you, she is not opening an account. It's Abby Catt doing a little recon before the robbery. We wanted to know some of the details going into it, I guess about how we were going to enter and how we were going to exit. And when she gets back, she and her brother and her father sit down and essentially draw up maps to use as a guide for once they get inside the bank. Now the next step in the planning is to change their disguises. They swap out those white painter overalls that they used in that first robbery for something else. Some reflective Orange vests, some moustaches, glasses, hats. They were doing some construction in the area and that was our disguise, I guess to walk around and mill around a bank without drawing too much suspicion. So it seems a safe bet would be to purchase those contractors' reflective vests so Abby and Hayden go to the Home Depot. And you chose Home Depot because? Proximity to our house. And you didn't think someone would trace that? I didn't think there would be anyone following up behind us. And like Scott did on the first robbery, he had Hayden the night before the second robbery go out, steal some license plates from a car in an adjoining parking lot, tape them to the license plates on the car they were gonna use, and to hide the real license plates, but to be able to rip them off as soon as they could when the robbery was over. Now it's the day of the robbery, October 1, 2012, and as they prepare to leave the house, Abby says her gang is not exactly brimming with confidence. They were trying to take shots of alcohol, and they couldn't even get the alcohol down because they were so nervous. And I'm like, "This is not -- we need to just not." My dad went, "No, we have to. We have to. We have no money. Were you scared? Yes, I was scared, and it was just something you just, like, want it to be over with. Do you remember feeling nervous? I remember feeling nervous and anxious, a lot of adrenaline Did you announce that it was a robbery? We did. We would shout something or yell something initially. It's definitely not like the movies, or at least ours wasn't like that. Were people scared? Absolutely, I remember a few people's faces, still. Total shock. Terror? Yeah, they were scared. Terrified. Hayden jumped behind the counter and then asked for the money to come out of the different tills. Scott was able to get the employees huddled into the bank vault, and they removed some money out of the bank vault as well. In just moments they'd come in, they've gotten the money, they're out. They head out of the credit union, and of course, Abby is ready and waiting. My dad's just like, "Go, go," you know?" And he was saying, "Don't go too fast," right? Oh, yeah. He did not want you to speed. Yeah, and by the time we got on the highway he was fine, he just -- he relaxed a little bit and we drove home. You guys went home. You had a pile of cash in the house. Yeah. Sure, you could keep on doing this right? You didn't get caught? Yeah. In their minds they made a clean get away. Little did they know how many things they did wrong. They thought they had pulled off another perfect crime until they got home and realized that one of the license plates that had been taped on had fallen off somewhere. It was found in the alley laying next to a dumpster right where Abby had been parked. The license plate had Scott's fingerprints on it. Why didn't you just screw the new plates on? That was for being able to remove them quickly. So smart, but not smart enough? Sure. Then the second mistake they made was in the planning. They had no idea that bank employees were still having their lunch in the break room, and as they were watching the closed circuit TV, they were actually writing down a description of the bank robbers. But the biggest clue of all is something that a very astute police detective spots as he's going over that surveillance tape. I mean, it's so small that you wonder if anybody noticed it at all. He's looking at those reflective contractor jackets, and he notices, well, they look like somebody took them right out of the package, because they have nice creases in them. What did that mean? That they were just purchased. We were able to isolate those vests at Home Depot. The purchase of those vests were made with Scott's debit Mastercard. And so it wasn't a stretch to get him identified after that. Then they looked at the home Depot security video of the purchase made, and they saw that it wasn't a Scott Catt. It was a young man and a young woman. But they don't know who those two people are on the surveillance tape. Now we use the modern day tools that cops like to use, and one of them is social media. Cops look for Scott Catt on Facebook. And on Facebook, they saw Scott Catt's photo with his two children, Hayden and Abby, who looked exactly like the two purchasing the Orange vests. Suddenly, detective martin had the entire Catt family, sort of, at bay. Did you think that that would be the thing, of everything, that gave you guys up? Not even a little bit. They go back and look at more video and they find Scott Catt buying painter's masks. So at that point, they've got it all. A man and his two children are now in custody tonight accused of robbing -- It wasn't until they took the Catts into custody that the police really realized how horrible a father Scott really was. Abby called and she was yelling at me, "I'm in jail and I need $10,000 to get me out of here. Get me out of here right now." And I said, "You have to get that money from your father." She says, "He's the reason I'm

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{"duration":"7:32","description":"The Catt family pulled off a second bank robbery within two months of their first. However, they made some crucial errors that led police directly to the three of them.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"64030228","title":"The Catt family makes big mistakes in second robbery: Part 4","url":"/2020/video/catt-family-makes-big-mistakes-robbery-part-64030228"}