Catt family turns to crime years after mom passes away: Part 2

Beth and Scott Catt were raising two kids ages 2 and 5 when Beth passed away from breast cancer. After Scott got a new job in Texas, he had his son convince his daughter to rob banks with them.
6:30 | 06/29/19

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Transcript for Catt family turns to crime years after mom passes away: Part 2
The quest to identify the people who robbed the bank in Katy, Texas, the robbers with the family resemblance, sparks the curiosity of even among the most seasoned detectives. Our only thought was, you know, "We gotta find out what this story is." So this story, it'll eventually lead from the lone star state, all the way to the pacific northwest, and back in time, to a time when a man named Scott Catt met Beth Worrall. Scott and Beth grew up 40 miles south of Portland in a picturesque town called mcminnville, and Beth was a champion swimmer. Scott played on the football team. She came home and told us that she'd met this wonderful blonde, handsome cowboy. Beth was very, very loving. Terrific mother. She kept him sane. She knew how to bring him back from some of his crazy times. They lived in a nice house with four bedrooms. They had two beautiful children. Life was good. And then she got sick. She went for a regular mammogram, and she called me and said they wanna do some more tests. I remember going from crying to laughing to crying to talking about going wig shopping to, "It's all gonna be okay. You have a 2 year old and a 5 year old." I think we were really positive that it was gonna be just a bump in the road, and that wasn't the case. She didn't live long after that. It just went rampant through her. Do you have any memories from your mother? Just one when she was sick. When she was sick. I just remember her being carried down on a stretcher. Bright Orange. It was the brightest Orange I've ever seen in my life, and that's it. Just that one memory. That's all I remember. Doesn't sound like so much fun. No, no. But I still have that -- that image of her in my head. I can still see her. You know? Even if she was on a stretcher I could still see her -- her face, which is cool. In the years after Beth died, Scott goes to pieces. He begins drinking, he's doing drugs, he falls into a depression. He does let alcohol get a hold of him. He turns to cocaine. He begins to slide and loses footing. But, somehow, despite his life falling apart, he manages to hide it all from the kids. To his credit, Scott picks up where Beth left off. He's playing the role of mother and father, and doing a very fine job of it. My dad was right there for everything. It was always just us three. He cooked for them. He cooked lavish meals for them. He was the president of their swim club. We'd go before school, we'd go after school, swim meets on the weekends. I mean, it consumed our life, but we loved it. We were part of a team. We had -- it was our swim family. My brother was always there, and he was my favorite person in the world, and he still is. We were very close. My sister's the only consistent thing I've had my whole life, and I'm the only consistent thing that she's had, too. I can just look at her and know what's on her mind, what she's worried about. Despite the fact that outwardly, it seems like a solid Catt family foundation, the fact is there were cracks. His persona outside the house was dad-of-the-year, volunteer-of-the-year. He said all the right things. He did all the right things. He took his kids to church, and then once he was home and he was alone, I think the real Scott came out. There wasn't really a disciplinarian. There was no one there hounding us to do homework, or keep up our grades. Did you guys start drinking in the house -- Oh yeah. -- You and Hayden? Uh-huh. Yeah. How old were -- were you when that started? Ah, high school. And then he told me he got his dream job in Texas. A Texas recruiter calls him and says there's an engineering job with a houston-area oil company. So many bad memories here, he wanted to get away from it and it would be a fresh start for No matter how good Scott's jobs are, it always feels like the family is just a little bit short of money. So Scott goes to his son Hayden with this insanely outlandish idea, "We're going to rob banks together." I made a decision that this is what I wanna do. I wanna rob banks for a living. He approached me and said, "Would you be willing to do something to get some money, more illegal than selling drugs?" And I said, "Yes." Your father says, "I have a plan to rob a bank." Shouldn't your first reaction be, "Are you crazy?" Looking back on it, I can't believe that wasn't my first reaction. Why did you go along with it so easily? I had a real struggle. A real internal struggle. I knew it was wrong, but I was really motivated by the money. Now, it's bad enough that Scott asks his own son, Hayden, to commit this felony with him, but then he ups the ante. He used Hayden to convince Abby to going along with the plan to rob banks. How did you react? Well, the way that he -- he presented it to me was like, "We need you in order to be successful." And then it was just like, "Okay," you know? Why did they need you? Well, so that they didn't have to drive. Did you have any hesitation Really there was no question. I was gonna do it. There was no questions. I had no questions. They told me they needed me. So I did it. And the way Scott explained it to me was that he didn't see this as a chance to teach these kids about crime. It was a chance to teach his kids about self-esteem. And this is how the Catt family decides to start robbing banks together. Hayden and Scott, they're going to be the stick-up men inside the bank. Abby is going to be the getaway driver. Simple plan. What could possibly go wrong, right? The morning of the first bank, I asked my dad, you know, "Are you the devil here to tempt me?" And his answer was what really scared me.

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{"duration":"6:30","description":"Beth and Scott Catt were raising two kids ages 2 and 5 when Beth passed away from breast cancer. After Scott got a new job in Texas, he had his son convince his daughter to rob banks with them.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"64030225","title":"Catt family turns to crime years after mom passes away: Part 2","url":"/2020/video/catt-family-turns-crime-years-mom-passes-part-64030225"}