Celebrities Who Fell In and Out of Love in 2013

Act 8: A look at 2013's celebrity romances and breakups with ABC's Lara Spencer.
3:00 | 12/20/13

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Transcript for Celebrities Who Fell In and Out of Love in 2013
Reporter: Ahh, true love. We found it everywhere this year, especially the kind that conquers all. It's mitchell, we won! What did we won? The supreme court ruling. Gay marriage is legal! Reporter: Jesse tyler ferguson one-upped on the show, he's only engaged. Yes. Reporter: In real life, he put a bow-tie on it. And a wedding ring! Reporter: And lance bass got in-sync with the news, by getting engaged to his man. I hope lance bass is more dedicated to this than he was to space travel. Reporter: Couple kristin bell and dax shepard also celebrated equality by proposing via twitter on the day the defense of marriage act was overturned. Dax shepard and kristen bell got married at a courthouse, for a $142. Congratulations, you guys decided to not to do the big wedding. And you're going to keep it small. Yeah. We'll still have a wedding. But, yeah, we're doing it real small. Reporter: And small it was. Kelly clarkson and her new hubby exchanging vows in a private, intimate ceremony in tennessee. Her otrs though, it was go big or go home. Well, this year, 'nsync reunited, not only for an awards show, but also for chris kirkpatrick's wedding. He got married in front of 300 people in orlando and had his fellow 'nsyncers as the ushers. We were walking back and forth seating people. It was kind of funny where, you know, you have jc and lance and joey and justin taking to your seats. I think deep down he was like, "i just want justin to come by. I don't really need the other dudes." But the fact that justin came, i mean, put on his suit and tie? ♪ Suit and ♪ Reporter: Yup, justin did show us a few things this year, along with jay z like how to have a successful bromance. You can hug in front of everybody and people know, "yo, those dudes care about each other, man." You don't rub their backs, you pat 'em real hard. Boom, boom, boom, boom. Loyalty, man. That is a bromance. I think the best bromance is blake shelton and adam levine. Blake, that really hurt my feelings. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I think of blake shelton as like, the big shark in the water. And then, adam levine as like, that little fish that's right underneath his chin. Reporter: But adam will have to put his bromance aside for his victoria's secret model-fiance, behati prinsloo. That's right. Actually, "people's" sexiest man alive, adam levine, is off the market. Reporter: As is nashville's hayden panettiere. I want to take a moment to talk about somebody really important to me. Reporter: Who confirmed her engagement to boxer wladimir klitschko on "live with kelly and michael." There's a very large diamond ring on your ring finger. I think it speaks for itself. Are you engaged? You scared me. We need a direct answer. I am. Congratulations! Oh, my god. Thank you. Congratulations. One of the great engagement stories of this year, I think, is actually jason sudeikis and olivia wilde. One other guy in the movie. What's his name? Yeah, we roped him in --yeah, jason --sue --suee -- sudekis, yeah. Sudekis. Oh, that's it! Oh, olivia. You and your gorgeous forehead. Reporter: When it comes to engagements, however, the award for best "popping-of-the-question" goes to -- of course kanye west and kim kardashian, they do it over-the-top and fantastic. Reporter: Renting out the at&t baseball stadium in san francisco, hiring an orchestra, and just proposing in the most over-the-top way with a 15-karat ring. Though kim had a lot to celebrate this year, the kardashians certainly had their share of bad news, starting with khloe and lamar. That marriage was on-again, off-again, just like his midrange jump shot. Reporter: At least mom kris had a much longer run -- before she called it quits with husband, bruce jenner. I was looking at kris jenner and bruce jenner, going, "you can do it. You can do it." Now I'm looking at the christmas card. They got bruce jenner in a glass tube. His hands are like, "please, let me out. Ladies, don't eat me." Let's see if anybody misses me. Who's going to aloofly walk upstairs in "keeping up with the kardashians" now? Reporter: The jenners weren't the only ones to split in 2013. Like stacy keibler and the eternal bachelor, george clooney. George clooney usually breaks up with his girlfriends around june. You know, the summer's starting, he's going to lake como, he wants to be single again. He's george clooney, man. He gets more salty and peppery and he just gets more handsome. George is going to be 90 with the hottest chicks in the world. Superstar couple michael douglas and catherine zeta-jones are spending some time apart. It was a very huge surprise. But you know, they're not entirely over. The credits haven't rolled on that movie yet. Reporter: Divorcing -- richard gere and carey lowell married 11 years. Richard gere, it's just better for my fantasies that he's single. Reporter: And movie-legend, clint eastwood and his wife dina, married 17 years. She was tired of him saying, "go ahead, make my pancakes." Reporter: But a couple who liked their pancakes just fine along with any other critter you could fry up were mama june and sugar bear. The healthiest relationship, I think, in the world, honey boo-boo's mom and dad. Healthy, emotionally. Physically, they need to start taking care of themselves. Reporter: We all "redneckognized" their love when they officially tied the knot, decked out in their camouflage finest, of course. That was such a touching wedding. She got all dolled up. Honey boo-boo made her shave her neck hair. Nothin' beats white trash love, I'm tellin' you. That camouflage wedding was a popcorn and vodka night for me. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was my super bowl. Reporter: And to show that you should never give up on true love, real housewife, nene leaks, gave her reality love a second chance. I love that nene leakes is remarrying her ex-husband, even though her autobiography is called, "don't make the same mistake twice." Reporter: Perhaps nene will write the sequel next year.

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{"id":21285457,"title":"Celebrities Who Fell In and Out of Love in 2013","duration":"3:00","description":"Act 8: A look at 2013's celebrity romances and breakups with ABC's Lara Spencer.","url":"/2020/video/celebrities-fell-love-2013-21285457","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}