Chris Smith’s family reports him missing, police find blood in former office: Part 7

A computer expert told Chris Smith’s family that the emails they had received were likely sent from within the U.S., not abroad. Police found Smith’s blood in his former office.
3:00 | 01/25/20

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Transcript for Chris Smith’s family reports him missing, police find blood in former office: Part 7
Nine months go by, and the family is losing their minds, because they haven't seen Chris, they've gotten these emails, but they have no idea what's actually happened to him. So they decide to begin their own investigation. It was in the spring of 2011. We got to the point where we needed some answers. I look at Steve as being the rock of that family. He drove all the way down here from Oregon to talk to Ed shin himself. I actually brought a gun with me. So, I left it in the car. But I did take a digital recorder to record the conversation. Hi, how are you doing? I appreciate this. We are just getting really nervous we just haven't heard from him in three months. He just went on. And he nt on for about an hour's conversation about all kinds of stuff. I have a feeling I can help you find him if you want. The weekend before we went to Vegas together. There was a guy in Vegas, he referred Chris to this guy in L.A. He was the one who got him the passport. Do you believe anything that he's saying to you? No. I think there's something really wrong. He's lying to me. Either he knows what happened to Chris, or knows who's responsible for it. The significance of the fake passport story froed, either it explains why the state department has no record of Chris ever leaving the country, or it means that Ed shin is lying through his teeth, and that is a whole other problem. After a couple months of doing his own investigation, Steve Smith reported him missing, officially, to Laguna beach pd. They launch their investigation and in June 2011, a full year after Chris goes missing, Ed comes in for questioning at Laguna beach P.D. And he begins describing the story about Chris being drunk and being a flaky guy. He -- everywhere. He had broken some bottles of wine. It was a mess. And it smelled so I had to send my employees home. They were complaining about the smell. When is the last day you saw Chris? The first Monday of June, I think. Maybe the 3rd or 4th? We went to Las Vegas that weekend. Okay. That weekend before? And then I dropped him off at home and that was the last time I saw him. I think, I don't know where he is. Honestly, I think he's on the other side of the world. And he doesn't want to be found. Take care of yourself all right? Three weeks later, detective Julia bowman is on the case. I looked at all of that circumstantial evidence, the timeline of when things happened, listened to Ed shin's explanation of what had happened in the office. And none of it seemed plausible. Detective bowman isn't the only person investigating this case. Enter a gentleman by the name of Joe dalu. So, Joe dalu is a private investigator, and it's by complete coincidence that he gets involved. Joe dalu moves into an office just a couple doors down from the abandoned 800xchange. It's 2011 of April. We were in there for probably just a couple of months, and we were contacted by the property manager. He knew we were a private investigation firm. And he said that one of their tenants, Ed shin, had skipped out on their lease. The amount that was owed was around $40,000, I believe. He advised us at one point that a local law enforcement agency was trying to get a hold of Ed shin as well because someone filed a missing person's report on his business partner Chris Smith. So that kind of perked us up a little bit, too. So I do remember going, would you mind me taking a look at this for you and help find your son? So we started conversing between us, and in a short period of time we actually became friends. He eventually sent me the emails and everything that he had, all the things that he did trying to look for his son and the people that he spoke with. And we just started collecting that and taking a look at it. The family even hires a computer expert to analyze the data in Chris's emails, trying to figure out where they originated. He takes a look at them and says, no, I believe these both came from within the united States. It was a very delicate situation. How do you tell somebody that I think something serious happened to your son that's not just maybe a missing person? It turns out that the property manager gives Joe dalu the most incredibly important piece of information. Let's rewind to June of 2010. Ed calls up the property manager and says, how do you get blood out of carpet? They then actually send over a porter to look at the blood on the carpet? The porter goes in there and sees blood. Ed explains to the porter, oh, I cut my hand when I was cutting an apple. Joe starts doing some research. As an investigator he thinks like, hey, maybe we should go look in the office. We learned that the office was still vacant and we wanted to go take a look. So the property manager allows you in. Correct. We're walk around with our flashlights and that's when we discover some blood or what we think is blood. It was very surprising that anything would be found at the it had been a year since he left that office. We heard from Ed shin himself that he had cleaned the office twice. So I contacted don voght in the Orange county sheriff's department. And he said he thought maybe there was a murder had occurred in there. I'd kind of explained to Joe that's kind of a stretch at this point. So, we went to the office park with the Orange county crime lab. They close the door and they had sprayed Luminol all over the inside of Chris's office, which would present any type of blood that was in the office, and it almost makes it like a fluorescent green color. And it lights up like a Christmas tree. So we know this isn't just someone cut their finger. There's a crime scene here.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"A computer expert told Chris Smith’s family that the emails they had received were likely sent from within the U.S., not abroad. Police found Smith’s blood in his former office. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"68519843","title":"Chris Smith’s family reports him missing, police find blood in former office: Part 7","url":"/2020/video/chris-smiths-family-reports-missing-police-find-blood-68519843"}