Chris Smith's family becomes suspicious of his sudden months-long trip: Part 5

The Smith family was told over emails that Chris Smith wanted to be “off the grid,” and that he had gone to the Galapagos Islands with a Playboy Playmate, but then things started to not add up.
5:59 | 01/25/20

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Transcript for Chris Smith's family becomes suspicious of his sudden months-long trip: Part 5
Chris takes him to the airport. And they come back from vacation. Chris isn't there to pick them up. Well, that's kind of odd. I'm calling and texting. I can't get through to him. Eventually I get a hold of Ed and Ed said, oh, yeah, he doesn't have his phone. We came to a settlement. I bought him out of the company and he took off with some playboy playmate to the galapagos islands. You think given how close Chris and Paul were and the fact that Paul worked in the same company that Paul would have been the first person to know that Chris had just sold his share of the business to Ed shin. But Chris could sometimes just take off and disappear without notice. I felt -- it hurt. You know, we were so close. To just up and leave and not talk to me about it first didn't sit well, but Chris expressed to me that it was such a tremendous amount of stress that he's been put under from Ed in this situation. So when I heard that there was a settlement, I was like -- I was, in a way, happy for him. Did you worry what it meant for you? A little bit. That I was there, you know, without him now. I was a little bit stressed out about it. But I just figured, hey, you know, I have a family here I need to support. I need to be strong. So just carried on as usual. Not long after he gets back to work after this massive upheaval in the company, Paul finds there's a new employee, and he's sitting in Chris' office. Kenny craft just showed up all of a sudden in June. I had just moved back from Hawaii and I was looking for work at the time. And ended up meeting Ed at a party. Hit it off pretty well. Started working there a couple of weeks later. At first, I was like, okay, why is this guy here? What is his role? Why do we need him here? And I was told that he was there just to run errands for Ed. You came on to try to do sales. And then he tells you, well -- He said I'd rather have you as an assistant. Stay close to me. And Ed decided to bring me on as an assistant chauffeur. Sit in an office next door to his and just basically play on the computer until he needed something from me. I feel like this guy hired you, and for most of the time you're just sitting there. Driving to and from, like, lunches, driving home, get the kids. Did you know about Chris at the time? I had a vague understanding of what had happened. After speaking with Paul, he said it seems perfectly normal that his brother uprooted and took everything with him or went on some crazy adventure surfing. Except two months after Chris supposedly sold his share of 800xchange, and by now, he's been to the galapagos islands, around the tip of south America. Apparently at some point he's ditched Tiffany Taylor and it seems he's got no intention of ever coming home. Tuesday, August 31, 2010. I'm still backpacking through South America and would like to spend more time down here. There are these emails that sounds like "The amazing race" or something. It was more -- very sporadic. And usually I wrote a lot more emails, because I'm missing him. I'm wondering, "Where are you?" I was starting to feeling like, I don't know, this is all really fishy here. I just sent him a question. I said, Chris, what lake do we live on? And what type of boat do we have? Just trying to confirm what I knew. And it took a while to get the emails back. He confirmed one of them. He said, "Yeah, we live on Kelly lake, ph." Considering one of that one of those answers is a password to an account, what city were you born in? Then I'll tell you about Kelly lake. It just kind of solidified for me that he was Chris. The answers give Debi and Steve Smith some peace of mind. They're reassured, maybe not convinced, but they are feeling better that things are okay and that Chris is having a good time. But then, several months go by. Wednesday, October 20, 2010. Hey, mom. I'm in Mumbai, India. I'm headed to Cyprus and Africa after this. I miss you too. But I have so much to see and do. What began as a one month trip has now turned into this epic five-month journey. No credit cards or bank accounts, bro. I'm off the grid forever. I actually was able to use gold as currency in India. I'm telling you, they use it all the time there. I was able to pay for my boat ride to Cyprus for a half ounce Kruger. What an incredible round the world trip it sounds like. It sounded incredible. He was a surfer. He'd be in places like, you know, Hawaii or tahiti and Costa Rica. At this point, Chris seems to be going to places that are out of character for him. Not places on the globe that would be part of his itinerary. In the meantime, Paul is still working at 800xchange. He's got a family to feed. And part of the job includes business trips to Las Vegas. Ed was gambling most of the time while we were at the convention. You know, meeting with clients, representing 800xchange as a company. And there was a big dinner that Ed had planned out for the company employees. And Ed invited women to attend the dinner. I think some of them were playboy playmates. While we were there talking business, I happened to see the same girl that I got an image of in an email of the girl that Chris had left with. This is Tiffany Taylor? Tiffany Taylor, yeah. Tiffany Taylor was one of the atmosphere models hired by Ed shin. Paul sees Tiffany and his eyes pop out of his skull. I was very excited to see her. Because I hadn't talked to anybodied that been with my brother. So I sat right next to her. And he says, you know, "Tiffany, I thought you were sailing around the world with my brother. You went to the galapagos. How was it? You left with my brother right? Where is he now? How's Chris? What's going on? And she just stared at me like I was crazy.

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{"duration":"5:59","description":"The Smith family was told over emails that Chris Smith wanted to be “off the grid,” and that he had gone to the Galapagos Islands with a Playboy Playmate, but then things started to not add up.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"68519841","title":"Chris Smith's family becomes suspicious of his sudden months-long trip: Part 5","url":"/2020/video/chris-smiths-family-suspicious-sudden-months-long-trip-68519841"}