Cleveland Abduction: Home at Last

Part 1: How did Ariel Castro allegedly abduct and hold captive three young women for a decade?
7:42 | 05/10/13

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Transcript for Cleveland Abduction: Home at Last
-- house in Cleveland every hour we're learning new secrets from -- and how those three women inside. Formed a sisterhood to survive TV you're just back from Cleveland with exclusive interview -- young women really extraordinary Elizabeth and tonight we've learned what everyone suspected. DNA confirming that the little girl to six years old Amanda Berry's daughter. Her father is the suspect -- real Castro. And tonight here on 20/20 what you haven't heard about the birth inside that home. And we retrace those agonizingly close calls tonight here how often police were right there the suspect the young women. Right under their nose. It's not Cleveland Ohio proud people. Home and what of their dreams -- dedicated to making sudden coming true this week when of that city's darkest places. 2207 Seymour avenue. Three young girls were locked up taken prisoner for years -- -- passed -- -- just outside the front door. Just tonight and developments committed team of wanting to begin boarding up that house. But that was young women their faces don't buy an entire city for a decade. Said. Is now calling your cubicle and -- -- out here today telling us I gotta say thank god because I'm relieved. And there were moments that I questioned whether or not. They were still with us. There's so many years amended buried this week sensing this was her moment trying to break out pounding on the front door for -- -- like two neighbors outside. Never knew she was there. One Charles Manson. That we had to kick open the bottom -- -- -- those -- was she. These -- -- would not daughter she went to my house caught that 11. Yeah. Yeah yeah. Yeah. Accused of fear and Amanda's voice and -- man. It's coming back. -- -- -- -- -- And 52 year old are real Castro. Seen as the face of unspeakable evil in the city now he's deployed in captivity he said buried his blue jumpsuit. Charged with multiple counts of kidnapping -- prosecute. Holding up the death penalty this child -- ever. Operated. -- torture chamber and private prison in the heart of our city. But looking back the pieces to this for -- the puzzle we're there so many close calls so many dots to connect. But no one did one by one -- would disappear from the scene street just blocks apart. Michelle night 21 years old vanishing on the go summer -- August 2002. Last seen in Lorain avenue near west 106 street -- police say in held captive in the face are real Castro's house on Seymour avenue. She was -- loans for now. We're accused captor the -- -- family his friends his neighbors would ever suspects. At night playing bass in advance. ABC news is -- this home video of the salsa band. Playing here as police say -- first victim. -- -- -- locked up home. Eight months after Michelle vanished police say he's -- -- -- this time a few blocks away. Now sixteen year old Amanda -- gone the day before her birthday. Her mother the lot of Miller. -- birthday presents wrapped in -- at home. Remember Vermont taking me out there and saying those -- her presence she would have come on programs Paul -- -- a longtime Cleveland reporter at WE WS source. They knew that mother's pain. You would sit there with her on that porch and her tears. For ever present. It was she was so broken heart ask. That are tearfully and a and his Michelle and Amanda were locked up. We -- now how achingly close police came to those women change in the basement. Since January 2004 and police are knocking at the front -- about their with the girl's. The last real Castro a school bus driver why he'd returned his -- to the garage for getting the child was still on it. No one answered the door and police did not coincide. The fact that police came to his house knocked on the door. And -- for women's side being held captive the you know in the -- you'll do what I heard something or screen but they're busy Taylor calls. Cleveland is a busy town for police an opportunity to avoid another nine years of terror dismissed. It -- 2004 almost if you reprimanded vanishes. -- on that same stretch of Lorain avenue yet again another girl the youngest yet. -- -- Fourteen years old walking home from middle school suddenly gone. But this time he's different while real Castro new -- she was one of his own daughter's best friends. Started at this -- middle school. One year ago today his daughter going on America's Most Wanted to talk about the friend she lost -- Not knowing her own father -- two years later. Charged. As she sat at willow okay outside Atlanta ended a cruel twist a -- Castro would offer his -- help searching for Jinan. Picking up flyers. Raising comforts her family through the years. In an exclusive interview Tina's mother Nancy Ruiz told me she has -- real Castro for years. It's -- you would see. And then he would say. How are -- doing. But nothing was wrong. -- -- All the while -- -- your daughter. You think back to list -- season's. What do you think. Never a hint at other side there was -- in the house. -- tomorrow behind doors. Over that decade it's believed he never left the property. Walking outside the -- to be twice we've been telling police he put him in disguise weeks in sunglasses. That's what's hard because you don't -- -- as amended Berry's mother first few minutes away still leaning it was a unopened presents -- You -- newest big years retracing her daughter stands. It's being slim and -- some days. It's just not an owner and annual earnings scholars don't really hard. She agreed to appear on the -- being children returning to psychic Sylvia Browne. Tells her daughter is this ages -- -- still okay. Your friends and family say -- already in failing health was now devastating. She died at just 44 years old the mother's death breaking hearts across -- city. It had come to know her and everywhere we went this week we heard this. And the mothers she just gave up we'll we'll rush -- -- the straddles her. And the stress -- -- Just unbelievable I didn't think they were alive any longer you know. Would we come back to Christmas Day surprise just how was a baby born inside that house. And jumps in the -- that -- -- when she stopped breathing and and another fateful moment and opportunity missed -- regard -- Did you are real Castro pulled over by police what he said to get police to let him build.

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{"id":19155205,"title":"Cleveland Abduction: Home at Last","duration":"7:42","description":"Part 1: How did Ariel Castro allegedly abduct and hold captive three young women for a decade?","url":"/2020/video/cleveland-abduction-home-19155205","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}