Conspiracy theories emerge in Las Vegas shooting: Part 4

People continue to speculate whether there was another shooter on Oct. 1, 2017, besides 64-year-old Stephen Paddock.
6:32 | 10/28/17

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Transcript for Conspiracy theories emerge in Las Vegas shooting: Part 4
At a fire house in Tacoma Washington one of the many heroes of the Las Vegas tragedy isn't feeling very heroic. It's been hard to sleep. It's been the hardest. You lay down at night and go to sleep like anyone else doues and usually a minute into it I'm right back in Las Vegas. Reporter: When the shooting started he sprang into first responder mode stabilizing this young victim and getting her to a hospital. You guys okay? I need to get her transported. Reporter: Today he's not looking for praise. What he really wants is an answer to his burning question from that night. My heart of hearts believes there was only one shooter. But the part of me that questions is was there more people involved. Reporter: We have been trying to get an interview with the sheriff, the police, anybody who can help put doubts of the investigation to rest. We have been calling, calling and nobody will answer. As we wait outside the sheriff's office some officers bump into us. There's so many theories, rumors, people are curious about what's going on. The investigation is ongoing and there is more information they have obtained however, it's not ready to be made public at this point. Reporter: In a vacuum left by their silence conspiracy theories have sprouted on the internet like a fungus. More and more people are questioning the official story. We have solid scientific proof there were two shooters in Las Vegas firing into the crowd. Stephen paddock was selling guns to the mofia. No matter how wild the speculation it begins with the suggestion that Stephen paddock was not acting alone. The night of the shooting you tweeted out there were multiple shooters. Yes. That's what I was getting direct from the police. Reporter: Radio host Wayne roots tweets not only said there were multiple shooters but that was definitely Muslim terrorism. Everyone thought city wide terror attack. Reporter: There is no independent proof of that or any of his theories. He says that's because proof may have disappeared on the missing hard drive in paddock's hotel room or in the strange break-in in paddock's house after the shooting. How do you let it happen if you're law enforcement? That's my question. The story doesn't add up or make sense. Reporter: Take for example, the story that paddock made a fortune playing video poker. Is it easy to win large sums? Not to my knowledge. It's probably a pretty good game to play if you wanted to launder your money. That theory goes on line with the gun running conspiracy theory. Reporter: This woman rights about conspiracy theories for snopes said paddock was selling guns from the hotel room is known as a conspiracy as the false flag. Jargon for an event manufactured by the government. So the government has pretense to seize guns and then the new world order can come in and take over. She says what may seem like crazy speculation comes mostly from social media. Where people justify their tortured conclusions by stitching together snippets of real news. Do you think this was all accomplished on his own? Reporter: Including the sheriff's own words at this press conference early in the investigation. You got to make the assumption he had to have some help at some point. The sheriff himself announced there may have been a second person. That alone helps perpetuate conspiracy theories and maybe a second shooter. Reporter: Cell phone video surfaced theories about multiple gunmen only got worse. Two shooters! Do you think that just the way that the gunfire echos in a town like this, disoriented people making them think the gunfire is from multiple directions at once? Absolutely. Listen here. There's an obvious sound change, a deep burst followed by a sharper crackle sound. Many people on chat boards like Reddit were sold. If you don't know what you're listening for, then, you know, it could be anything. To the average person. Reporter: But retired new York police ballistics expert disagrees. You hear gunfire and then you hear a second set of gunfire. More pronounced set of gunfire. Reporter: Remember, investigators say paddock had many weapons. Clearly two different firearms but nothing telling me it's two different shooters. Reporter: It wasn't just sound, it was also the sight. Right there baby. Reporter: This flickering light is muzzle flash meaning there was another shooter lower down. It seems like it's coming from up there. Oh blp plp. But that was very easy to debunk. If you go out to Las Vegas there was no other broken windows. Reporter: Speculation persists that one man could not have done it all alone. Especially an unassuming 64-year-old. That was one of the first questions, how does a guy of that size operate an automatic weapon for ten minutes. Didn't really make sense. Reporter: By October 9th. The sheriff's earlier vagueness vanished. We have uncovered no evidence to show there was a second shooter. Reporter: Nevertheless the conspiracies live on. Don't blame people for theories when you're feeding it all by cutting off all access and shutting it down. Reporter: Thingsave gotten ugly. Some survivors have been attacked online by conspirators who think they are actors part of a coverup. Dane Mccally deplores that behavior and confident that the

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{"duration":"6:32","description":"People continue to speculate whether there was another shooter on Oct. 1, 2017, besides 64-year-old Stephen Paddock.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"50775106","title":"Conspiracy theories emerge in Las Vegas shooting: Part 4","url":"/2020/video/conspiracy-theories-emerge-las-vegas-shooting-part-50775106"}