Dalia Dippolito talks to undercover cop, thinking he’s a hit man: Part 4

Boynton Beach Det. Widy Jean posed as a hit man. In a recorded conversation, he asked Dippolito if she was sure she wanted to have her husband killed. She answered, “I’m positive, like 5000% sure.”
7:22 | 05/16/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dalia Dippolito talks to undercover cop, thinking he’s a hit man: Part 4
After Mohamed Shihadeh alerts Boynton beach police to Dalia's deadly plan, Dalia meets face-to-face with that hitman. What she doesn't know is this hitman she is about to meet is actually detective widy Jean, an behind ton beach police officer working undercover for this case. They agreed on a location which was a CVS parking lot in the city of Boynton beach. I pretty much parked in this exact spot right here. We had two cameras in the car. The cameras were positioned in the back seat. You can't help being a bit nervous as you're doing this. Remember there's 1,000 things that can go wrong. She parked and then got into the car and she said, hey. Hey. Hey. Dalia shows up to the meeting with widy, and she's wearing a cute little sundress. She's almost flirtatious with him in the car. She wanted to make sure that she caught my attention, my eyes. The way she was dressed pretty much I'm like, okay, she wants to show off her body. So, you know I have to give her a compliment. I told her, hey, you know, you look good. Thank you. She clearly thought she was talking to a hitman. And to her, this was something that had to be done. How soon can we get everything going? Well, that's up to you. I need it done like this week. We were shocked how easily she talked about getting her husband killed. She gave me definitely a sense of urgency. You cannot wait to make it happen. You got make it happen. You have to make it happen this week. I'll give you a quick breakdown of what I've done so far. We talked about money, how much money she's going to pay me. At one point, she said, well, I thought that I, you know I already gave you 12 hundred dollars. Went to buying my heat, my gun, okay? A couple hundred, you know, for other people to do things, you know what I mean? When I had to explain to her, $100 is -- $1,200 is nothing. I had to buy a gun, I had to buy a phone, I had to buy this car. As she starts talking, what's going on in the minds of the police officers is wow, this woman is real. This plot is real. As a matter of fact, I've already spent more money, you know, just to get here. Right. I was trying to tell her, look, however which way you want it done, I'll do it. When she's meeting with the hit man, he's telling her, look, there's no turning back. When I leave you today, you have no way to reach me. I explained to Dalia that after today, she wouldn't be able to find me to cancel this whole plan that we put together. When it's done, you're not going to have an opportunity to change your mind. And that's when Dalia Dippolito says the phrase that goes around the world. I'm positive. Like, 5,000% sure. Okay. There's no changing, no, like there's no changing. I'm positive. Like 5,000% sure. The line is classic. I'm like 5,000% sure. So it's like, you know, she is so committed to this. I didn't think she was going to be that open. When I say I'm going to do something, I'm going to do it. I'm a lot tougher than what I look. And you're like, oh, what a cute little girl or whatever but you know, I'm not, I'm not. She told me she may look like an innocent girl but she's a whole lot tougher than she looks. The most surprising thing about my meeting with Dalia was how adamant she was in making sure that this was done. All right, Wednesday morning. By the time you get back from the gym you're going to find a dead body in the house, all All right. As the Boynton beach police department are preparing for their starring role in this true crime drama, "Cops" television show are like flies on the wall, recording every bit of it. Our police officers, our detectives, our professional staff, they every day are doing things in our community to keep people safe and to save lives. And for us, it was a great to showcase that and to let the community and the larger community know what these heros are doing every day. Now the Boynton beach police say the show had been interested in the department for several months. Arguably, their cameras never captured a scene quite like this one. They are about to hit the jackpot. Everybody knows why we're here. Chashki, you and Brian will go with me. Frank or somebody will call the wife. Just like the undercover instructed her to leave the house, she did. She grabs a smoothie. She grabs her purse. And she says, "Bye, Mike," and she goes off to the gym. Dalia is at the local L.A. Fitness, but back at her condo, police are there setting up an elaborate trap. That looks good, I like it. We had set up a fake crime scene around the house. Yellow tape around the streets, around the house. Make it look like her husband had gotten killed inside the house. At 6:21 A.M. As Dalia Dippolito was working out, that's when she misses that call from the sergeant at the Boynton beach police department. Sergeant ramzi, can you help you? Yes, is this miss dippolati, please? Dippolito. He intentionally pronounces her name wrong to throw her off. Once he got her on the phone, told her that something had happened and we needed her to come to the house. They needed to break some news to her. Is everything okay? No, ma'am, I need to talk to you. Is he okay? Ma'am, I'll tell you everything you need to know when you get here. As Dalia approaches, she sees what's really a crime scene. She sees police, tape blocked off. So, the condo is surrounded by police cars. There's a crime scene van. There's crime scene tape. Her apartment's roped off with the tape. The front door to the townhouse is wide open with black fingerprint dust everywhere. Dalia arrives from L.A. Fitness from going to the gym. She rushes up. Dalia Dippolito doesn't know she's being set up right now. And a really buff police sergeant tells her, your husband has been murdered. Is your husband Michael? Okay, I'm sorry to tell you, ma'am, he's been killed. Before the words are even out of his mouth, she starts crying. And he even hugs her, and she figures she's got them wrapped around her finger just like all these other men. Little does she know, her world is about to come crashing down. Sorry, ma'am, he's been killed. Going into his arms. She's wailing. As I watch her break down, as she starts to cry before the word "Killed" is even said -- this was the role that she had practiced. And the play acting continues when they get Dalia into that interrogation room. Everyone's in character that morning, including the undercover police officer widy Jean, who suddenly appears in the interrogation room to make a cameo appearance of his own. Do you know who this guy is?

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{"duration":"7:22","description":"Boynton Beach Det. Widy Jean posed as a hit man. In a recorded conversation, he asked Dippolito if she was sure she wanted to have her husband killed. She answered, “I’m positive, like 5000% sure.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"70715875","title":"Dalia Dippolito talks to undercover cop, thinking he’s a hit man: Part 4","url":"/2020/video/dalia-dippolito-talks-undercover-cop-thinking-hes-hit-70715875"}