Where Dan Markel murder case stands today: Part 11

The Adelsons deny any involvement in Dan Markel’s murder and none of them have been charged. Wendi Adelson lives in South Florida with her two children.
4:58 | 10/12/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Where Dan Markel murder case stands today: Part 11
Five years after Dan Markel was brutally murdered, there's finally an outcome in his case. The state of Florida versus sigfredo Garcia. We the jury find as follows as count one, the defendant is guilty of first degree murder. The jury, after hours of deliberating, even sleeping on it overnight, they came back in, decided that sigfredo Garcia was guilty of first degree murder, and guilty of conspiracy to commit murder. Dan Markel's dad put his head down into his hands and took that deep sigh, that deep breath. As to Ms. Magbanua, we'll disclare this case mistried. The jury came back, they couldn't come up with a decision for Katherine magbanua. It ended up being a mistrial. Katherine magbanua will stay in jail until they decide what happens with her. Whether she goes to trial. I'm certainly happy with the outcome for Mr. Garcia, and I hope we can have a similar one for Ms. Magbanua, whether it be today or in the future. How close are you in putting a case together against the adelsons? You know that as well as I do. I just laid out the whole case. So everyone here is as aware as I am as to what the evidence is. I'm really happy to get the beginnings of some justice for the Markel family. Despite the mixed outcomes, the question remains, how was Charlie Adelson not charged? Prosecutors point the finger at him as the mastermind. Charlie Adelson should not be resting comfortably tonight. While it remains to be seen if the adelsons will ever have to answer to law enforcement, we caught up with Charlie Adelson in 2016 to ask him about his alleged role in his former brother-in-law's murder. Dr. Adelson? Yes? Were you involved in a plot to kill Dan Markel? Before the shooting, did you ever discuss hiring a hitman? Hours ago, Charlie Adelson's attorney sent out a statement, saying in part, "The prosecution couldn't prove its theory on Katie after three years of really thorough investigation and preparation. This is why they have not charged Charlie and his family. The case simply isn't there. After the hung jury, their prospects have gone down, not up." Now, attorneys for the entire Adelson family strongly deny any involvement and just yesterday we received a new statement from Wendi's lawyer, saying, "The presentations by the prosecution and the defense, as well as Wendi's own testimony, have demonstrated beyond any doubt that she had no involvement in this terrible tragedy." The central irony or tragedy of the case, that what Dan was struggling to prevent while he was still alive, which is his kids moving back down to Miami, this is precisely what has happened. In her podcast, Wendi talks about how happy they have been with the Adelson family. My children are thriving and happy. We live with my parents, who are incredibly devoted to our well-being. I think that what is so sad for the markels, besides this horrible, violent death of their son, they don't have any connection to his children. The Adelson family, they don't share the children with them. There's no relationship there. This is Danny. They're like twins. Absolutely twins. The blond curly hair, the smile, the nose. Danny took so much pride in the kids. Their names were changed from Markel to Adelson. I don't know if they really know who we are. If there's such a thing, Danny is spinning in his grave. Danny loved them to infinity. Our second speaker is Dan Markel, speaking about retributive justice. I do know one thing for certain. Dan Markel the legal scholar would have had a lot to say about how justice has played out in the case of his own murder. Many of us who were in Dan's life still, like, wake up and think about what life would be like if Dan were still here. And the thought doesn't only go to who killed him and why, but really, the sadness is still there. We just hope that justice will eventually be done. That was Danny's big thing, is justice. That's what he taught and that's what he believed in. Maybe there's a step toward justice with this brand new verdict. We will continue to follow this story to see if any new charges are brought. Thanks for watching. I'm Amy robach. For David and all of us here at "20/20," good night.

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{"duration":"4:58","description":"The Adelsons deny any involvement in Dan Markel’s murder and none of them have been charged. Wendi Adelson lives in South Florida with her two children.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"66223208","title":"Where Dan Markel murder case stands today: Part 11","url":"/2020/video/dan-markel-murder-case-stands-today-part-11-66223208"}