Darlie Routier hires a "legend" of a lawyer for her murder trial: Part 6

Her trial was moved to a district tougher on defendants. Her attorney had just weeks to prepare for her capital murder trial. Prosecutors painted her as cold enough to kill her two children.
10:06 | 05/11/19

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Transcript for Darlie Routier hires a "legend" of a lawyer for her murder trial: Part 6
The call came in as stab. Oh, my god! I was seeing the worst thing any parent could see. In Texas, a mother who claimed an intruder killed her who young children -- He gives her one across the throat and bam, bam, bam on the boys. I started blowing in his mouth and the first time I blew in his mouth, air is coming out of his chest. A normal mother does got to sleep and all of the sudden become a killer. I never thought she was guilty to this day. Anyone who thought that there've was something wrong with this woman was the silly strong. Here V Greg Davis plays the video and says here's a woman who just lost their children and she is literally dancing on her grave. That is just not appropriate. To be accused of the worst thing a parent can be accused of. I miss my babies. I think Darlie wins a new trial. That would be the key in the case. The trial got moved to Kerrville, which is a rural and very conservative part of the state. They couldn't get a fair jury in Dallas because of all the publicity. It was saturating the entire area. Her original court-appointed attorneys had convinced her family that a change of venue would be a good idea. It's the Texas hill country. It's a very law-and-order community. Conviction rate, I suspect, would be certainly about 95%. Some friend said, "If I ever get murdered, I want you to make sure that that guy gets tried in Kerr county." There's always a risk that the media coverage that you're concerned about could end up being minor compared to jury pool you're now facing. Every day, the crowd of ectators here gets bigger. It's hard to overestimate how intensely interested people are in this trial. They would fill every seat in the courtroom, many would be turned away. Normally speaking, in capital murder trials, the court is judicious trying to ensure and protect the rights of the accused. That didn't happen in this case. Her bleached blonde hair and her flashy clothes and the fact that she liked to buy pawn shop jewelry and she had breast implants. That kind of image did not play well in conservative Kerr county. I knew that it was going to be a hard trial going into. It wasn't me going in there and the state having to prove me guilty. It was me going in there and proving my innocence. I vowed to myself at that particular moment that I was going to defend her the best I a court-appointed attorney is considered to be a lower level attorney. We couldn't just go with that. Routier's court-appointed attorneys were dismissed, and now Doug Mulder is lead defense counsel. Doug Mulder was a legend at the Dallas d.a.'s office. He got more not guiltys in murder cases than any other lawyer in Dallas. When I met Mulder for the first time, I mean, he's cocky. He came across like he was a little bulldog that would rip your leg off if you let him. It kind of felt like that's what we needed. I didn't accept this until I had actually visited with Darlie. When I initially talked to her, I never thought she was guilty and don't to this day. In a death penalty case, it's not unusual for an attorney to spend months, even a year preparing for the trial. Here the attorney had weeks. How are you feeling today? What you're strategy Mr. Mulder? We're here to win. We knew Doug Mulder was going to be ready, but we weren't rookies. I'd been prosecuting about 13 years by that time and done a lot of cases. Lot of death penalty cases. Ladies and gentlemen, on June the 6th of 1996, the evidence will show this woman here, Darlie Lynn routier, and no other person, is the individual who stabbed and murdered her own children as they lay sleeping in their own home. I just remember feeling like these people are wrongfully trying to accuse me of murdering my children and trying to kill me. I remember just feeling so scared. Character evidence is supposed to be completely inadmissible because it allows the state to obtain a conviction without actually proving the crime itself. But it was the centerpiece of this trial. The reason character evidence is often not admitted at trial is because it can be so powerful and yet not that relevant. Greg Davis character-assassinated Darlie. They never come up with the motive, and they said, "Well, we don't have to come up with the motive. But here's all the things that we want to say about Darlie." Hi. I'm here. There's the beach. Where are we going? Going onto the cruise ship, win some money. We kind of had a parents' night out on a little overnight cruise. We were quite young, so we had fun. Hey! First drink. You have to look at Darlie routier in the totality. As I said in my opening statement, "The evidence will show you that the real Darlie routier is, in fact, a self-centered woman, a materialistic woman, and a woman cold enough, in fact, to murder her own two children." She was always bubbly and blowing kisses, but the prosecution totally turned that against her. They really spun a web to make her look like this selfish, materialistic, conceited person, and because she was a beautiful woman that was young, they could make the story line be what they wanted it to be. And -- and that's exactly what they did. Who goes out and spends $2,000 on a set of breasts? That was one of the things that really caught our attention. Pictures that we saw of the clothes that she was wearing -- very flashy. Very flashy. Expensive clothes, jewelry. I don't buy any of that stuff, but she bought a lot of that stuff. The way she lived doesn't make her a killer, but it does bring suspicion. The evidence is gonna show in this case that the routiers are in a financial jam. They've gone through this extended spending spree. They're buying new furniture for their brand-new home. They're going on numerous vacations. She wore ten rings daily. As far as the jewelry at the prosecution mentioned so many times during the trial, you know, all that jewelry was second hand jewelry, gifts from my husband, what's wrong with that? The prosecutors laid out a scenario that the routiers were going through severe financial problems that was causing a lot of strain on the marriage, that Darin owed like $10,000 in back taxes and $12,000 in credit-card debt, that his business was floundering. Two months before this happened, we had a slow period in our business, but that wasn't anything uncommon in the business that we're in. The routiers' debt situation was not unusual. Lots of young couples go into debt to live a better life. That's not evidence that some kind of extraordinary turmoil was going on in that house. I believe that she came to look at those two children as impediments to the good life, and we had evidence that indicated that that was not something that Darlie was happy with. Prosecutors are basically arguing without saying it two less kid means less expenses, means more money for her. I was a normal person just like anybody else, any other mother with children. Wasn't any better, wasn't any worse. This is the house. Isn't it wonderful? Injecting all that character evidence into the trial simply made the jury think that Darlie was the type of person who actually would do that to her children. The boys were my world. They were my joy. They were what I lived for. There is never a good rational reason to take the life of a 6-year-old. But you have to understand, I know from her own words and her own writings Darlie was a very, very unhappy woman. One month before these killings, there was this entry into her diary where she said, "Forgive me for what I'm about to do."

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{"duration":"10:06","description":"Her trial was moved to a district tougher on defendants. Her attorney had just weeks to prepare for her capital murder trial. Prosecutors painted her as cold enough to kill her two children.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"62971330","title":"Darlie Routier hires a \"legend\" of a lawyer for her murder trial: Part 6","url":"/2020/video/darlie-routier-hires-legend-lawyer-murder-trial-part-62971330"}