New Details Emerge in Maryville Rape Case

Act 4: In Maryville, Mo., Daisy Coleman and her friend claim they were sexually assaulted.
3:00 | 04/05/14

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Transcript for New Details Emerge in Maryville Rape Case
Test Text1 underline It's the high school he said/she said that rocked a small town about a night of partying, drinking and sex that made national headlines. We have heard her version of what went on. But tonight, for the very first time, his version. That senior high school football player on interrogation tapes, just obtained by "20/20." Will hearing his words change what you think about the story? Or outrage you even more? Here's Matt Gutman. You have the right to remain silent. Reporter: This is 17-year-old Matt Barnett sitting in a police interrogation room. Did you understand these rights as I've explained them to you? Yes, sir. Reporter: And this is daisy Coleman, whose life changed forever because of what happened between them. Two teens facing tough repercussions for a night of mistakes. You had a lot of young people that made a lot of bad decisions, and they ended up getting caught. Reporter: 14-year-old daisy Coleman. Sexual assault charges. A high-school sexual assault case is making headlines once again. Reporter: The pair were at the center of an alcohol-fueled teenage sex scandal that gripped the nation and divided a community. Bad judgment calls. For everyone. Reporter: Daisy is the face you almost never see, the teenage victim shedding anonymity to speak out. I really wish more girls would tell their story. Reporter: It all began in maryville, Missouri, an all-american town full of cows and cornfields, where football is king and it's players royalty. And perhaps none more popular than Matt Barnett, a tall broad-shouldered defensive end for the maryville spoofhounds. Cheering him on, a beaming and bubbly 14-year-old daisy. The two began exchanging texts. She's a freshman, Matt a senior in the cool crowd of athletes, along with daisy's oldest brother Charlie. Here they are together at prom. But Charlie was concerned with all that flirty texting. I told him, I was like, "Quit texting my sister." Reporter: He didn't stop texting your sister? No. And I told her stop. And I was like, "Listen, he's a senior. You're a freshman. You're my little sister. You can't be talking' to him." Well she didn't listen. Reporter: No daisy didn't. Something she would later regret. One frigid January evening daisy was having a sleepover with her friend, a 13-year-old girl named Paige. She just came over, we started watching scary movies. Reporter: They say they also started drinking, sneaking alcohol from daisy's mother's closet. I was in high school and everyone was already doing it. So I was like, "Oh, I might as well try this." Reporter: That night daisy was also texting Matt. Here for the first time are some of those messages the pair arranging to meet. Lol. U wanna come drink wit me and chill. Omg. He asked to hang out. So we snuck out of my house around one, and he drove us to his house, and he had to sneak us through his basement window. Reporter: And into Matt's bedroom seen here. Also at the house were four other popular boys. Among them, some of Charlie's best friends. Those were the guys I was with every single day. Reporter: You could've trusted them like a brother and you'd hope that you could've trusted them with your sister. Yeah, I hoped. They kind of egged me on to drink from this really tall shot glass. Reporter: These are photos of the aftermath of the party obtained by ABC news. Trash, empty plastic cups, and a bottle of bacardi. The boys at the party at night estimate that daisy drank 5 to 10 shots in a 15-minute span. Everything after that was just black. And that's all I remember. Reporter: She might not remember, but Matt does. This video, Matt's police interrogation, is the first time ever we get to hear from Matt Barnett himself. Did she ever say she didn't want to have sex with you? No. Reporter: His words providing new key clues in what could have happened that night between him and daisy. So you and daisy had sex in your room? Yes. This is before she started drinking at my house. Reporter: Central to case, the timing of when exactly daisy downed all those drinks. Was she drunk out of her mind? When I was with her, when we were having sex, no. Reporter: Matt Barnett tells police their sex was consensual and that daisy only drank to excess afterwards. When you picked her up at her house, was she drunk? I wouldn't say drunk, I'd say she was -- Buzzed? Yeah, buzzed. Then you took her home, you and her talked, you had sex. Then she came out after having sex, wanted to have another shot. Yeah. Reporter: Critical point in the investigation that followed because in Missouri, a 14-year-old girl can't consent to sex if she's incaps tated. And tonight, never before heard accounts from the other boys present that night. Like Jordan Zech. And then they went back into the bedroom and had sex again? No, Matt said he didn't have sex with her the 2nd time because he couldn't get a . Reporter: Paige, who was waiting in another room, describes her friend daisy as completely wasted and couldn't even walk. And they just started panicking a lot, saying "How are we going to get her dropped off, without her brothers waking up, without them hearing us." So they brought us back to the house and dropped her off. And then just put her in the yard, and they told me to go back inside and that she'd be fine, she just had to sober up. Reporter: All the while, Melinda Coleman thought her daughter was safely asleep in bed all night long. It was 5:00 A.M. When daisy was discovered. The dogs started barking which woke mom up and my youngest brother. And she had just sweat pants and a t-shirt on. Her hair was wet and frozen. And then I was woken up to, "Charlie, wake up. Wake up, Charlie. There's something wrong." Reporter: Daisy had been abandoned on the lawn for almost three hours wearing no shoes or socks. It was terrifying. I couldn't understand why she was outside. Reporter: Melinda says she thought maybe daisy had been sleep walking. But when she put daisy in the bathtub to warm her up, she noticed marks on her body. I asked her if she was hurting and she kind of said yes, and started crying. So my brother and I went in the yard and found a phone, started Reading these messages from Matty. Reporter: Did you instantly know what happened? I instantly knew there was something going on. The last message on there was, "I'll be there in a minute." And I was -- I was so mad. And then I took her in to the emergency room. The doctor said that she had been raped. And it was definitely my worst fears. I, as a mom I just -- it just hurt so much and you want to take the pain away. And I think I knew what she was going to go through. Reporter: Barnett was arrested for sexual assault. And to Melinda's dismay the charges were quickly dropped. And daisy's life began to completely unravel. She was suspended from cheerleading after admitting to drinking and was bullied at school. People would generally just yell stuff. Like, they would yell "Liar" or the "S" word, or they would call me the "W" word. Reporter: Things got so bad, the colemans say they were forced to move. But that didn't stop the digital onslaught. The stuff on Facebook and Twitter was just unbelievable, so horrible. Saying stuff like, "Why don't you slit your wrists." I began self-harming, and I was very suicidal, and I really started to hate myself. Reporter: Daisy was down, but her mom Melinda wouldn't let her be silenced. They embarked on a national media campaign. And I think they need to let him pay at least some price and some punishment, so he can learn. Justice for daisy! Reporter: And Melinda ignited a firestorm back home, trying to get justice for daisy and for other girls afraid to speak out. Supporters held daisies and lit candles to represent the alleged victim. Reporter: A special prosecutor was brought in to take a fresh look at the case and those previously sealed interrogation tapes. How long do you think you and her were in the bedroom together? Like 15 minutes to 20 minutes. Reporter: After a ten-week investigation, this past January, the final word. Today Mr. Barnett pleads guilty to endangering a child in the second degree. Reporter: That was for leaving daisy on her lawn. But as for rain charges -- There was insufficient evidence to go forward on a sexual assault. Reporter: Vindication for Matt Barnett, cleared by two independent investigations. Proof he says that he did not sexual assault daisy. Did the girl you had sex with ever say she didn't want to? No. Ever say she did? Yeah, she did. Reporter: As for daisy, she tells us she's happy. Now, a junior at a new high school and looking to put the whole ordeal behind her. When something bad happens in life, no one stops. Life keeps going. And I think that's something I just had to learn. New tapes you just heard about were all about the timing of the drinking. Are you persuaded by the tapes? Do you think that that football player is telling the truth? Let us know on Twitter. We'll be right back. Coming up next -- getting

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{"id":23204210,"title":"New Details Emerge in Maryville Rape Case","duration":"3:00","description":"Act 4: In Maryville, Mo., Daisy Coleman and her friend claim they were sexually assaulted. ","url":"/2020/video/details-emerge-maryville-rape-case-23204210","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}