DNA test shocks donor-conceived woman searching for biological relatives: Part 3

A startling secret is exposed after a commercial DNA test reveals unexpected connections.
6:05 | 05/04/19

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Transcript for DNA test shocks donor-conceived woman searching for biological relatives: Part 3
Eve was just so excited to know that she had a daddy out there somewhere. Kind of this really naive Kind of this really naive 16-year-old girl thought of "Oh my gosh, I still have a dad, maybe. But who is he?" So then you get an email. I got an email, and it was from Melanie at California cryobank, and she had said that she had located the donor, and she had forwarded my letter. I was eager to find out, who is this person? And so that's when I googled her and found this photograph of her, and just felt an immediate paternal bond well up inside. We had a couple of phone calls and a couple of emails. And figured out a time for me to come out to Austin. And we met at my apartment, and it was just, a big embrace, and I mean, it just felt kinda natural. It felt like we were truly genetically connected. There was no doubt in my mind that this was my daughter. It was such a relief for me. I was just so happy that he was the person he was. The poster child for the ultimate donor conceived success story. Briefly. Until we found out other wise. Then DNA testing was becoming very popular. Very popular. My name is Megan and I met my birth mom for the first time today. Ancestry DNA can reveal your true Irish roots even if you never knew they were there. These are ways to scratch that itch of who we are and where we come from. I started thinking that, "Hey, I could do this and maybe find some siblings." Remember Steve had made a number of sperm donations, and the sperm bank had told him his sperm had good motility, so chances are high eve has some half siblings. I got the kit, I spit in the tube, and then I sent it off and I waited. And sure enough, eve starts getting genetic matches back. I connected with two half-siblings. I get a call, "Dad, I think I found more of your kids." And we were just kind of giddy about it. So Steve hadn't done the DNA testing yet. No, he still had not done it. So then I immediately got a kit, did the test. And then we waited. But in the meantime, eve is tracing her genetic tree online and noticing something isn't right. She came to me, she said, "Mother, there's something wrong with the things I'm seeing, these people that are popping up in my DNA." Strangely, instead of connecting her with relatives of Steve on the west coast, eve's DNA matches keep connecting back to a town in east Texas, somewhere neither Steve nor his family lived. I got an email from ancestry.com that said I had a new close family match. I do remember her saying, that she had family in Texas and family in east Texas. She's already got a match for one biological cousin, and then eve also matches with another biological cousin, who also lives in Texas, and they start talking back and forth. I said, "Okay, well, you know what? Let's just pretend like we're first cousins and tell me about your uncles." And he said, "I have one uncle. He lives in nacogdoches, Texas." We have the alligator appetizer. We're about 90 miles from the Louisiana border. So we're deep east Texas. We call the pine trees our skyscrapers. Have you ever been to nacogdoches? Nacodoches? No. Strange. I'm told that John Wayne film actually put nacogdoches on the map. But here's the thing, nacogdoches also happens to be the same town that eve's mother Margo was going to for her fertility treatments in order to conceive eve. He was the go to doctor. Margo is adamant that she told her fertility doctor that she did not want a local sperm donor, so why does her genetic tree lead back to nacodoches? I was so sure Steve was my biological father. I had concrete evidence from my mom's medical records, to the cryobank, to my relationship with Steve. But eve's genetic tree is too clear to dismiss, and this is the moment when she starts to realize something is really wrong. She called, and she was in tears. And she said, "I don't know how to say this, except to say this. I don't think you're my dad." It was so hard for 15 or 20 minutes, just listening to him cry. And then he got his test results back a few weeks later. One daughter appeared, but not eve. It was something we had lived with so easily for over a decade. It was more like just shock, and how could this happen? So then the mystery becomes, if Steve isn't eve's biological father, who is? And that takes eve and Margo back to nacogdoches, in search of answers from the fertility doctor. He was that doctor who everybody respected, and absolutely trusted him. And here's the part where you might think of the saying "Be careful what you wish for." Because some family secrets might be best left buried.

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{"duration":"6:05","description":"A startling secret is exposed after a commercial DNA test reveals unexpected connections.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"62813855","title":"DNA test shocks donor-conceived woman searching for biological relatives: Part 3","url":"/2020/video/dna-test-shocks-donor-conceived-woman-searching-biological-62813855"}