Donnah Winger, Roger Harrington murder case reopens: Part 7

Re-examining the evidence, police looked at why Harrington had left obvious weapons in the car if he was going to kill Winger, and found evidence suggesting Harrington had been lured to the home.
7:40 | 04/17/21

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Transcript for Donnah Winger, Roger Harrington murder case reopens: Part 7
I'm my Venus The first step when you re-open a closed case is to go back and look at what you aready have. We got down to the evidence room, and to our surprise, it's gone. And so we go over to the evidence officer and ask him, where's our evidence? He says, well, it was released to the wingers' attorney for a civil lawsuit against Bart transportation for wrongful death. I worked as a law firm investigator for the civil attorney who represented mark winger, and for many years that evidence remained in the law office, and it was technically the property of mark winger. Now approaching the entranceway near the front door. There are several pieces of evidence that they're looking at that just don't sit well with the detectives as they're re-examining everything. First of all, Roger Harrington's car was parked facing the wrong way. He also brought his cigarettes and his coffee mug. Who would do that if they were planning on killing someone? .45 caliber rounds. There was no signs of forced entry. Not only that, but Roger Harrington left what was clearly could be used as weapons inside the vehicle. There was a tire iron that had black electrical tape wrapped around the handle. They also found a knife inside of his vehicle. We have what appears to be a large metal hammer. Why would Roger come into the house with mayhem on his mind and just happen to find a hammer on the table? Mark winger wanted to kill his wife, and then opportunity presented when Roger Harrington drove donnah winger, and he told Deann that he needed to get that man into his house, and that's exactly what he did. I'm a big fan, when I write books, of what if? This is the biggest what if for me - what if Roger Harrington had not picked up Donna winger at the airport? What if another driver had taken her, and there had been no complaint? Was this the moment when mark went from thinking about murder, maybe even fantasizing about murder, and realized, oh, my goodness. I can maybe pull it off. While we're leaving the attorney's office with our evidence, we're getting ready to walk out his door and he says, hey, do you want these three polaroids?" And I didn't remember any polaroids at all. I had hadn't seen any. But instead of looking stupid I said, sure, we need those, too. One of the first officers to arrive at the scene had a polaroid in his vehicle. And he happened to take three photos of the scene. They showed the positions of the bodies before the bodies were rushed to the hospital. This is actually something that if I had written a book, I'm not sure I could have gotten away with it. These three polaroids are not seen by the police for years. This one over here especially is troubling. The way the bodies are lying does not fit in to the story that mark winger told. Mark winger had stated that Roger Harrington was kneeling down right next to donnah winger's head, and he was beating her with a hammer. He stated that he shot him and that the man fell backwards so that his feet remained near donnah's head. In reality, the polaroid photographs show the exact opposite. These photographs actually showed Mr. Harrington and donnah winger basically laying in the same direction. And as such, there's no way this murder could have happened the way mark winger described. The physical evidence, along with the fact of the affair, it was clear that this was a staged domestic homicide. The polaroids seemed to be a game changer. And the police came to the realization that they got the story wrong to begin with. They had to come to a reckoning with themselves that they had made a mistake. The detective said to me, I just wanted to tell you that we now suspect mark to be the murderer of donnah. And I said to him, what are you saying? That's not possible. I was flabbergasted, to say the least. I couldn't believe what he said. And I you've said you've got to be kidding me. We thought it was about time the truth came out. Roger's name would be cleared. That was one of the -- the biggest reliefs I had, just knowing that people would not think that my little brother was a killer. More than four years later, the newspaper ran an article based on allegations in the civil suit that mark had arranged the murder himself and had killed Roger and his wife. Bart, their defense, had hired a blood-spatter expert who said that mark's story wouldn't hold water. A blood-spatter expert that the Springfield police were later able to utilize in their investigation, which was really one of the key points of the case. Everything kind of came to a head. It changed everything. I mean, it went from winger as a hero, who was defending his wife, this noble, stand-up guy that every man wanted to pat on the back, to manipulative, deviant murderer. Harrington's roommate, Susan Collins, said winger invited Harrington to his home. She said she saw Harrington write down winger's name and address. Susan Collins had been briefly spoken to initially, and she had claimed that she was present when Roger Harrington fielded a phone call from someone asking to meet him the day of the murders. The police found a note inside of the vehicle. It was a bank deposit slip, and on the back was the time of 4:30 P.M. The address, and the name mark winger. Why did he leave the baby in her upstairs, the house unlocked, and him go down and play on the treadmill? Roger Harrington was not an intruder, but rather he was lured into that home by mark winger. Attorneys for Roger Harrington's family say two new court documents in a civil case indicate winger planned the murders of his wife and Harrington. Mr. Winger made some comments about perhaps it was easier if his wife were dead. Deann Schultz's cooperation with police, the fact that, you know, there was evidence that raised questions about mark winger's story -- all of that came out, prompting the voluntary dismissal of the civil suit. Happy birthday, daddy. Aw, thank you. I didn't see it coming. I didn't know that this whole investigation was brewing. I never thought the whole time that they thought my husband was a diabolical murderer.

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{"duration":"7:40","description":"Re-examining the evidence, police looked at why Harrington had left obvious weapons in the car if he was going to kill Winger, and found evidence suggesting Harrington had been lured to the home.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"77129340","title":"Donnah Winger, Roger Harrington murder case reopens: Part 7","url":"/2020/video/donnah-winger-roger-harrington-murder-case-reopens-part-77129340"}