As Dorothy Stratten is welcomed into Playboy's world, Paul Snider is left out: Part 4

Former Playboy social secretary Alison Reynolds says Snider was caught at the Playboy Mansion with another girl and was kicked out. Hugh Hefner provided Stratten with professional managers.
8:37 | 10/19/19

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Transcript for As Dorothy Stratten is welcomed into Playboy's world, Paul Snider is left out: Part 4
The movie that Bob fosse directed is called "Star 80." "Star 80" is a reference to the vanity plates that Paul snider had taken out to put on his Mercedes. That was a declaration of what he thought was going to be the future for Dorothy. It stars Mariel Hemingway as Dorothy stratten. And it stars Eric Roberts as Paul snider in a really kind of breakout role. Snider. Paul. I'm having this conversation with myself in a mirror that's vain. "I'm this important, see?" That's where his confidence came from. Because he didn't have it built in. So he had to make it up somehow. So it was all in the presentation. Paul, if anything, certainly had trappings of inadequacy from the very beginning. He was orphaned at an early age. His family fell apart. And he dropped out of school in the seventh grade to support himself. I know he was very, very vain. Very much into body building. He worked out every day. So he was really pushing for the exercise. He felt he was too skinny. I always had the feeling there was something of a little man syndrome about him. He didn't know if he was a pimp, a manager, an agent, actor, a weightlifter. Paul snider wanted to be anything that would make him money, that would get him on the in with the in people, the elite. He wanted to be somebody. And he was nobody. Paul really admired Hefner and the whole Hefner philosophy. And to him, having easy access to the mansion was the pinnacle of human achievement. The whole idea of the playboy mansion was to be cool. Look, there are hot and cold running women here. Just be cool. Paul snider didn't know how to do that. And he knew that Dorothy was his meal ticket. Who was gonna give him access to anything? He looked like a putz. I mean he had the fur coats all the way to the floor. The chains, the silk black shirts, I mean, he was such a cartoon character. Paul was offensive. Paul was also -- he looked small-time. He dressed small-time. He sounded small-time. He acted small-time. And hef didn't. Dorothy made this incredible impression. Everybody loved her. And almost everyone was universally put off by Paul. He was a wheeler-dealer, a very obvious one. Hefner took one look at snider. And one word came into his mind. Pimp. That was the dirtiest word you could say at the playboy mansion. The mansion was that Friday night party that you need to be at with the greatest movie stars and the greatest cars and the greatest credits and the most indulgent egos. It's Hollywood. It's everything you think it is. It was grandiose. And it was glamorous. It's flashy. People are drinking a lot and hob-nobbing with a lot of celebrities and a lot of directors. Bill Cosby was always there. Johnny Carson was there, robin Williams. Why'd he have great parties? Beautiful broads. They're coming up here for the girls. There was a grotto famously where young women would come. And men would sit in this hot tub. And it's kind of like this sybaritic place you can go and have fun and act like a hedonist. Even for me, it was like, "Holy mackerel, this is wild to me." So can you imagine Dorothy coming into that situation. While Hugh Hefner himself would deny that it was this licentious palace, it was in fact a place where men could meet women and have sex. I can remember Paul feeling inadequate when he was at the playboy mansion and feeling I'm part of it now. But in reality you're looking only through a gate. Paul snider fits into the playboy mansion like a pair of brown shoes in a room full of tuxedoes. "Hey, hef, got this idea. Isn't this great? I got that idea." I'm sure that he was trying to do that. Hef was kind of rolling his eyes to himself and going, "God, I got to listen to this guy." But he was polite. Dorothy was a ticket to something that he wanted. It was a connection with Hollywood. It was a connection with playboy. It was a connection with celebrity. Paul was a weak man. Paul couldn't take it. Paul had to be more. Paul seemed to be like a promoter. He had done, like, a Farrah Fawcett lookalike contest, or a John travolta lookalike contest. I got a call from Paul. And he said, "Max." He said, "I have an idea for and I'd like to talk to you about it." And I said, "What is this about?" And he said, "Well, this is about male dancers." I said, "Dancers. What kind of dancers?" He said, "Male strippers." I said, "Is this for, like, a gay joint or something like that?" He says, "No, no, no." He says, "I'll talk to you about it when I get there." He was the founder, or had the idea of chippendale's, which at the time was a great idea. And the fact that the chippendale dancers have the cuffs and collars that are exactly the same as the playboy bunnies came directly from Paul. Because Dorothy was working as a bunny at the playboy club. Paul was one of those kind of idiot savants. He knew what people liked. He was a pretty good promoter. And that was the only good idea that I ever heard him say. It was a monumental success. He had a gift. He had a lot of gifts. Paul was not a soft banana. But also you have to understand that just having the idea is different than bringing the idea off. It went nowhere under his guidance. But then of course became huge, huge business for chippendale's. The partners that he was involved with took the idea, liked the idea, and then kicked him out of it. So he said that he got ripped off on that. He wanted to win. He just didn't know how to win. And that's why he used other people. It didn't take a rocket scientist to see that this was a sleazy guy. You got the heebie-jeebies. He was creepy. He would be in the grotto trying to make out with other girls. And you have the most beautiful girl at the mansion. And you're a scumbag. Security caught him with another girl. So they kicked him off the property. And the only time he could come up is if it was with her, otherwise he wasn't allowed. In the movie "Star 80," the scene that sticks with me the most is the moment that they walk into the mansion and him being so out of place and so oblivious to being out of place, and so wanting to be accepted there. God, I feel heffy and I are old friends, you know. I think we even have some mutual buddies. Is telly at this bash? Telly? Telly savales, hes an old pal. I've seen that guy a million times. They will do anything to get this thing. It's just this raw hunger. And there are no boundaries. That is always a dangerous The fact of the matter is "Playboy" magazine and Hollywood and all kinds of industries need people like him. He was a guy out there, bottom-feeding and getting people that he ended up bringing to the playboy mansion. And the playboy mansion then basically said, "Thanks, we'll take it from here." When hef introduced her a real money manager and took the ability of him to have the checkbook away, it really affected him. He was not a happy camper. So Paul was left out. Paul was not part of the package. I can remember Paul kind of feeling like Dorothy forgot about him, when he was, when they were up there. Hollywood is clearly trying to saw this guy off the gangplank. He was just a conduit to find her. There was an article saying, the unforgivable sin of Paul was that he was small-time. And that's the theme of the movie "Star 80," he's too small-time, and he knows it, and it makes him crazy, and it leads to Dorothy's destruction.

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{"duration":"8:37","description":"Former Playboy social secretary Alison Reynolds says Snider was caught at the Playboy Mansion with another girl and was kicked out. Hugh Hefner provided Stratten with professional managers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"66382984","title":"As Dorothy Stratten is welcomed into Playboy's world, Paul Snider is left out: Part 4","url":"/2020/video/dorothy-stratten-welcomed-playboys-world-paul-snider-left-66382984"}