Dreams of Being a Mom Shattered

Act 5: Something is wrong with Remee Jo Lee after she takes pills given to her by her baby?s father.
6:35 | 09/27/13

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Transcript for Dreams of Being a Mom Shattered
Is that if -- friends here. Many Joseph -- her lifelong goal was to be a mom is our little baby yeah. And Wednesday morning. Not because it was Andrews but it was my baby as well. Part of me. She was seven weeks pregnant bearing the child in the manager dreams remember -- was behind. And -- -- that pill and everything wasn't fine anymore. Describe what you're feeling. I went from being. Pregnant and sick. With you know morning sickness to a horrible pain. Like someone hit -- debating and in my stomach. What did you think was happening to us I had eaten something bad and then when she knows this was something worse the next -- made -- sick of his blood. What issue then I had to go to hospital I had to save -- Life and I was hoping for any that there are some tips that happens you can -- with the doctor Centene. This pregnancy is overt. I don't -- Andrew and told them until he gave her was among -- a -- but -- quickly learned it was something else. And you knew it was something. Did you look at them -- you pull them back. Janet relative feminist -- scratched off in my eight. This is when the nightmare began at style it's just want it became very -- -- some consider that. The next time she speaks to -- -- was from her hospital -- Only this time the authorities are listening in on the call. The -- -- and Andrew takes the bait. And is hoping that would in no way was he involved and when did she finally realized that. In fact he -- he told me. -- -- he -- he told me what the medication wise and it was cited. Excited that the drug and you had admitted to giving -- is ordinarily prescribed to prevent stomach ulcers. But it's also known to cause miscarriages. And a deadly warnings are clearly stated on its packaging and warnings and Jewish kid from -- -- -- Apologize to -- -- it is the most horrible person. Explain how powerful it is clear that group is his voice telling municipal -- historian -- doesn't -- And George -- Into not only betrayed -- he -- treat his own family. After his father perform that prenatal exam on -- and who would steal a page from the doctor's prescription pad. Grammys attorney Gil Sanchez. John Andrew then apparently walks in with this forged prescription. Hands it over to the individual in the pharmacy so he forged a prescription. Scratched off the markings at the -- attack -- to make them look to Barack delivered these pills to -- And instructed her to take -- He did all of those things. Andrew's father doctor Weldon said he was blind sided and devastated by his son's actions he and his wife -- spoke up for the first time telling us this was not the Andrew they knew. It's. Tragic and it's totally. -- -- -- -- kind of person you describe them for people who haven't met Andrew what kind of young man as he he has been singularly. The most -- and thoughtful. Compassionate. -- all of my children. Loving caring about other people who. And I think that's why he wanted to go into medicine. -- Devastating. The will -- say they were surprised by something else. They had met -- only once and thought Andrew was destined to marry someone else -- had dated a young woman Tara Tara. For a long time. Yes he was planning to marry her did she have hopes and dreams of having a family and the sound. Do you think -- get that chance again. -- That chance AT and lawyers and their son -- once promising medical student was charged with murder -- -- -- -- he pled guilty to tampering with a consumer product and mail fraud charges that will likely landed in prison for nearly fifteen years while Andrew awaits sentencing he's confined to a very strict house arrest. It has more than just a routine house arrest. It to put bars up from a one deadbolt lock on his bedroom. He has an ankle monitor -- we have to. On the guards present 24 hour of the day. In support of their son the Weldon has burned through their life savings. Half a million dollars -- a lot of from page 401. -- -- until now we are aware of every benefit but -- talked about doing service news and I'm 66 years old and fifteen years and we've been here. Andrews' attorney is Tom Foster. -- a stupid tragic. Unbelievably. Regrettable decision on his part he's admitted what he did. And to he's going to be punished. Grannies lawyer says the punishment doesn't fit the crime. Andrew Wheldon -- -- -- and under the unborn victims of violence act. But that's the law and not in place in Florida and Randy wants to change -- I will not back down I'm here for myself to do for all of the other victims to spread awareness and help prevent this from happening there. -- -- Renny says that it's the support of her scrambling and it's helped her through this. I mean one thing we -- you remain very very magically CF hundred content. -- -- -- -- He had -- a very wonderful loving family. And is -- thinks about it Andrew's she still hurt her by the man she loved him. It's amazing how this it's very it's terrible -- thing happening. This girl from news that home -- for the wrong and. Tonight that wrong man Andrew -- still remains under house arrest you'll find out his sentence this coming December.

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{"id":20404032,"title":"Dreams of Being a Mom Shattered","duration":"6:35","description":"Act 5: Something is wrong with Remee Jo Lee after she takes pills given to her by her baby?s father.","url":"/2020/video/dreams-mom-shattered-20404032","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}