'Duck Dynasty' Cast Talks Sex Appeal, Becoming Reality Royalty

Part 5: The Robertson clan talks to Barbara Walters about how their reality TV show has affected them.
3:00 | 12/19/13

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Transcript for 'Duck Dynasty' Cast Talks Sex Appeal, Becoming Reality Royalty
We're back, and the list continues with the most wanted man in the world. Just who is edward snowden? And why are people saying such terrible things about him? Imagine a future where there is no privacy, where big brother is a reality, where the government knows where you are, what you're doing, who you're talking to, and uses that information to track dissent. Edward snowden says that future is now. My name's ed snowden. I'm 29 years old. I work as an infrastructure analyst for nsa. A high-school dropout and computer whiz, he was living in what he calls paradise -- hawaii -- with a job that put him at the heart of the national security administration's vast and secret surveillance network. You recognize that some of these things are actually abuses. Snowden felt he had to speak out. He released hundreds of classified files. Citing the need to find terrorists, the nsa was spying on brazil, india, france, germany, the u.N., and most of central america. In the u.S., The nsa was collecting data from hundreds of millions of phone records and from skypes and chats and e-mails. In fac practically every american who had a cellphone or went online was being monitored. Even if you're not doing anything wrong, you're being watched and recorded. The story exploded across the world. Edward snowden... Snowden... Snowden... Walters: Snowden knew what would happen next. Edward snowden now officially charged with espionage. I think he's a traitor. People may die as a consequence of what this man did. Walters: Snowden had already fled the u.S. And an international game of cat and mouse began. He hid out in hong kong, asked over 20 countries for asylum. All refused him. And eventually, he fled to russia. He was finally granted asylum by russian president vladimir putin. ...Snowden. The ironies were abundant. Snowden is residing in the country that inspired big brother. His benefactor, vladimir putin, has told him that he has to stop talking about the united states if he wants to stay. And it's not at all clear that americans mind being surveilled. After all, amazon tracks our purchases, yahoo reads our e-mails, and google knows our politics. So, does it matter if the government watches us, too? This is the truth. This is what's happening. You should decided whether we need to be doing this. Edward snowden thinks it does. The question is, do we? A confession. I live in manhattan. I don't have a lot of experience with ducks. I don't feel the need to call them and I certainly wouldn't know what to do if they answered my call. But I do get the appeal of the family behind the blockbuster television series, "duck dynasty" because they put the real in reality tv. Fire in the hole. What happened? What do you think? Go ahead, red. Walters: You might think "duck dynasty", the hit cable reality series, is just about some bumbling bayou brothers in louisiana who hunt ducks. but it's really about family... Are y'all having fun yet? No! No! No! No! ...Faith... Father, bless my friends, my family... Walters: ...And, oh, yeah -- facial hair. Lots of facial hair. Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. the show follows the antics of the robertson clan -- patriarch phil, wife kay, sons willie, jase, and jep, their wives, and, of course, uncle si. I just want y'all to know, hey, I am armed and considered dangerous. Walters: So, si, you are the breakout star of the series. Do you think it's your sex appeal? oh, lordy. Well, I don't see it as that, but the only way I can describe to you, okay, is -- look, I'm like a rosebud. I'm in the process of blooming. Si, you ain't no rosebud. You're like a prune. I'm like a rosebud, son. Hey, all the women prove that. That's why they want to marry me. go! Walters: They all work at the family business, duck commander... ...Making and selling duck calls. Walters: Tell me why you need a duck call. Why can't you just go, "quack, quack"? I don't know. That may not bring a duck in. I was a little bit miffed that phil skipped our interview because of hunting season. I told him I didn't ever plan to die between november and january because he may not be at my funeral. Tell him I never been superceded by a duck before. Siblings si and phil grew up dirt poor, living off the land, hunting and fishing. Phil married kay when she was just 16 and he started the family business in 1972. Four sons and 34 years later, the robertson men threw away their razors and willie took over as ceo. You are the one who had the vision that the family could be reality stars, yes? I thought we had a knack. Korie's always the one who said we were interesting. We don't see it in our own family. I don't see it as much as what she saw, like, when she married in. It was like, "y'all aren't right. You're not normal." Y'all are not right. I was kind of the reality-show fan. And, yeah, I said, "y'all aren't normal. Y'all could do this." And sure enough, it all worked out. What? Man: Crap! Walters: That's an understatement. The show is the top-rated non-scripted series of all time. The robertson empire includes over 2,000 products from underwear to recliners to chia pets. The familyor net wth is estimated to be over $80 million. One of the reasons that people love you is that you are down-to-earth, not materialistic. But now you have all this money. What I said when we started this out was, "if it changes us, any of the family, in a bad way, I hope we lose it all." Look, we're not stupid, okay? Now, we've been poor, okay? We've been rich. Rich is better. Yeah. okay? You know what I mean? I'm being honest about this, okay? And we actually brought you a little something today. We did. A duck call? We did. Yeah! We brought you a little something. So you don't have to say "quack, quack" anymore. Walters: Oh, good. Yes. and this one is pink... Oh, this is a duck call? ...With your name on it. So... Oh, this is very fancy. But I have the wrong side. there you go. So far, not so good. That's a common mistake. Common mistake. Okay, so, here I go. oh! My god. this would bring a gorilla. That's an aggressive duck. That's real aggressive. I want to thank you. I have never been given a beautiful duck call before. Aww. Kay: It'll be pretty on your shelf. I'm very touched. I'm very touched. Thank you for being on with us. Happy holidays to you. Happy holidays. Thank you.

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{"id":21272194,"title":"'Duck Dynasty' Cast Talks Sex Appeal, Becoming Reality Royalty","duration":"3:00","description":"Part 5: The Robertson clan talks to Barbara Walters about how their reality TV show has affected them.","url":"/2020/video/duck-dynasty-cast-talks-sex-appeal-reality-royalty-21272194","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}