Family, friends remember Belinda Temple and her unborn child

Belinda Temple, the Texas mother eight-months pregnant with her second child, was found shot dead in her bedroom closet on Jan. 11, 1999.
4:22 | 11/01/19

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Transcript for Family, friends remember Belinda Temple and her unborn child
I always had a smile on our place. And she loved life. People Melinda was very friendly and sweet sweet sweet person and variants office we just clicked immediately and those. Quite contented. And a little bit strong willed countries. Find energetic. Effervescent competitive. She lost in the dream she just filmed a home free with providing teen spirit that listen. Here infighting. And welcoming. And we spent a lot of time together kids and husbands were gone. And we had small children. You have to be very special person to beat coach's box not everybody's got out her dad and especially if you have small children it's if you're practically a single month you're hearing the Lothian. At this same time dated it felt luck has a very elite his wife Belinda is now teaching special and at his summer on the monarchy high school. We're struggling then many different. She is appearing nurturing laughing I understand team. Energetic teacher. Students lobster we should villain that are under way and we. Treat your wife and daughter and she says she was so couples it's easy to it was staring cheat on their daughter. Danny and most had daughters'. And in this age. And lately they were not term. School years. Under. We caught her eye sunshine lady she Woodson cute little. Emails to teachers at the one thing she might have loved even more than that was being a mom if she was. Jerry carrying the money went and then after for the day at work no matter how Tara she let every day they would be playing in the drive away. And she it was pretty consistent. She was vary. Tenant and Cary compassionate. Fun. To his season incredible mother she was. House parent. And endless everything to her as she did everything for him as we started to keep. Know each other we we and our kids on the same day here. And that I just look around water so that you just have split and asking him. What's different cleanup of a play date every Wednesday with our kids at McDonald's they witty play and we district you know talk. It's summer of 1998. And the Linda Klein Dallas TX. Standing her elderly aids initiative and now. She she. We were just ran out because she was having hello Carl. And she was so excited about an Angel girl. Poland's home wanted to little girl's cheek as for Allen dressed. And I asked her but the names and she wanted him with all the eased her son's innocent and the navy's girl's name was supposed to be era and not just up with an acute. She went ahead he and prepared to program. Four cairn scene painted she did everything in the room herself. She left raggedy Ann and he hands. She African me. Had seen some scary and I locked in winner street and is a beautiful bright yellow and had asked her at that time. When the baby was doing and two cent about a month. Whole family was X siren welcome a baby girls. Us it's keep in mind Templeton and we were all boys there were no girls. He today in the temple family. This was going to be a first.

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{"duration":"4:22","description":"Belinda Temple, the Texas mother eight-months pregnant with her second child, was found shot dead in her bedroom closet on Jan. 11, 1999.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"66684087","title":"Family, friends remember Belinda Temple and her unborn child","url":"/2020/video/family-friends-remember-belinda-temple-unborn-child-66684087"}