Farm in US Bible Belt Hosts 'Christian Broadway'

Part 8: Thousands flock to Branson, Missouri every week to watch Bible stories come alive on stage
6:29 | 12/21/12

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Transcript for Farm in US Bible Belt Hosts 'Christian Broadway'
Our journey through the old testament has taken us from the barren deserts of the bible lands to the lush farm country of the bible belt. Just outside branson, missouri, we took a turn on shepherd of the hills expressway. We're approaching this massive building. It's the sight and sound theater. A replica of something that might have been in the ancient east during biblical time. broadway. ♪ and nine times a week, every week, thousands of people come from across the country to watch their favorite bible stories come alive. This season, abraham's great-grandson joseph is center stage. What most people probably immediately would think is "joseph and the amazing tech technicolor dreamcoast." Less coat more joseph? The show is not about the coat it's been forgiveness and that's at the heart of salvation itself. At sight and sound they say the mission is selling this mission not just tickets although this season alone joseph has grossed almost $40 million. We don't do it for the pocketbook, we do it because believe he message of jesus christ. Is it evangelizing? Absolutely. Everybody from the stagehands to leader actors is christian. Before every performance they pray together. We seek the lord in prayer. What is the story you think is relevant to today? But also the stories in the bible are rich with the twists and turns and drama that we're all looking for, particularly the epic stories of the old testament. Take a seat. They are cushioned here at sight and sound. That is nice. These are the most comfortable rocks. That's right. I got a behind the scenes tour from joseph himself. You are not just playing joseph, your name is joseph, right? Joey? Joey, joseph. Joey believes that like joseph from the bible god has plain for him, too. My mom had a child and he passed and my mom woke up in the middle of the night and said god told her she would restore the son she lost and that she should name him joseph. And now I'm in my first sight and sound show playing joseph. It's definitely one divine appointment after another i believe god set up. Blessed be the god of abraham, isaac and -- me. Joey doesn't play joseph every night. Sight and sound has multiple casts for their multiple productions but they all perform with equal passion and faith. The biblical joseph is one of jacob's 12 sons. And he's clearly his father's favorite. Good night my precious joseph. And this makes joseph's brothers hate him. Trying to take my place as first born -- you're already father's favorite. And it gets worse when joseph reams that he thinks are messages from god and brags about it. Then I was raised up and all your sheep bowed down to me. Oops. Inner family dynamics at work that created this boibling point. Like many modern families. Right. And the brothers give in to their jealousies and fears. God has delivered joseph into her hands, we can kill him. But in a distinctly biblical way. You lied. You strayed from god -- throw him in! They got joseph in that pit screaming help, help, they are ng lunch. Pass the goat cheese. I mean, they could care -- they are happy as can be. That's why I love the bible, warts and all. Not a book that glosses. Just tells it as it is. We come with a great bargain. The chance to get money makes the brothers think twice, so instead of killing joseph, they sell him to the slave traders who take him off to egypt. And this is where sight and sound pulls out all of the stops. To transport their audience to a bie-based storybook version of ancient egypt with everything you might imagine there to be. Deserts, pyramids and of course, camels. Even though no one is quite sure when camels first came to egypt. We have two right here. Wow. They are in the show. Let's see the camel. Can I give him a kiss? He won't bite my face off? Those are serious teeth in there. They can clamp down. Let me see your teeth. Vividly capturing the sweeping and melodramatic twists of fate in joseph's story in the bible. He goes from being an egyptian slave and prisonering to the pharaoh's second in command. I put you in charge of the entire land of egypt. That's because he correctly interprets the fay ro's dreams and thus saves egypt from a devastating famine. And being a man of god he forgives the brother whose left him for dead. Brothers! I forgive you. The truth and the principles of the story are so powerful and so basic to humanity. Do you believe this really happened? Absolutely. I do. Faith is believing in something that you cannot see. But as we're about to discover, there may be some parts of the joseph story that you can see.

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{"id":18042291,"title":"Farm in US Bible Belt Hosts 'Christian Broadway'","duration":"6:29","description":"Part 8: Thousands flock to Branson, Missouri every week to watch Bible stories come alive on stage","url":"/2020/video/farm-us-bible-belt-hosts-christian-broadway-18042291","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}