Florida police arrest Ted Bundy, who initially refuses to reveal his identity: Part 8

Once in custody, Bundy told officers he was an FSU student named Kenneth and gave them a stolen driver's license.
7:58 | 02/16/19

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Transcript for Florida police arrest Ted Bundy, who initially refuses to reveal his identity: Part 8
From New York faces VA BC weekend you. For young women were beaten with a club and two of them were strangled to death last night by a man who found his victim's sleeping in this sorority house. I was leaving. The sorority house driving. And Mike. Call over the radio that Theres an investigator that wants to talk to me from out west. I talked to the investigator and I wrote down a name that he gave me that he thought maybe I should look into. That name one of those. Ted Bundy. But obviously I didn't think that was possible the MO of abduction in a car didn't fit. BMO. Of potentially a abducting. Some person and taking them somewhere here perhaps in the woods on murdering them that didn't fit in. So what we had was fresh. Murder in a house. So I was somewhat dismissive. When I was at a more can and I looked at the bodies. Lawn police that Levy there was they might laughed and it was very important. Person. Police believe he just once please. And then went back can build a second. Almost an exactly is going to. I mean it was done so perfectly. That I. Just believed in my heart that it was a signature. About three weeks after the tire million attacks in Tallahassee. There comes word from lake city that's about ninety miles east of Tallahassee. Junior high school student Kimberly Leach. Has disappeared during the middle of the school that. It was raining drizzly very dreary day I went into our designated spot to meet up. To go to our next class together and she wasn't there we need him. Something was wrong Kim was not a student has skipped class and to leave campus I mean we were twelve and she was very shy. There was firefighter who was coming home and he saw that my hand walking across. Kim all and he assumed and then use a father. Police are urging anyone with any information about Kimberly Leach to contact them as soon as possible. In Pensacola. A month after the coming new taxes this man is arrested. On a traffic stop. He all sure made a stop because of the unusual behavior of the Volkswagen. He walked up to the vehicle. But then it crackles over the radio that this is a stolen vehicle. The officer and they have widening calendar. Honestly I was put in place in the handcuffs only taken a big belt economy and struck me was I handcuff the have been placed one risk. Not milk coffee and that's when it started to plan following. You wanna have pedestal with some actors got this round. More are coming right here that's where you're hitting with a pistol barrel straight on. He spends a couple of days stonewalling the police. Who is this man. He refused to give his name to authorities and then told his arresting officer that he would probably get a promotion for nabbing him. They find out who it is driver's licenses and who is the car he's driving doesn't belong to him he's just this mystery guy. Two people who want most and know who he is our Tallahassee detective Steve Bodiford and Don Padgett. But I've sat there with him gave him his rights. Asking his answers and it was kind of started. When we're due to VW problems. He's in us going from an officiated. The solar Valdez credit cards I got amounts of people who live here next Dorian name. Omega house. The mystery man will be kept behind bars for three more weeks before returning to court to at a replaced official say by then they hope to know who he ends. He says to the police and I'll tell you who I am just let me make phone song and he calls his old girlfriend Liz clip from. I describe telephone call. Receive these kids that he was in custody he repeated over and over again and this was really going to be bad thing broke into listen to break until tomorrow morning in the past it is going to be. Really anything. He finally tells officers. I am Ted Bundy. His name is zero Monday that he wanted for questioning and 363 Theodore Monday one of the FBI's ten most wanted to send custody in Pensacola. As a suspect in last month's end. When he was apprehended in in my custody he would laugh and say bowl cam the evidence is there. You just couldn't find it. But I did them. We have the bite marks that night would from the Morton. I'm virtually wouldn't sleep thinking how can I get an impression from. We can't answer his mouth we can't remove. Unless we have a search warrant. -- We obtain the search warrants in order to come here. On the east cease to be up by more that was left only sleep. I went late at night to his. And I said did your coming with me we took him to my dentist's office now. He started immediately saying you can't do this again. You can't do this without my attorney and I said yes I can't but I want you to listen carefully because it says. From the judge that we can use force. He looked at me you could see he'd resign. Him just his whole body language why he sat down in the dental chair. Leaned back opened his mouth and says few. Weeks you have to do scanner. You know I'm not a violent person. 80 are. When April and about two months after she wins Kimberly Diane English her money was unknown. The murder. You've been placed and they flew into Sheehan and Hong command. In this community here. One and usually are. You don't understand. Even when you hear that detail as you can't comprehend it has been a twelve year old and this is your classmate. Who was. Just innocent. A lake city grand jury issued a sealed indictment which presumably names Monday for the murder of twelve year old Kimberly Diane leaps. The evidence against him in the Kimberly Leach case. Ranged from eyewitness testimony of people seeing him grabbing her fibers. Receipts. Location. Was putting together pieces of a. Puzzle we're starting to put all this together and were. Tying it up and what appears to be now one bundle. Already two dozen law enforcement agencies have told Pensacola police that they want to talk with funding the walls are clearly closing in on ten OK you don't indict. Talk again. Ted Bundy the master manipulator and makes a move that no one thought discovered. Come home yeah. Wounds and two million emotionless. Attorneys are thinking what's wrong. I.

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{"duration":"7:58","description":"Once in custody, Bundy told officers he was an FSU student named Kenneth and gave them a stolen driver's license.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"61111428","title":"Florida police arrest Ted Bundy, who initially refuses to reveal his identity: Part 8","url":"/2020/video/florida-police-arrest-ted-bundy-initially-refuses-reveal-61111428"}