Gary Condit's Secret Affair with Chandra Levy

Act 1: An affair with an intern, a CIA leak and greed put these political scandals on the countdown.
10:09 | 11/13/13

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Transcript for Gary Condit's Secret Affair with Chandra Levy
dim sum! Bert, we're getting dim sum! What would olivia do with the juiciest political scandals of the century? The real ones? I have not been a perfect man? I was an imperfect messen jer. An outrageous top ten list of the bad boys list. The real olivia pope. Sex is pretty big in washington. So who makes the cut? Someone speak, please. Weiner's selfies. What dude doesn't know what he looks like in the mirror. Come on. If you look at it long enough it's a little terrifying. Wait. He's talking about john edwards' baby mama, an immaculate conception. I know that this child is not mine. What about larry craig, the cop and the bathroom bust. I am not gay. You got a wife. Occasionally you're going to meet people that way. I am a gay american. News to his wife. But then a lot is news to these ladies. It hit me like a ton of bricks. It was also on so many levels. Tonight, sex, spies, greed and coverups, yep, just another day in washington. If you say so. Here's nick watt. You were expecting olivia pope. This is her conference room and the set of scandal. Tonight we have the reality. Some of the terrible truths that inspired some of that fabulous fiction. You would have thought that people learned from bill and monica's not so excellent adventure last century, but no, they haven't zippered up. They haven't smartened up. Here are our winners. Reporter: In at number ten. We have the one and only gary condit. My personal favorite. This sun-tanned california congressman's career was blooming like a d.C. Cherry tree in the spring of '01. Until the young intern he was having a secret affair with just plain disappeared. He is having an affair with an intern at the same time she goes missing. It's like, not just a sex scandal. It's also a murder scandal. Reporter: Security camera tapes from chandra's building had been erased, and the cops accidentally fried the hard drive on her computer. They bungled the investigation so they focused on gary condit. Reporter: Chandra was just 24-years-old, a couple of years older than condit's own daughter. It didn't look good. He didn't look good. He's really bad at looking innocent. He's better at seeming guilty. Reporter: This terrible tale mirrors a plot line on "scandal." You had sex more times than the public knows about with a 21-year-old intern. Reporter: In real life, chandra's desperate parents hired crisis manager judy smith, the real-life inspiration for scandal's olivia pope. You want finding your child to be top priority. Some of his actions gave people the impression that he was not being forthcoming, and he had something to hide. Turning up the heat on congressman gary condit. Condit in the category of possible suspect. A coward at worst, he's guilty of something. He makes o.J. Look innocent, doesn't he? Reporter: Meanwhile, team condit took a huge gamble. Gary condit breaks his silence. Tonight, connie chung with the first interview. Congressman condit, do you know what happened to chandra levy? No, I do not. He felt as if I was, uh, you know, interrogating him under a hot light. In many ways I was. May I ask you, was it a sexual relationship? Connie, I've been married for 34 years and I've not been a perfect man. Reporter: This imperfect man never actually answered that question. Connie chung said the interview was hard ball and it look like dodge ball to me. Reporter: Then connie asked him point blank -- did you kill chandra levy? I did not. I've never seen a man look so guilt. Larry king interviewed gary condit. Listen to this. Larry king is missing. An adulterer and in the minds of many, a murder suspect. Condit was totally innocent. The fbi's investigator, brad garrett believed him even if few others did. It was my belief that he probably had nothing to do with what happened to her. Reporter: It didn't matter. Condit lost the democratic primary in his district and he was out of congress. Seven long years later, this ran, a random stranger was convicted of chandra levy's murder. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Gary condit has never again held political office. He and his wife stayed together and opened two baskin robbins ice cream stores in arizona but was sued by the franchise for breach of contract. In 2010 he tried to help his son run for congress. He lost. I've not been a perfect man. Reporter: Imagine that. Moving on to number nine it's valerie plame. I had the best job. I loved what I did. I was so proud to serve my country. Reporter: Valerie was an undercover cia spy until someone blew her cover because they were mad at her husband. It just felt like I had been sucker punched. I was concerned about whom I had worked with over the years because they were in jeopardy. Reporter: It was 2002 and everyone was talking saddam. Did he have weapons of mass destruction, nukes. Some said he was buying uranium from africa. The documents around it were forged and he comes back and says this to the bush administration and they go shove off. Totally ignored joe wilson because they wanted to build a case for war. The british government learned that saddam hussein caught significant quantities from africa. There was in uranium or nukes and joe wilson went public with his side of the story. He wrote that intelligence had been manipulated. Reporter: Someone started saying that valerie plame was in the cia. They said your wife is in the cia. Let's talk about that. That's illegal. To expose her shows how angry and vindictive they could be. It was an abuse of power. My husband spoke truth to power at a time when that was unpopul unpopular. Reporter: They left washington for santa fe. Just last month plame wrote a spy thriller. Can an outed former spy for the cia collect unemployment? I did not receive unemployment. I'm not sure what I would put on the application. Reporter: Coming in at number eight, rod blagojevich the man with the lego figure hairdo and a brass neck. He did it the chicago way, and wound up in the jailhouse. In 2008 when barack obama was elected president, blago -- the governor of illinois had the honor of filling his empty senate seat. And blago decided he would sell that senate seat. I mean I've got this thing and it's golden. I'm just not giving it up for nothing. Reporter: These are actual wire taps of blago chatting with his chief of staff. Here's the immediate challenge. How do we take some financial pressure off our family here? Okay? Amy is going to college in six years and we can't afford it. Reporter: He talked about an exchange for a fancy pants job. You don't believe I can be ambassador to india? No. Or the court of st. James. How about russia? No. Reporter: The feds swooped in. Rod blagojevich has taken us to a new low. Reporter: New low? Just wait til you see what else is on our list. We love him! Reporter: Blago was bleating his innocence on any show that would have him. It's bleeping golden, I'm just not giving it up for bleeping nothing. I wish they would allow this impeachment trial to allow me to bring the evidence to show the evidence of exactly what those conversations were. Reporter: If you believed him. Therefore rod r. Blagojevich is removed from the office of governor of the state of illinois, effective immediately. Reporter: Still, blago soldiered on. Yup, even singing elvis with fabio. And chatting with dave. Well, I've wanted to be on your show in the worst way for the longest time. Well, you're on my show in the worst way. He thought and with some justification he was charming enough he could just get his way out of it, through his winning personality. Reporter: Even on the stand, he utterly charmed the jury. We had to put aside the fact of whether we liked him or didn't like him. Reporter: But there was that pesky proof. I mean I -- I've got this thing and it's golden. Reporter: Blagojevich was convicted on corruption, sentenced to 14 years behind bars. His political career and his tv career were over.

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