'General Hospital': The Musical

Part 6: Rick Springfield and Ricky Martin -- plus the songs that "GH" made into hits.
4:59 | 04/06/13

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Transcript for 'General Hospital': The Musical
Tonight, on "wedding confidential" with the wedding season already moving quickly downed aisle, couples saying no thanks to old-fashioned weddings and "i do" to taking it to a whole new level. Plus -- she vowed to love, honor, cherish and lie? The bride who said she had terminal cancer to get her man to say "i do." If I didn't have some way to get his attention, that's it. Isn't there any other way to get attention besides telling him you're dying of cancer? She also tried this. Scammed at the altar. Plus -- when the day you'll always remember moments you would like to forget. We are not getting married here. The hot mess express. And his day, too. They're worse than a bridezilla. Or I will gut you. Groomzillas. "Wedding confidential." Here's barbara walters. Good evening. It's the first weekend in april and wedding season is just getting started.

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{"id":18898754,"title":"'General Hospital': The Musical","duration":"4:59","description":"Part 6: Rick Springfield and Ricky Martin -- plus the songs that \"GH\" made into hits.","url":"/2020/video/general-hospital-musical-18898754","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}