Ex-girlfriend of DJ charged in teacher killing says she 'can't believe it': Part 5

Emily Noble dated Raymond Rowe for about a year in the mid-'90s and when she heard he was charged with criminal homicide, she said, "I'm shocked, but I'm not surprised."
5:55 | 10/06/18

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Transcript for Ex-girlfriend of DJ charged in teacher killing says she 'can't believe it': Part 5
Reporter: Lancaster, Pennsylvania, a city coming to grips with the realization that the man accused of the horrific rape and murder of Christy mirack has been living among them. He had played at their weddings, their kids' elementary school parties, their high school graduation dances. The arrest in Ms. Mirack's case was big. The fact that dj freeze is accused of killing her, that made it off the charts. Nobody saw that coming. When you started learning more about what his life was like, what was your reaction? I couldn't believe it, that this person, who supposedly committed this crime, is living his life the way he lived his life. Still can't believe it. Reporter: And a part of this that strikes me as ironic is, he spent all of his time in the middle of peoples' celebration of the milestones of their life. And yet, if he is the person that did this, he didn't give Christy that same chance. No, not at all. He was out there living his life longer than she lived her life, doing what he was doing. If Raymond Rowe did do this, it almost seems like he was taunting, or enjoying the fact that he got away with killing her. He wasn't hiding. Reporter: For that tight-knit professional wedding community, it is utter disbelief. The dj and friend they have been working side by side with is now being charged with criminal homicide. I think everybody in Lancaster was shocked by the news that ray was arrested and his DNA was found, everybody knew him and his family. When I got the phone call that he had been arrested for this crime, I believe my first words were, "I'm shocked, but I'm not surprised." Reporter: Emily noble dated Raymond Rowe in 1996, four years after the murder of Christy, while they both worked at the chameleon club. Noble looking eerily similar to mirack. I met him for the first time when I began waiting tables. Cocktail waitressing, actually. He was sort of the house dj. He was very shy. Everyone knew who he was, because he had made a good name for himself in our little small town. Reporter: The two shared a love of rap music. A favorite, the sugar hill gang, one of the soundtracks for their courtship. ?????? When we first started dating, it was fun. It was exciting. It was dangerous. He was married. He was the cool dj. After we kind of had settled into our relationship, he became very jealous. He became very possessive. Reporter: Although Emily said he wasn't violent, he became controlling and emotionally abusive. Would just quietly say, "You're worthless." Those red flags started to come up more often. The insults, the putdowns, the controlling behavior. Reporter: Emily says Rowe hated that she smoked and once caught her sneaking a cigarette. He caught me smoking, and sort of drug me back inside from outside, reading me the riot act. Saying, "Since you can't abide by the rules, you're gonna clean the kitchen floor." I felt horrible, I felt demeaned, I felt scared. Reporter: Emily says during an outing at red lobster celebrating mother's day with Rowe's mother and his daughter, she showed up in an outfit that set him off. I had worn sandals with socks out to dinner, and that was something that he totally hated and he sent me to the car to sit in the car while everyone else had dinner. I started thinking about how I was going to exit the relationship at that point. Reporter: Eventually Emily moved away to New Mexico. And when she got the call that Rowe had been arrested decades after the relationship, it gave her chills. So then my mind went to why didn't it happen to me? Would it have happened to me if I had stayed? I truly believe that his relationships with women were not healthy. Reporter: So, was there a relationship between Christy mirack and Raymond Rowe? It's a mystery everyone is trying to unwind. Do you think she knew Raymond Rowe? I don't know. I mean, knowing her and talking about how secure she was, I just felt deep down inside that she knew the person some way or another. She was young, she went out with her friends. He might have been a dj at some place that they went to. Reporter: Investigators hope they will be able to piece together the connection before trial. But even if they can't, they are feeling extremely confident about the DNA evidence. The chances of a randomly selected unrelated person matching this were octillion, septillion, nonillion. I had never heard of those numbers. I am embarrassed to admit that. I had to look them up to see what they were. But the zeroes behind those were between, like, 24, 27 zeroes. Octillion is 1,000 trillion trillion. I can't really conceive of that. Reporter: Rowe is being held without bail. His lawyer did not return "20/20"'s calls asking for comment. Cece Moore says cases like this should put potential criminals on notice. My greatest hope is that we'll start to work as a deterrent. If you're going to commit a violent crime like a rape or murder you're going to leave DNA behind. And if you leave DNA behind, we can find you.

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{"duration":"5:55","description":"Emily Noble dated Raymond Rowe for about a year in the mid-'90s and when she heard he was charged with criminal homicide, she said, \"I'm shocked, but I'm not surprised.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"58317577","title":"Ex-girlfriend of DJ charged in teacher killing says she 'can't believe it': Part 5","url":"/2020/video/girlfriend-dj-charged-1992-teacher-killing-part-58317577"}