'Groovy Project': Music Video Inspires Bullies to Change

Madison Oneida BOCES School took an uncommon approach to an all-too-common problem.
7:20 | 02/07/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Groovy Project': Music Video Inspires Bullies to Change
The Madison Oneida bossi school in upstate New York took an uncommon approach to solving an all too common problem. Not. Bullying. When my colleague came to me and said. We have this production company from New York City that wants to do a music video about anti ability I jumped on the chance yeah. The movie project created by musician vacated Broadway producer Jennifer president -- brought the anti bullying message to this school because. It has the problem under control. But the irony is it has more bullies and most schools anybody would pay -- so -- -- -- school we WHIO. -- Nikkei teaming they've changed why -- the video change things. I think kids actually -- thought -- -- more to video was for what it was a -- And why we did it it change their mindset -- -- changed their ways because of what they thought about and their daughter about Boeing. I think -- read -- beginning of the healing process. And I think that come from the dialogue has created. Kids come here after getting kicked out of their homes schools most for behavioral issues. And for many this is their last resort what did you see with the kids here when he came up. They told us we first -- -- liquid blue bag kids here why -- -- here with us in every time we came we saw that they. -- up a little bit more because they -- believes -- them. And for kids like Chris a little positive attention can go a long way. -- -- And that manager inspired me to do gonna -- school he inspired all of us kids. -- -- -- Armed that we were not normally don't what's the hope for the project that we Iceland's heat spreading that message that you can use your voice and you can see something good -- you can -- -- -- Hey he's not -- -- -- -- A. Please -- yeah. But I think it's -- heated political. -- -- Don't replace its mix of people wouldn't talk about race didn't go around to different people particularly the -- he's just put it I'm going to go from William -- -- a look flammable approximately. -- -- a reasonable -- resistant fuel light resistant people black and resisting gets into the resistant to -- We're looking for -- and Palestinians in. People talking and -- just don't already this isn't talking to someone -- analyses -- -- we hear all the time. It is still -- she will vote. People believe in the debris -- and Washington. He's unbelievable hype and taken away until the court is going to go this indicates only is he must like white people -- -- -- -- until summer. On the steps -- almost no -- -- in the upcoming. It is cowardly supposed to be doing everything -- significantly links between become a dominant enough in this big big gas people on the in addition about collection of people excited to -- the country. Resolution which. -- some totally changed. Gates open -- 260 yeah. All we don't think we'll get home from -- and the world you can kind of schools and what did you -- just imagine -- can I don't have. Boys and girls long enough to change Arnold didn't look for. Just because people did you read it -- you'll have. The Walt don't preach his pregame gold he got -- now he's definitely going to be inclusive every gallon I got to keep kids -- what you Richard did you get. Gritty realism -- minute -- to probably thinks I'm. Fascinating world wouldn't they don't believe you've got my all US BC he thinks it's a rich media group. Don't want to bring -- without all the -- What's so special that you just like the other so different it's going to declared if -- -- Don't forget that gold -- a and a big league -- gave -- its involvement in the parliament jungle but don't we don't. -- from loyalists in Tampa -- keep telling us a lot of overhead there when doctor. You know that people have fun begin to get into I think it's wonderful -- -- -- -- -- Okay.

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{"duration":"7:20","description":"Madison Oneida BOCES School took an uncommon approach to an all-too-common problem.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"18432235","title":"'Groovy Project': Music Video Inspires Bullies to Change","url":"/2020/video/groovy-project-music-video-inspires-bullies-change-18432235"}