Homeowners Feel Trapped by Neighbor's Hostile Holiday Display

Ross Township, Pennsylvania, residents say Bill Ansell is terrorizing them with his anti-Christmas spirit.
5:47 | 12/20/14

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Transcript for Homeowners Feel Trapped by Neighbor's Hostile Holiday Display
Some towns attract big crowds for their incredible Christmas decorations. But this story, a nasty neighbor wrecking the halls instead of decking them. One neighbor called it the Christmas from hell. Here's Debra Roberts with the town that got scrooged. Reporter: 'Twas the week before Christmas and all through the night, the glow of houses blanketed with lights, lights, lights. Bright, dazzling excess. You may think it's over the top unless you've been to this neighborhood in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Home to the modern day scrooge on Fairley road. Bah, humbug. He's an angry person. Any opportunity he has to make our life a hardship, he does. Reporter: He is bill Ansell, an electrician by day who neighbors say uses his skills to terrorize them at night. All year long. Take a look at his holiday horror display. A beheaded choir. A hanging Mickey mouse. Even the jolly old man is being naughty, not nice. And the Santa, the urinating Santa. We tried hard to get that stopped. Does that actually work? Yes. It lights up at night. Reporter: Chris and Joanne Hebda have been staring at this nightmare before Christmas display every day for the last six years. Because Fairley road is a circular street with bill's house smack in the middle. So there's no sense of peace here at all? He gives new definition to the word "Relentless." It almost sounds like you're a hostage in your own home. Exactly! Reporter: The hebdas moved here 30 years ago thinking it was a happy place to raise their kids. Their neighbors did too, until Ansell went all bahumbug on them. Tacked up all over his house are profane personalized signs attacking both the township and the neighbors. How many of you have been the target of these vulgar signs? Show of hands. I believe everybody has. Reporter: What is the worst thing he's said in these signs? We can't even repeat it. Reporter: In fact, some are so perverse we can't even show them to you. This heartless message turned up the day after Tom white's wife died. Why would somebody even do that? Reporter: We wondered the same thing until we stumbled upon a ghost of Christmas past. This display is dedicated to Ross township. Shame on you for destroying my display that brought so much joy and happiness to so many people. It seems that years ago, before all this darkness there was light. Bright lights. Christmas lights. Who'd guess that this happy holiday home was bill Ansel's? Turns out he was a Christmas fanatic. But one Thanksgiving, neighbor, Pam heck asked bill to tone it down a little while her family had dinner. It was very unpleasant between us after that. Reporter: And it went downhill from there. Mm-hmm. Reporter: That was the moment this Christmas tale took a twisted turn. They hated my display. Reporter: He decided to deck the halls with boughs of hatred. Replacing his twinkling lights with flood lights, blasting them nightly into his neighbors' windows. It'll be 3:00 in the morning, and all of the sudden you'll hear bang, bang, bang. And he's underneath a tarp with a sledgehammer, hammering in the middle of the night to wake up the entire neighborhood. Reporter: They're trapped. Friends and family won't visit and they can't even sell their homes. You're a prisoner on your own street. It can come down to a matter just of leave the house empty and move. Reporter: Pam says the stress of it all led to her divorce. It was a strain every day. I would always be saying, "Stand up for me, do something. He's almost hit me today, you know, with his car." Reporter: The residents of Fairley road are at their wits' end. They say they've called police dozens of times, filed multiple lawsuits against Ansell, even tried killing him with kindness. We would take pies over to him. He threw the pies on the street afterwards. Reporter: Now, even the mere sight of her neighbor strikes fear in Joanne Hebda. Oh, there he is. He's coming out. Reporter: We tried approaching Ansell. We want to ask you a couple of questions, bill. Do you have anything to say? Get off my property. Reporter: And he clearly means it. The sign says he'll shoot. Bill, it's Deborah Roberts from ABC news, can I talk to you? His only response was this. Get away from my car! Reporter: He was in no mood to talk. Has the town made any attempt to do anything? Not to our knowledge. We ask them to enforce the code, but so far it hasn't been done. Reporter: They say the town has done nothing more than fine Ansell. But in a statement, Ross township told us, they've taken and will continue to take appropriate legal action. The court order is to clean the debris up in the yard. Reporter: In reply, Ansell has simply ignored the court order. And unlike ebenezer scrooge, there's no happy ending. No Christmas miracle in sight for Fairley road. We decided that we would rent our home for probably way lower than it should be. Reporter: Is it going to be a financial hardship, trying to move? Oh yes. It will. It's a move for our lives. You know, to have normalcy again. Reporter: Can you still enjoy it, the season? Yeah, if you go somewhere else. Yeah, you have to go somewhere else. So, when everything else fails, what would you do? Let us know on Twitter, use #abc2020.

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{"duration":"5:47","description":"Ross Township, Pennsylvania, residents say Bill Ansell is terrorizing them with his anti-Christmas spirit.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"27732147","title":"Homeowners Feel Trapped by Neighbor's Hostile Holiday Display","url":"/2020/video/homeowners-feel-trapped-neighbors-hostile-holiday-display-27732147"}