Inside Paris' Bataclan Concert Hall Attack

Brother of one of the Eagles of Death Metal band members and a concertgoer describe the horrific scene.
11:38 | 11/14/15

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Transcript for Inside Paris' Bataclan Concert Hall Attack
But the most casualties were in a concert hall, the concert had just begun when gunshots rang out. With the capacity of 1,500 people. They had just heard automatic gunfire. The eagles of death metal were playing at the bataclan. Hundreds of fans had gathered when suddenly, three or four gunmen stormed in and started shooting into the crowd. He said they were playing about six songs into the show. Heard automatic machine gunfire, louder than the band. And they all hit the stage floor, they saw men with guns just kind of shooting at anything, and everything. There was a door, back of the stage. That led to a street. And they fled out the back door. Reporter: Witnesses reporting the shooting continued for ten minutes. Some escaping as the gunmen started to reload. Then the shots kept continuing, and I saw people starting to panic. People were running away. And I could see from where I was, from the balcony, downstairs, where the shots had come from. I couldn't see anything, I just heard the shots. And people on the balcony started panicking. That's when I ducked, went behind the seats. And I took my friend's hand, and we made our way to an exit. Reporter: While many escaped, others were trapped behind, held hostage. At the time they started killing individuals, and you know they're killing individuals, you must go in. Reporter: FBI hostage negotiator, Aaron Sanchez. You try to think how many will be saved, and how many more will be threatened. Reporter: Just before midnight, French forces overpowered the gunmen. But not before at least 100 members of the audience were killed. And three of the terrorist, prepared to die tonight. People who were on the scene after they managed to get in called it a blood bath, looked like a war zone. And the decision to go in, they were sure the terrorists were ready to kill. We need to go in and save as many as we can. And we've reported many times on these situations. It's a real struggle, based on the fact that people could lose their lives. And ginny Watson, we're glad you're okay. Can you describe the aftermath inside the concert hall? All I can say is that I was there when it started. I was actually there for the concert. Because the eagles of death metal are a band I really like. And I was there with a friend, we were in the middle of the concert. Then all of a sudden, this huge shootout started. It was a high-pitched shootout. Myself, never being in a shootout in my life, I thought it was a joke. I thought the band was playing a joke on us, and I didn't believe it at first. But then I saw people screaming, and I was on the first floor of the venue. I wasn't down at the bottom. So, I heard all the shots and they were consistent. They were a lot of shots, and didn't stop. And that's when I realized, maybe we have to leave. With my friend, I took her hand, we ducked, hid behind the seats, and managed to, you know, slip away through the safety exit that was near to where we were. There was a panic. But we managed to escape in the street. But there were people wounded, blood, and people had, you know, bullet wounds in their legs. It was, it wasn't nice. We heard one eyewitness in the theater with you in the concert hall with you, describe how the gunmen were going down and executing people one by one. Did you see anything like that? No, that's what's keeping me awake. It's 4:00 A.M. In Paris, and I feel so strange because the weirdest thing is, I didn't panic, I just heard. I didn't see the people. I just heard these consistent gunshots, which were kalashnikovs, like bang, bang, bang. So, no break to reload? Yes, they kept firing. It was obvious, we were in the first floor, the balcony. And it was obvious they were underneath. And I said to my friend, what the hell is that? And she said, I don't know. And we didn't take it seriously. But everybody started panicking, and we realized it was serious, and those shooters were actually, you know, coming up to the first floor as well. And I don't know how, I mean, you know, the universe was in my favor. I managed to escape without being harmed. And I crossed paths with wounded people, a girl with a bullet wound in her thigh. It was horrible. And there have been reports that the gunman, the attackers were shouting as they were inside the concert hall. I'm curious, did you hear them shouting anything? We haven't seen any images from inside the theater, nor do we want to. But do you know how many people they had been able to get to? I don't think anybody was filming, nobody wants to film that. I didn't hear anything, because I was on the first floor. I didn't hear anything, I didn't hear anything, nothing. Nothing like that. All I know is that people were firing guns, and we had to get out. And was it pan demonium to get out? Well, people were crying, but it wasn't like people were getting trampled. I didn't feel trampled or squashed. I just made my way to the safety exit, which I saw, when I was there. And we were all going down the staircase to get out. And at one point, the people down towards the doors, they stopped them for a while, saying they were there. And they opened them like a minute later, and everybody ran out in a panic. We all ran out in different directions. And you know that several people were held hostage, you know how lucky you were that you got out. I know, and people held hostage were people I knew. The person I was with was a friend, and she works in the music industry. And her friends are the people that work there. Since escaping, we've had messages and e-mails and Facebook messages from people trapped in the -- oh, I can't find the word in English. The place where you get changed. Dressing rooms. Exactly. Thank you for joining us. What a frightening ordeal. And we want to apologize for some of the colorful language she used. She was obviously in a frightening situation. And we understand why she's still up at 4:00 A.M. Paris time. I can't imagine anyone in that city sleeping right now. And I want to bring in Louise dewase right now. You heard the explosions, and intelligence officials telling us the S.W.A.T. Teams knew they had to get in there. Reporter: That's correct. I heard about 12 loud bangs. Shortly after, ambulances rushing towards the theater. I was able to follow some of them and I could see firefighters evacuating people from the second floor, taking them to this makeshift hospital in a cafe nearby. And I saw people coming out, looking terrified, with blood on their t-shirts, many on the phone, probably calling re iing relatives. And a sense of tragedy here on the streets of Paris tonight. And we can see the police presence. You've been held back quite a ways earlier. Have you been allowed to get any closer? And have you had any information about what remains inside the concert hall? Do we know anything about the people who were targeted inside? Well, following the terrorist attacks on the "Charlie hebdo" magazine in January, police are extremely careful. And they've closed the entire neighborhood, and no one is allowed to get any closer to the theater. No information at this stage on what is happening right now. We did see, however, some buses early on taking all the people that had been evacuated to a nearby hospital to be taken care of over there. But definitely, a lot of activity on the streets tonight. And hospital workers across

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{"duration":"11:38","description":"Brother of one of the Eagles of Death Metal band members and a concertgoer describe the horrific scene.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"35198843","title":"Inside Paris' Bataclan Concert Hall Attack ","url":"/2020/video/inside-paris-bataclan-concert-hall-attack-35198843"}