Jackson family finds death of Tito Jackson's ex-wife suspicious: Part 3

In March 1997, Don Bohana was charged with second degree murder for the death of Dee Dee Jackson.
5:31 | 09/16/17

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Transcript for Jackson family finds death of Tito Jackson's ex-wife suspicious: Part 3
Reporter: L.A. In the mid-90's, glam home to celebrity crimes and misdemeanors, like the Menendez brothers murder trial, Heidi fleiss and her Hollywood hookers, and of course, the trial of the century, O.J. Simpson. If it doesn't fit, you must acquit. There become a whole host of lawyers and even experts who became mini-celebrities. Reporter: Also in los Angeles, another high-profile death investigation involving the superstar Jackson family is seemingly stalled. Delores Jackson, ex-wife of Jackson 5 member Tito Jackson died under suspicious circumstances. Reporter: More than a year after his girlfriend Dee Dee Jackson drowned in his backyard pool, California businessman don bohana is free to drive his fancy cars and fly his private plane. All under a cloud of suspicion though, relentlessly seeded by Dee Dee's famous family. Remember, the Jackson family is convinced there's no way she could have accidently drowned in bohana's pool because she was terrified of water. The fact that there was a swimming accident was red flags for the family. Reporter: And what about those cuts and bruises the coroner found? The L.A. County coroner's report find 58 separate injuries that are more consistent with a struggle than a drowning. It points to a murder to me, in the first degree. I know it was an accident. I was there. I know what happened that night. Reporter: Later, bohana will go on the TV show "Inside edition" to defend himself. If Dee Dee couldn't swim, he asks, why did she keep several swimsuits at his house? People say well she couldn't swim. Well she was very comfortable swimming in this particular pool. Reporter: And there may be some evidence to back up bohana's claim. According to the police report, taj Jackson said his mother told him, "She was trying to learn to swim and Mr. Bohana was teaching her." In response to those seemingly incriminating marks on Dee Dee's body bohana insists he made rescue attempts with a pool pole. The facts are that someone was not beaten up. I think we know the answer to why she would have some bruises on her body, by using the skimmer. So those questions don't even bother me. Reporter: Suspicion reigns thick, but authorities take no action against bohana. The mode of death was undetermined. We are unclear as to how she came to meet her death. Most district attorneys won't file a case with an undetermined cause of death. Reporter: Enter this man, the Jackson's mouthpiece and gate keeper, attorney Brian Oxman. The outspoken Oxman spreads the message that bohana is guilty of killing Dee Dee. She struggled against a hand trying to pull it away as it covered her mouth. Reporter: Here he is aaccusing the D of dragging its feet. He is sweeping this particular investigation under the rug. There was a one man show, and it was called, me. It was Brian Oxman who did it. Reporter: And Oxman takes his one man show even further, filing a wrongful death civil suit against don bohana on behalf of Dee Dee's kids. Oxman goes on T.V. With the possible motive outlined in the suit, claiming bohana was bankrupt and deeply in debt, and turned to Dee Dee for help. Reporter: When he met a Jackson, he felt that his possibilities of recovering from his financial problems had arrived. Oxman publicly puts out his theory, that Dee Dee was furious that her boyfriend asked him to bail her out, and a fight soon followed. I am sure that Dee Dee laid into him and told him precisely what she thought. That infuriated him. He killed her out of anger, and out of passion. She was a Jackson, and that's what he knew. Reporter: So, the Jacksons had money. That's what he knew. Reporter: And beyond money problems, Oxman seeds more suspicions in the media about skeletons in bohana's closet. He tells "Hard copy" that police responded at least a dozen times to 911 calls from past girlfriends. There are literally incident upon incident upon incident of police being called to his house where he has had fights with various and sundry people, his girlfriends. Reporter: While Oxman is on his media blitz, there's a newly-assigned aggressive young prosecutor on the criminal case, Lori Jones. She recognizes the key to charging bohana is getting that coroner, Dr. David posey, to change his "Undetermined" opinion on the manner of death. He told us they just didn't have enough. They needed to know more. Reporter: So Jones says she reinvigorates the investigation, sending police back to the pool. That's her in the deep end. Her investigators as well as water experts are skeptical of the claims that the injuries were caused by his rescued attempt. When we got all of those additional reports, we took it back to the L.A. County coroner, and he changed his opinion. Reporter: That's right. In a stunning development two years after his initial ruling, Dr. Posey makes a life changing reversal. Changing his opinion on Dee Dee Jackson's death from "Undetermined" to "Homicide." That one word change is all the d.a.'s office needs. In March of 1997, nearly three years after Dee Dee's death, don bohana is charged with second degree murder. In Oxman's view, his campaign on behalf of the Jacksons has paid off. Finally, Lori Jones of the district attorney's office took a look at the file, reviewed it all and said this is murder.

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{"id":49885753,"title":"Jackson family finds death of Tito Jackson's ex-wife suspicious: Part 3","duration":"5:31","description":"In March 1997, Don Bohana was charged with second degree murder for the death of Dee Dee Jackson.","url":"/2020/video/jackson-family-finds-death-tito-jacksons-wife-suspicious-49885753","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}