Country Music's Jason Aldean Discusses Going Pink

Jason Aldean tells ABC News' Robin Roberts about his concert to benefit breast cancer research.
1:50 | 10/25/13

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Transcript for Country Music's Jason Aldean Discusses Going Pink
I had a friend in mind that that actually went to school is news. Really gets -- and passed away of breast cancer and thirty years older so when. It was it was part of -- is really like. It was kind of an eye opening thing for me and and something where learned that a lot about breast cancer that I really didn't know him. And I kind of watched her go through it and from the time she found out she hadn't just passed away in it was -- was -- And I think the first show we ever did we we play that that the wild horse there in Nashville was our first concert Q&A -- matter raised. 30000 dollars or something. Which is which is very. And then last year -- -- the show and Allison. And I think we raise. You know. Half a million -- minutes this. It's it's gotten. Bigger and better every year and we. We all dressed suddenly in the Gaza Avaya we all dress up in pain -- -- may play a pink Guitar Center and you know but it's it's really a fun night and it's something that we do you know basically one night a year and and you know an -- so people it's it's as much about. You know. Celebrate the people that have beat the disease is much that is memorable ones and did you know you really don't realize how many people are -- about it until you. Start talking and -- somebody always knows somebody else. And you know whether some other man or you know a mother and -- sister whatever and really. It's really turn in the -- something. Much bigger than than I ever thought it would be loses -- it's great to see. That would come I have others have gone through -- Appreciate you have --

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{"id":20682740,"title":"Country Music's Jason Aldean Discusses Going Pink","duration":"1:50","description":"Jason Aldean tells ABC News' Robin Roberts about his concert to benefit breast cancer research.","url":"/2020/video/jason-aldean-interview-2013-country-music-star-discusses-20682740","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}