John Giuca's murder conviction is overturned: Part 10

After 13 years of legal battles, Giuca's conviction was thrown out by an appellate court in February 2018. The panel of four judges said a new trial was necessary, but Giuca's fight wasn't over.
6:43 | 05/18/19

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Transcript for John Giuca's murder conviction is overturned: Part 10
My job is to fight for justice. Anna-sigga nicolazzi was one of those ambitious, clearly talented prosecutors, the kind who would do her homework and, get the conviction. And she had a sterling record. She took her prosecutorial chops and landed a TV gig. Let me take you inside the fight for justice. I've been prosecuting murders for 15 years. I've never lost a homicide case. She comes out and she says, "You know, I've never lost a case." Oh, god. You know why? 'Cause she's a cheater. The question was, were there some corners that might have been cut in order to win? Think about the turn of events, right? This is a dramatic turn of events when the star witness says, "I lied." The whole thing was a lie. He claims he understood a if I testify for you, you will help me out. This deal was never disclosed to the defense. It was never disclosed to the jury. Nicolazzi's dealings with John avitto reflect the worst in how a prosecutor can violate the rules. You hit the jackpot. We hit something big. You have a recantation, you have prosecutorial misconduct, all wrapped up in one. At this point, John giuca's new attorney mark bederow takes all this information to a judge in an attempt to get this case overturned on the basis of prosecutorial misconduct. The judge's response to this is he grants them a new hearing, which is certainly a step in the right direction. It's a big deal that a hearing is being held. It can let the judge assess to say whether John received a fair trial or not. Cameras were allowed in the courtroom, which is a rarity in Brooklyn supreme court. During this hearing, the roles were reversed for Anna sigga-nicolazzi because she now becomes a witness to a hearing to a trial that she was the lead prosecutor on. So she walks in the courtroom and she's poised, she sits down, and you know, she held her own. I believe in the case, I believe it was tried justly. She was used to asking all the questions but now she was being asked the questions, and had to defend her actions. Did John avitto lie during the trial? Are you pointing to anything specific or overall? About anything? I don't believe so. She didn't get defensive, she didn't, you know, second guess herself, she was very sure that what she did was to the book. John avitto comes in and I remember he had on a black jacket, and he was very pale. It's a dramatic courtroom moment. The former star prosecution witness is now about to take it all back. His first words were apologizing to John. Apologize, I'm deeply sorry. And, and it's very emotional, I mean, giuca gets emotional, avitto gets emotional. I remember John looking over at John avitto and, you know, holding his mouth very tight and you know, he shook his head like, you know, almost forgiving him without even being able to say, "I forgive you, it's okay." When John avitto came back and apologized to you on the stand for fabricating the story, in his words, what was your reaction? It was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. It was just, like, finally, thank god. Because it took a lot, really, honestly, to do that. Because before, when he was lying on the stand he was keepin' himself outta jail. But now there's absolutely no motive to get back on the stand and do that. So it took a lot of courage for him to do that. So the judge listens to all of this and decides that there was no deal, that John avitto's life was not helped by anything that the prosecution did for him. And he denies the motion to vacate the conviction on John giuca. I have denied the defendant's motion to vacate the judgment. Giuca's supporters were stunned. Giuca's mother has a very emotional reaction. She starts screaming about her son. I believe she calls him my baby. She's told to quiet down and is escorted out of the courtroom. She's openly sobbing in the courtroom. After that dramatic testimony, the judge still denied another trial. Yeah. What was that like? Just another crushing denial. You know, there's been so many, honestly, that I'm almost numb. But it was so wrong. It was so, so wrong that he did that. I couldn't believe it. I feel like he was so prejuded against me that he's blinded. The judge. Yeah. Doreen still doesn't give up. They appealed that decision. Is there any way that you're blinded by your mother's love and you're not seeing something about what happened that night? Look, it's the facts that drive me. Not a feeling or a hunch, it's the facts. And I beg the judge, the public, just look at the facts. I remember it was February 2018, and it was a gloomy winter day. And I remember thinking, you know, yet another Christmas had passed. She wasn't that optimistic at that moment. And then she got an unexpected phone call from her lawyer. I thought something terrible happened. And he said, "Are you sitting down?" In a stunning decision, a panel of four appellate judges overturn her son's conviction. The judges conclude that nicolazzi had violated court rules. She the prosecutor should have told the defense that she and the detectives helped avitto. For our broadcast tonight, we called Anna sigga nicolazzi asking to talk to her, but she didn't return our calls. They finally are going to get a new trial. The appeals court rules in your favor and says your conviction is overturned. Did you think at that point you'd get out? I did. I did. After 13 years and finally winning, why is she not reunited with her son? Don't you come home when Woman 1: This...

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{"duration":"6:43","description":"After 13 years of legal battles, Giuca's conviction was thrown out by an appellate court in February 2018. The panel of four judges said a new trial was necessary, but Giuca's fight wasn't over.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"63114844","title":"John Giuca's murder conviction is overturned: Part 10","url":"/2020/video/john-giucas-murder-conviction-overturned-part-10-63114844"}