Kate del Castillo on Secretly Meeting 'El Chapo' With Sean Penn: Part 3

Kate del Castillo told Diane Sawyer, 'I couldn't believe that we were there.'
7:55 | 03/19/16

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Transcript for Kate del Castillo on Secretly Meeting 'El Chapo' With Sean Penn: Part 3
Reporter: Look again at those surveillance photos leaked by the Mexican government hinting that two actors are so ambitious they would sneak in for a meeting with a dangerous fugitive -- the world's biggest drug lord. So did this woman who lives in front of cameras know she was being photographed? Didn't you know you were under surveillance? No. To be honest I didn't think about it. I thought he knew what he was doing by, you know, texting me. If I knew I was being followed, I would've never gone down there. Because it's a lot of risk. Not only my life, but everybody's life. Reporter: You thought you were going to get in and out and no one would know? Yes. Reporter: And something curious. Here's the plane el chapo sent for them. Did the government miss that? We live in an era of drones and everything. But it's not like there's a constant beep where he is. They pop up and then they disappear. And then they pop up someplace else. Reporter: It was also bouncing so hard del Castillo says she takes a swig of his gift tequila to calm her nerves. And even though she is thinking, el chapo will be impressed she is bringing the major player from Hollywood Sean Penn. We now know from texts, the drug lord had no idea who Sean Penn is and asks to Google him. Next, the group gets into a car for the long drive up the mountain. Since Penn doesn't speak Spanish she frantically tries to signal him that the driver of the car is el chapo's son. Sean was like, "Well, translate me when it's important." And I like, "This is important. It's the son." Reporter: On the drive they pass through sophisticated layers of security. Ordinary looking people keep suddenly appearing, out of the woods. Will come out with new cell phones or radios or something, you know? Reporter: Finally about 10:00 or 11:00 she says they arrive at a clearing on the mountain. So dark she doesn't see who is opening her door. And he said, "Amiga." And that how I knew it was him. Because he called "Amiga" and I was like, "Oh, my god." I couldn't believe that we were there. I was just -- I didn't know how to react. Reporter: Did he embrace you? Did he kiss you? What did he do? He kissed me on the cheek and embraced me. We all do that in Mexico. That's the way we say hello. Reporter: So where they meeting? Multiple reports have identified this place just outside the town of cosala, at the NUESTRA senora nature reserve, nestled high in the Sierra madre mountains. Though we want you to know the reserve itself denies that they were the location. We do know when del Castillo moved into light, she looked at the man rarely seen by the outside world. He's actually taller than I thought. Because they call him chapo, for shorty. And, his eyes just -- just penetrate you. Like a dagger, is that -- it -- they're just like mesmerizing in a way that you cannot just turn around. But scary. You know, it's scary. Because it's really strong. Reporter: They head into a clearing. We don't know if it is this one but they are at a wooden table under lights. And security, we've seen pictures of el chapo's armed soldiers in the past. But del Castillo says she now knows that the armed soldiers were hiding out in the woods. And chapo made sure in her eyeline there were just a few people relaxed. No weapons. A table of food arriving almost out of nowhere. A local family maybe or something like that. Carne asada, tacos, langostinos, a bunch of thing. I just saw that it was a big, I just couldn't eat. But I knew I had to. Because I didn't want to be rude I think I did one taco. I don't even remember. Tacos are my thing. So I went for the taco. Yeah. Reporter: Seven hours, what did you talk about? She says he talks about his family, protection of his sons, his mother. He talked about his mom. He wanted me to meet her. Reporter: And she says as his talks, she's thinking 25 years ago, when he became head of the cartel, he's eyes seemed almost challenging but now she says his face appears more like a man who wants to give up running. I sensed that -- that he was probably tired. Reporter: But he confirms he is sending an ocean of drugs to the United States and around the world and he is the biggest. Did he say, "I supply more heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine and marijuana than anybody else in the world"? Yes. But he still loves his kids and he still loves his mom. So there's something -- there's love inside there somewhere. Reporter: We ask, did he talk about his tentacles into the Mexican government. All those bribes. The corruption. Financing political campaigns, paying for his own ptection. No, no, he didn't. He said, about politics, the politicians go do their job. I do mine. And that's it. Reporter: And she notices as he talks, the crime boss displays almost suburban manners. He doesn't even say a bad word. And nobody around him smokes or do drugs. And it was like, "Oh, Sean is the only one who smokes here." Reporter: Which brings us again to Sean Penn, who doesn't speak Spanish. Depends on her to translate. She says at this dinner Penn threw her a very sharp and very dangerous curve. She says she simply didn't know that the only reason he was on the trip was to get his own interview for rolling stone. She says when he asks her to translate that's his plan she's afraid to look alarmed or surprised because chapo and his sons could turn on the American actor. I was just like, "Okay. This is new for me." Why didn't you tell me this? It's like there was no way I was going to do that. Reporter: Penn says she knew about the article and was "Nothing but excited couldn't wait for it to come out." At some point during their evening on the mountain, Penn wants to make sure he gets a pictures with el chapo by himself. Do you have a picture? Yes. Reporter: Can we see it? Sure. Reporter: This is her picture -- the drug lord in blue shoes and the blue designer shirt. By the way, that shirt is now selling out in stores. She says afterwards they to the table once again still drinking tequila. We did finish the bottle, yeah. We all had a little bit of honor. Reporter: Did you all get pretty drunk? Well, his son almost finished the bottle, I was like, "Hey. It's for your dad. Reporter: And as the party rolls on into early morning the drug lord apparently takes a look at his TV dream girl and notices that this is a woman who may have had one tequila too many. Because he said, "I think you have to go to bed. I think the tequila --" I was tipsy. And I was like -- I said, "Yes, I think it's time." Reporter: Tipsy, like dizzy, tipsy? You know the tequila just got to you -- I was not drunk. But I was not in my entire five senses. And I was like, "Oh, my god." And he said, "I'm coming -- I'm -- I'm showing you your room." Reporter: Chapo leads her down a dark path, we don't know for sure, it could be one like this in the reserve. Where I was going to spend the night. And it was the only time that we were alone. That was really scary.

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