5 Keys to Scoring Shopping Savings

Act 3: Mark Ellwood, author of "Bargain Fever," reveals his five tips for getting cheaper prices.
3:00 | 12/21/13

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Transcript for 5 Keys to Scoring Shopping Savings
Yes. Exactly. being nasty to the sales clerk can cost you money with t minus four days and counting until christmas, still extra savings to be had, it just takes extra effort. He is a guru author of bargain fever, ready to show me where to start digging. You have to think of the mall as a treasure island, where there are buried treasures everywhere. All you need is to unlock some of them. Reporter: Let's go. Big chain stores are training their staff to strike a bargain, so it doesn't help to be naughty, be nice to your people. The kmarm discount. A smile goes a long way. If you walk up to a salesperson and smile and say good morning, how is your day? You're instantly making a connection. Reporter: We wanted to put mark's keys to the test. We strapped on hissen cameras to uncover hidden gems. Remember, retailers don't advertise discounts. Here's a mic. Here's a mic this button right here. Reporter: So we set out to a mall just a few random big chain stores. Buy the same items from the same sales associate and see if mark gets a better bargain than me. The first key, good old fashioned haggling. If I just get two, it would be 70. My first purchase two sets of mixing bowls, I barely say a word and pay full price. 74 bucks. Now it's mark's turn sweet talking all the way. Quick question, these are lovely. But they are a little more than I want to pay. Reporter: He knto ask for coupons. Do you guys have coupons behind the counter? I don't have one in the store. Reporter: He doesn't take no for an answer he goes up to another sales clerk. You do have one in the drawer. Reporter: After a few minutes of buttering up the salespeople, she offers him a coupon. If I smile more do you take 5% more off? A smile is cheap. Reporter: His price $64, $10 less than I paid on the exact SAME SET OF BOWLS. AND HIS NEW BFFs INVITED Him back in 48 hours for an even bigger discount. 25% off. I like you. I'll come back. 25% off. Reporter: Buried treasure for a smile. Mark's second key to unlocking a treasure trove of savings, buying in bulk turns out the more you spend, the more you save. Mark pays $15 for the same pair of jeans, that I the wallflower, paid $25 for. His third key to tapping into a pipeline of savings use the smart phone app. 160 coupons in this mall. Reporter: The app, retail me not. What I love about retail me not, it knows where you are. So when it gives coupons, those are coupons for the mall you're standing in. That's half price, if you buy that. Reporter: Half price? In order to use the app or online coupon you need to work magic on your friendly sales rep. His fourth key to opening up a hidden bounty, loyalty. What retailers call clienteling. You say hi, I'm mark, I like to shop a lot could I make you my sales assistant. Reporter: He executes his signature move. I'm mark. Reporter: He introduces himself to the salesperson, because preferred customers get advanced notice for sales. And get clued into certain unadvertised sales. I want access to the secret sales, the presales. Can you give me access to that? If I work just with you? Of course. Reporter: Perhaps mark exudes charm. He outshopped me with technology again, and again. You get 20% off. 40% off plus 25%. Reporter: I learned the secret keys to discount nirvana. And now it's up to me to follow mark's lead and turn up the charisma. A friend of mine said I could get a discount, if I asked for one. There is a 20% code out there. Reporter: Exactly. Does this work? & This time the protege does it. I think I bested you. I got an additional 15% off. I can be charming, too. Thanks to juju tonight. What's the best deal you found this shopping season, how did you get it, tweet me use the #abc 20/20 we'll get the word out.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Act 3: Mark Ellwood, author of \"Bargain Fever,\" reveals his five tips for getting cheaper prices.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"21296292","title":"5 Keys to Scoring Shopping Savings","url":"/2020/video/keys-scoring-shopping-savings-21296292"}