Kids Tweet the Darndest Things

From Paris Jackson to Miley Cyrus and Willow Smith, no subject is off-limits to celeb kids.
5:03 | 08/17/13

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Transcript for Kids Tweet the Darndest Things
If you could be somebody in a story book, who would you be? I'd be papa bear, because i could eat honey, and goldilocks would be sleeping in my bed. Reporter: Back in the day, on "art linkletter's house party," television viewers were told that, "kids say the dardnest things." What do movie stars do? Have a movie star breakfast, go in a movie star car, then go to bed with another movie star. Reporter: But 50 years later, the things some celebrities' kids are saying on twitter, or showing on instagram, could make any one go -- "damn!" From paris jackson and miley cyrus. To willow smith. What gets your audience excited about the words of these celebrity kids on twitter? I think it's definitely when there's something dysfunctional going on. Celebrity parents are definitely freaked out by their children having control, having a voice, being able to be on a soapbox. Reporter: They provide what certainly can appear to be a stunningly candid look into the private lives and attitudes of a personal till personal tills in the public eye. When a child of a famous person tweets, it feels like we're seeing something that no pr, no spinmeister, nobody can stop. It feels real. For people in my business, that's the beauty and the hell of social media. Reporter: Just yesterday saw the late michael jackson's ex-wife, debbie rowe, sobbing on the witness stand. Shocked and saddened as she recalled the june 5th suicide attempt of paris jackson, her now 15-year-old biokid. Rushed to the hospital yesterday. Reporter: But already clued into her hmercurial state of mind where her followers on twitter, where paris regularly posted surprisingly frank updates. Quoting the beatles -- "yesterday all my trouble seemed so far away, now it look as if they're here to stay" and -- "i wonder why tears are so salty." On the family infighting that was set off by michael's will, which excluded his siblings, fighting that threatened katherine jackson's guardi guardianship. "Hello dear family member, i don't appreciate it you telling everyone things that aren't true, thank you very much." And displaying her ever-transforming look, from her hair, to her clothes. Yet for those familiar with this family, such self-revelation is a stunner. I knew michael. And he was one of the most private people I ever knew. And when he walked from his trailer to the set, there were ten-foot curtains set up. Michael is turning over in his grave as his daughter's tweeting, I promise you. Reporter: And on instagram, celebrities' kids post photos of their revealing outfits, and their luxe lifestyle. Showing that these sky-high earning families aren't exactly of the people, by the people, or for the people. When you get someone like kylie an kendall jenner, they come across as sort of obnoxious. It's a glimpse into their lifestyle for sure, but it's a glimpse into a very specific part of their lifestyle. Reporter: Away from the bright lights, as rumors swelled about the health of will smith and jada pinkett's marriage, their tween daughter willow, known for singing "whip my hair," whipped up some speculation with these morose musings -- "this day has been horrific #wishlifewaseasy." "Sometimes life sucks." It's a sentiment patrick schwarzenegger could probably agree with. When news broke that his father's relationship with a household worker had produced a child, he took his mother's surname on twitter and offered a glimpse into his state of mind, by quoting these lyrics from a hip-hop act fort minor, a linkin park spin-off. ♪ Some days I feel like ♪ ♪ some dames you want to quit ♪ ♪ and just be normal for a bit ♪ tweeting these kind of posts, these are the new catharsis for these kids. This is how they vent and say things. And I think any psychologist would tell you, this is healthy for a kid to express their feelings. Rrl what's in it for them? You'd be surprised at how early an age these kids understand the power. Reporter: Power that may have been wielded in the twitterverse by miley cyrus. While her parents were pondering a divorce, she seems to have aimed this tweet at father billy ray cyrus. "I'm giving you an hour to tell the trust," she declared, "or I'll tell it for you." Then posted a photograph of him and another woman and basically threatened him online. You can see a weird tension in their relationship and her asking him to respond to her with the power of social media. Reporter: She'd delete the tweet and perhaps contend that she'd been hacked. What evs. Her parents have reconciled since, suggesting all isn't always unwell when kids of the famous take to social media and start making heirwaves. ♪ It's a party in the usa ♪

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{"duration":"5:03","description":"From Paris Jackson to Miley Cyrus and Willow Smith, no subject is off-limits to celeb kids.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"19988358","title":"Kids Tweet the Darndest Things","url":"/2020/video/kids-tweet-darndest-things-19988358"}