Leah Remini Hopes More Ex-Scientologists Come Forward: Part 6

Remini would like to see the church face prosecution for alleged abuses, but the church claims her actions have brought it threats and violence.
3:01 | 01/07/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Leah Remini Hopes More Ex-Scientologists Come Forward: Part 6
Reporter: In the history of scientology, there may be no more triumphant moment than this. Welcome! Reporter: The day in 1993 when, after years of nasty battles, David miscavige declared victory over the irs. It was a war out of control. Reporter: With the help of attorney Monique Yingling, the church was granted tax exempt status as a religious organization. There will be no more discrimination. The irs issued letters recognizing scientology and every one of its organizations as fully tax exempt. The war is over. Reporter: It is precisely that status and its attendant financial and legal privileges that the church's most committed enemies now want to strip away. Why is that so important? Because by the irs saying, this is a religious organization, they're hiding behind now, freedom of religion. And they should take a look. I'm hoping there'll be somebody with some balls who will do something about it. I mean, I'm just a crappy has-been actress, who is trying to make a dollar off my church. How much can I do? No, the church is not concerned at all that this is a real possibility, certainly not something that Leah remini could ever pull off. So, there's no bases at all which the irs would attempt to revoke the exempt status. Reporter: Scientology claims people like Leah are coordinating the fabrication of false allegations. And that all of these lies have incited threats and violence. The church sent us this video of a man who threw a hammer and broke a window at a scientology building in Los Angeles. And they also say death threats have been against church leader David miscavige. But Leah remini has no plans to slow down. She says she's hoping more ex scientologists come forward to her and ultimately to law enforcement. What is your fondest hope? That you bring down the church? That somebody's willing to be honest enough to say, "What these people are saying is true and I'm ready to prosecute." We need that person. Reporter: Prosecution. Damn right. What do you think about that, Dan? Reporter: It's not my job to -- You're an . Reporter: The church insists it will continue to stand tall. At a new year's event, David miscavige said scientology would continue to open new facilities around the world. It will also be expanding its gleaming television production facilities. Here's what the church has to say about their disconnection policy. Reporter: And meanwhile, with Leah remini in talks for a second season of her show, it seems certain that the scientology wars will continue. Neither side is running short of ammunition. So, you're not going away. Oh, I'm not going away. That's for sure. That's for sure.

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{"duration":"3:01","description":"Remini would like to see the church face prosecution for alleged abuses, but the church claims her actions have brought it threats and violence.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"44613609","title":"Leah Remini Hopes More Ex-Scientologists Come Forward: Part 6","url":"/2020/video/leah-remini-hopes-scientologists-forward-part-44613609"}